1. Paladin

    For Sale Masters Tech Polos, Size M

    Thinning out the herd. For sale is a Masters Polo, size Medium. No rips, stains, stretched out spots, or other issues. Still has spare button tags. As for sizing, as a medium I'd put it around the size of Callaway apparel's size medium in terms of fit. Price is $40 shipped CONUS.
  2. Paladin

    Didn't mean to take a break

    ...but I did. The pandemic has impacted golf in the area (including affecting a little local invitational tournament we like have around here in the second week of April) and I've been working from home, so the whole life is a little out of whack. I haven't hit a golf ball in months. I've down...
  3. Paladin

    Top Golf coming to Augusta

    Really excited for Top Golf to open up in a couple months! It's going to be a madhouse the first couple of weeks. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. Paladin

    For Sale FS: Cleveland Huntington Beach #4 33"

    For Sale is a Cleveland Huntington Beach #4. 33" length, with the original Cleveland pistol grip. Club head is like-new, no dings or dents to speak of. The shaft has some light surface rust (shown in photo.) Asking $50 shipped CONUS. This is a great putter, just trying to adhere to one-in, one-out.
  5. Paladin

    2019 GA/FL Gethering, Valdosta, GA -- Kinderlou Forest 25-27 October

    Figured I'd take JB's advice and make a new thread. I'm not promising to maintain it or anything. Get together at Kinderlou Forest GC, play a round of golf on the 26th and 27th. Cost is $220~ for two nights in the condo and two rounds of golf. It's a spectacular course. Drop your name in the...
  6. Paladin

    Women's golf -- What would you do?

    So this is something I've been thinking about as I've watched the best women amateurs grind out Champion's Retreat ahead of the final round at the Augusta National Women's Amateur event. I'm a big fan of this event, but I'm also aware that women's golf faces many hurdles. What would make women's...
  7. Paladin

    Augusta National Women's Amateur

    This year marks the inaugural Augusta National Women's Amateur event, with the first two rounds (Wednesday & Thursday) played at Champion's Retreat (Arnold Palmer designed front 9, and Jack Nicklaus designed back 9) and the final round (Saturday) played at Augusta National. Originally I was...
  8. Paladin

    2019 Golf Resolutions

    I resolve to actually work on my putting this year instead of just complaining it's what's holding back my game. What golf resolutions are you making for the New Year? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  9. Paladin

    How do you test wedges?

    The question is in the title. They're such a personal part of our game, and with how much of the game is played inside 125 yards...it's a club that I don't think you can find out if you like by hitting some shots off the astroturf in a swing bay. So short of big THP events, how do you test...
  10. Paladin

    2019 Drive, Chip, and Putt!

    The competition for the 2019 DCP is already underway. My two big kids, Declan and Abi, are on stage one this morning. It's a really fun event in Columbia, SC. Top three from each age and gender advance to the next stage. My family got off to a great start with Abi taking down the 7-9 girls...
  11. Paladin

    The Kids Golf Clothes Thread

    I've achieved the near-impossible. I have two out of my three kids very interested in continuing to play golf! Thanks to First Tee programs and some follow on lessons, my son Declan, 9, and daughter Abigail, 7, love playing golf and look forward to it. That being said, I'm looking to get them...
  12. Paladin

    Paladin -- WITB

    Heading into Christmas, here's what I'll be gaming in 2018. I hadn't really messed with my bag very much the past couple of years, but recently got new irons so it seemed as good a spot to start as any. Here's my bag. It's probably due for a replacement soon. Putter cover: Got it about 2+ years...
  13. Paladin

    Pensacola/SE Alabama golf

    Hi, everyone! So I'm getting ready to move for Pensacola next month and I'll be there for about 6 months. I'm not sure how much time I'll have to play golf, and I've heard good things about the course on Pensacola NAS, but does anyone know any other must-play courses or places to avoid? Also...
  14. Paladin

    Question for Las Vegas locals

    My family is heading to Las Vegas next month for Spring Break, and my wife and I want to do a night at Top Golf. One, if we can figure out what day (between the 12th and 15th) come join us! The biggest hurdle is not having child care. Does anyone have recommendations for someone to watch our...
  15. Paladin

    FS/FT: Odyssey Black Series Tour Design #9 33"

    Odyssey Black Series Tour Design #9, 340 grams. Excellent condition, plays to 33" Additional photos available upon request. Original headcover in average condition is included. Asking $100 shipped CONUS. Trade interest is currently a Cleveland Huntington Beach #4, or a Callaway MD3 50° S-grind.
  16. Paladin

    Longest you've used one putter? Shortest?

    I know there's some guys who change putters every weekend, and others who are still using a Bullseye from the 1970's. What's the longest you've gamed a single putter? For those who finally put something new in the bag, what motivated the switch? I actually managed to keep my Metal-X Milled #6...
  17. Paladin

    Do you build a putter from the head or the grip?

    I was reading through some reviews, and I realized that finding a grip I really like and one I want to have on my next putter, if not every putter I get for the foreseeable future, has turned my views on putters upside down. Would you consider building a putter or buying a putter starting with...
  18. Paladin

    2016 Rio Olympics Thread

    Between Zika virus worries, water cleanliness issues, questions about criminal elements and safety of both attendees and athletes, is anyone actually going to be at the Olympics? The IOC has agreed to bar the Russian Track & Field team from competition at Rio in light of systemic and deep...
  19. Paladin

    A question of extension

    Freddie, would you take a look at my swing and tell me what you think? I feel like I'm having trouble extending through impact and the occasional chicken wing or spinning out, producing thin shots and impacts low on the club face. I was wondering if there are some drills I could work on to help...
  20. Paladin

    Old school golfer swing traits you have

    So this was something I was thinking about when I read through some comments about my swing from the Mark Crossfield live lesson. One of the comments said I raise my right heel too early to be successful with swing changes, especially changing my slice to a draw. I thought about this, and I...

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