1. Scrap Iron

    The Pets Thread

    My little buddy Aspen. Almost 8 weeks old.
  2. Scrap Iron

    Would You Rather Never Miss Another Fairway, or Never Three Putt Again

    never 3 putt. That would help my score more than hitting all fairways.
  3. Scrap Iron

    The Perfect Sandwich?

    Montreal smoked meat Bacon Pulled pork Smoked Gouda Romaine lettuce Red onion Tomato Salt&pepper Keans hot mustard Rye bread.
  4. Scrap Iron

    What is the hardest course you have walked?

    Crowsnest pass Golf course. you have to be part Mountain goat to walk that. Long uphill walks to some tee boxes and it was a hot day. Great course that needs to be enjoyed in a cart.
  5. Scrap Iron

    Which Pizza Are You Ordering?

    The Animal wins this menu for me.
  6. Scrap Iron

    Mike Tyson Comeback

    Check out his Instagram. Tyson still looks like an animal.
  7. Scrap Iron

    What is your favorite vehicle you have owned?

    78 Chevy El Camino.
  8. Scrap Iron

    Let's see your headcovers

    I won it on here I forget the contest but it was from THP and Callaway.
  9. Scrap Iron

    Who has quit smoking?????

    I didn’t realize this thread was going. I found a good app And it’s a process.
  10. Scrap Iron

    Burger - Mustard, Mayo, Ketchup, Sauce

    Once in a while a good chunky salsa but for the most part I’m a no sauce guy.
  11. Scrap Iron

    Predict Your Round: What will you shoot today?

    97. First time playing since October between winter covid19 and moving there hasn’t been much time to play until now.
  12. Scrap Iron


    Almond then peanut
  13. Scrap Iron

    Greatest American Rock Band?

    I’m not a big fan but when I think American rock I think of Metallica.
  14. Scrap Iron

    Favorite Milled Putter Metal?

    Absolutely love a copper putter
  15. Scrap Iron

    BBQ and Outdoor Cooking Thread

    Smoked for an hour then seared. So good
  16. Scrap Iron

    All Things Chicken Wings

    I smoke mine then sear sear then on the grill. I have a variety of hot sauces some homemade and bought but I also like squeezing some Lemmon in them with a dusting of thyme and oregano to switch it up.

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