1. Evok

    WTB - 2017 TM M2 driver, 10.5

    In the market for an m2 driver, figured id see whats out there. Im open to just the head too if someone has that option. Let me know, thanks.
  2. Evok

    High end office chairs

    Been searching for a nice ergonomic office chair for awhile now and was curious what you guys had? Ive sat on crappy $50-100 chairs for wayyyy too long now and my back is hating it. Ive been eyeing chairs like the Steelcase Leap or Herman Miller Aeron as they seem to be very popular. What are...
  3. Evok

    Oban Shafts Thread

    I know we have some individual Oban threads but i thought it would be nice to have one big one for everything Oban. Anyways to start things off, ive been going back and forth with a Kiyoshi gold in my driver and was wondering if anyone has compared it to the purple? I want that high launch but...
  4. Evok


    I like the idea of this new witb so here's mine. Nothing new this year, figured id save my money for more lessons lol ive got a setup decent enough to take me a long ways imo. Been playing around with the Kiyoshi gold in my driver currently but i still use the Grandura 550 on and off. I...
  5. Evok

    Carpet putting king?

    So I've been putting on the carpet a bunch this winter and have noticed some stuff. I seem to hit my target on the carpet quite often, even switching to different carpets and locations. It would appear that my ability to make a decent stroke or consistent stroke is there and I feel my setup must...
  6. Evok

    Dave Mirra suicide?

    Please tell me this isn't true!!! Reports are saying he's found dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound. That's freaking horrible as he's a legend and someone I grew up watching. Dammit http://wncn.com/2016/02/04/bmx-icon-dave-mirra-dead-at-41/
  7. Evok

    Kobe: Top 10 best?

    So I saw an article on espn saying that Kobe is not one of the 10 best of all time. Thought it would be fun to start a discussion, yes or no? Let's keep it civil and based on his stats on the court.
  8. Evok

    Yogurt Fans?

    Anyone else love yogurt? I absolutely love it and eat it all the time. Fresh fruit and some granola = awesome! If I'm not making my own, our local Wegmans has an Organic Greek that I really enjoy. Makes for some great protein and i also like it in a shake or smoothie. Anyone else?
  9. Evok

    Organized golf bag?

    Just cleaned and organized my bag because I hate when it's messy and I can't find anything. I like to keep everything in specific pockets so i know exactly where it is. Gamer balls in one pocket, shag in another. Short tees and long tees separted. Gloves, ball markers, sun tan lotion, all that...
  10. Evok

    WTT: B330rx for Z Star XV

    Hey guys i forgot to add pictures to my last thread. Ive got some new 2014 B330rx laying around and was wondering if anyone had any Z Star XV's they'd want to trade. Could do all 12 or just some sleeves if you want. Tour yellow preferred. Thanks
  11. Evok

    Breaking news: Miss Piggy and Kermit split up!

    http://www.cbsnews.com/news/miss-piggy-and-kermit-the-frog-break-up/ This showed up in my feed of important news hahaha hopefully they can find happiness. [emoji23]
  12. Evok

    Guy shoots 57 with 3 aces

    Saw this on fb earlier. Apparently a retired marine shot 57 with 3 holes in 1 at Laurel Hills in Virginia. Seems crazy to me haha I couldn't imagine http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/va-golfer-makes-three-aces-shoots-57/?cid=twitter-gc-a-va-golfer-makes-three-aces-shoots-57-062615
  13. Evok

    FS: 10.5 Alpha head, #9 putters, Fubuki fw shaft

    Selling my Alpha head, putters and 3w shaft. Paypal only and USA only please (unless you pay shipping). Big Bertha Alpha head: 10.5*, excellent condition. No marks on face, topline or crown. Comes with headcover but no wrench. SOLD Mitsubishi-Rayon Fubuki Z 65 shaft: Stiff flex, came...
  14. Evok

    Face balanced putters

    Are their any advantages or disadvantages to a face balanced putter? I've never owned one and quite frankly know nothing about them. Id assume they would fit certain people better than others? Any thoughts?
  15. Evok

    How much is too much?

    Ok guys so I've been thinking lately and after seeing Jman's testing of the switch grips for putters I thought, how much adjustability is too much? Let me start off by saying I very much enjoy adjustability. It gives me options and I simply love to tinker. I like to think it gives me plenty of...
  16. Evok

    FJ Dryjoys Casual

    Anyone wearing these? Wondering how they were as I can't seem to find any locally in my size
  17. Evok

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

    Just wanted to say thank you to all the teachers out there! I've got multiple teachers and a principal in my family and have grown up to appreciate everything they do. I feel teachers in this country are underpaid and definitely under appreciated for what they do for us. Im so thankful for the...
  18. Evok

    Spring check in

    Gentlemen and ladies it's March and that means I'll finally get to golf in about 2 months hahaha kidding kinda......seriously tho it was 50 for the first time and the grass is finally showing in some spots so that means it's time to get off the ski forums and back on the paradise! Oh how I...
  19. Evok

    Why are golfers so full of it?

    Now I want to keep this light hearted if possible but im curious as to why it seems that more things are exaggerated in golf than any other sport I've played. Ive played a bunch of different ones throughout the years and besides a few tall tales here and there most people seem to be realistic...
  20. Evok

    Cure Putters

    Anyone ever heard of these? I know someone who just bought one and I've never even heard of them. Pretty funky looking but he stands by it. He got the rx2. I guess Deane Beman started them? http://cureputters.com/

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