1. JTnumbers

    New PUMA hats?

    Fowler just put this picture on Insta: Wondering what everyone's thoughts are and wondering if they will go on sale to the public. I will without a doubt buy one if it goes on sale.
  2. JTnumbers

    Coming back and everything that it entails

    Hey guys, I just wanted to throw up a thread saying that I was back. There has been alot of stuff going on in my life. This last semester of school I just simply had too much on my plate. My main issue last semester was that I simply did not know what to do with my life. I had decided I was...
  3. JTnumbers

    Being "Stuck": What it means and how to fix it.

    Freddie, I've had an issue recently with getting "stuck" on the downswing. I'm sure alot of other THPer's here struggle with the same issue as I, so i figured I'd start a thread on it. I know one easy fix to getting stuck is getting the club head outside your hands, but that makes you steeper...
  4. JTnumbers

    Europe's best are at it again in Dubai

    This is crazy. Plus
  5. JTnumbers

    Cleveland Golf releasing the KB Flatbill

    The question is, if you wear a flat bill, will you pick one up? I know I will
  6. JTnumbers

    Tiger and Phil: Sports Friends

    This.... http://screen.yahoo.com/sports-friends/sports-friends-18-070000763.html
  7. JTnumbers

    Goals for the 2014 Season

    As the 2013 season starts to close, I was curious to hear what you guys want to achieve heading into next year. Personally I have 2. 1. I want to obtain a +1 handicap. 2. I want to play here this summer (I hope someone understands what I'm trying to get at)
  8. JTnumbers

    Who has had the most disappointing year? Rory-Rickie-Bubba?

    Of the 3 listed, which one has had the most disappointing year? All things should be accounted for.
  9. JTnumbers

    It's time for a little Public Links play!

    Hey guys, Sorry I've not been very active lately. I've had alot on my plate since school started. One of them is that I became eligible to play in one of the most prestigious tournaments in Georiga (at least, it's in the Top 3), the Georgia Public Links Championship. I've been working super...
  10. JTnumbers

    The Rickie Fowler Thread

    I figured it was time to finally make him and discuss how terrible he is in here. While the next best thing Matteo missed the cut by worse today, Rickie still played terrible all week. I would like your guys thoughts on what's gone wrong for Rickie since his amateur days/early pro days? Why...
  11. JTnumbers

    Rickie Fowler Off Course with Red Bull

    So Rickie (and Colt Knost apparently, no clue why) is going to be launching golf balls from a landing platform onto a green shaped like Texas. Should be alot of fun to watch. Here's the link to watch it live, I think it starts in 20 minutes: http://www.wfaa.com/video/offcourse If you're not...
  12. JTnumbers

    Aussie V8

    Me and PD were talking about it in the PM's and we figured we should make a thread. It's basically NASCAR, on all road course and with drivers who like to race mostly dirty. So yeah, it's awesome. The new car doesn't bother me. I'm a Shane Van Gisbergen fan myself, also like Winterbottom...
  13. JTnumbers

    Future USA Ryder Cup Team?

    The year is 2023, we're prepping for the 2024 Ryder Cup. Assuming that the only people that we can pick from our the players we know of right now on Tour, who do you want/expect to see on the team? Here is mine: 1. Rickie Fowler 2. Keegan Bradley 3. Bud Cauley 4. Luke Guthrie 5. Bubba Watson...
  14. JTnumbers

    Adams Golf partners with Southwest Airlines

    Well, I'm excited to see this marketing strategy.
  15. JTnumbers

    Encounters with the Touring Pro kind....

    If there's already a thread on this please merge. So, This is a place to tell stories of when you met, encountered, or played with either Pros or Famous People. What made me think of this was my buddy that I work with went to Myrtle Beach this weekend for Spring Break with friends. A dog...
  16. JTnumbers

    The Strangest Swings in All of Golf

    If you would like a good laugh today, here you go. Easily my favorite line is the last swing where he says, "It's a borderline criminal act." Classic
  17. JTnumbers

    Stuff Golfers Say

    For your viewing pleasure... I saw this tonight and I could not stop laughing. I figured I'd pass it on to you. Enjoy!
  18. JTnumbers

    Random Computer Question Thread

    Okay, making a new thread for anybody who has a problem with their computer and needs help resolving it. This is the thread to post questions, etc. I have a question right now. My computer is currently making these really annoying sound effects. No 2 sound effects are the same and they occur...
  19. JTnumbers

    John Huh: The Ride Of His Life, Bumps And All

    I know this is an old story, but I happened just to find it today. I really admired his game when I saw him at the Tour Championship. Great ball striker, just needs to make more putts. If you have the time, I suggest you take the 5 minutes to read this story. Very awesome and I gained a new...
  20. JTnumbers

    Is Luke List overrated?

    I saw some people talking about this in the main thread, but I'll make it a sub topic to debate. A little background info on him: -Longest player on any Tour last year (Averaged 326). -Says he can hit it 340 easy (what his coach told me). -Runner Up in the 2004 US Am to Ryan Moore. -Finished...

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