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    Would a 13.5 degree Driver work for me?

    Hi all, I have a FT3 HT draw driver with A shaft.That’s 16 degrees. I have back issues and my swing speed with the driver is like 80 mph. So A shaft seems to work well with me. I am considering to upgrade to the Callaway XR16 with a lite flex and 13.5. This could be changed to 12.5 or 15.5...
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    Filling the gap between my hybrid irons and driver.

    Hope this is the right place to post this. After more than a decade I am restarting playing golf again due to health issues. I stopped while still learning to play. I still have my old gear stored. Cleveland Hibores Xli SW-4 FW Taylormade 300 3w/5w Driver Callaway FT3 HL all in a-flex. ( I hit...
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    Rovic rv1c kart, hard to open/close

    Hi, I bought a secondhand RV1c cart&or my wife. but this cart is really hard to open and close...unlike on the videos. What could be the problem? should I use wd40 on moving parts?

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