1. wadesworld

    YouTube Rabbit Hole

    Soverign citizens getting dragged out of their car
  2. wadesworld

    Candy corn appreciation

    Sorry, hard no.(n)
  3. wadesworld

    Can Koepka Beat Tiger's Major Total

    Nope. Koepka's too much of a jerk. He won't be able to keep his mind in the right place to win that much. After the failures pile up he'll retire due to "injury." I agree you have to believe it, but you just don't have to say it.
  4. wadesworld

    I can't believe it...

    Quit trying to guide and control the putter. Get in a stance where your arms can hang down directly beneath your shoulders. Where you don't have to reach out for the putter or are not trying to keep in tight to your body. Natural. Imagine the speed at which you want the ball to roll into the...
  5. wadesworld

    Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver

    I just bought an X. My fitter tried hard to get me into other brands such as Taylor Made and Ping, thinking they would be a natural fit. But at the end of the day, nothing out performed the X and it felt the best. If this is better than the X, it should be fantastic.
  6. wadesworld

    College football rules or NFL?

    If the other foot doesn't touch out-of-bounds, then yes. Pardon me for asking, bit do you perhaps have a misunderstanding of the rule? One-foot-inbounds means that one foot must touch completely in-bounds and no other part of your body may touch out-of-bounds. The way you phrase this...
  7. wadesworld

    College football rules or NFL?

    It's not an exception. Receivers must get one foot completely inbounds. Obviously we're not on the same page on this one though.
  8. wadesworld

    Would you rather... checkup or release?

    Well, my assumption is the OP is asking a hypothetical which includes us being really, really good at either technique. If we're talking about my amateur technique, then release all day.
  9. wadesworld

    College football rules or NFL?

    The point I'm making is the runner doesn't have to have two feet on the ground at any point. Why should the pass receiver?
  10. wadesworld

    Would you rather... checkup or release?

    I think checkup would be easier to judge consistently, but there are situations where it is impossible to have it checkup.
  11. wadesworld

    College football rules or NFL?

    If the pass catcher's one foot touches out-of-bounds, the pass will be incomplete. A runner could take a handoff on one foot and hop down the field on that foot and as long as that foot doesn't out of bounds, he can advance the ball and even score.
  12. wadesworld

    Golf Tec Swing Lessons

    Can't speak to GolfTec, but want to make sure you know what to expect with Club Champion. They're going to put the hard sell on you to buy your clubs from them. With the cost of the shaft they recommend and their custom-build process, you're looking at paying probably 30-40% more than off the...
  13. wadesworld

    Happy Birthday @canadan!

    Happy Birthday Dan!
  14. wadesworld

    Tesla - House Solar & Powerwall

    Solar is fantastic on an individual home level. It can really reduce your electric bill. You can't depend on it for a backup however. Even with a powerwall, it doesn't take long at all for the sun not to be shining and you're out of power. If you're truly wanting power backup for when the...
  15. wadesworld

    Do you call penalties on yourself?

    I called one on myself in the 2013 Morgan Cup.
  16. wadesworld

    2021-2022 College Football Thread

    Very, very fortunate to win. They should drop a ton in the rankings as a result, but it's Notre Dame, so they won't.
  17. wadesworld

    College football rules or NFL?

    Still disagree, but you reminded me of another: I prefer the college "one-foot down" rule.
  18. wadesworld

    How Did You Choose Your Bag?

    I wanted a bag that had the convenience of a staff bag, without the pretentiousness. I also wanted a 7-way top. I love the thump the club makes on the bottom sliding into a 7 or 5 way bag. 14-way bags irritate me because even though you only have one club out, somehow you can never seem to...
  19. wadesworld

    College football rules or NFL?

    I've always preferred the college rules. Rules I prefer: - Receiver down after a catch (if their knee, arm, etc, goes down). I've always thought it was stupid you could be laying on the ground after a catch in the NFL and get up and run. - Overtime. The college format is better, giving both...

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