1. Dan McClellan

    Any Utah THPers?

    I'm in Salt Lake County. My regular golf buddies aren't available nearly as often as they used to be, and I'm getting tired of racing around courses by myself. I've got the 2015 Utah PGA Golf Pass, so there are 2-for-1 deals at a bunch of courses, but I rarely have someone to join me. Any Utah...
  2. Dan McClellan

    Drawing Golf Pros

    Something I've been doing this summer with a bit more free time is portrait art. I started with some of the golf pros I follow on Twitter. One of them actually bought one of the pieces from me. Here are a couple recent ones [and this is not an advertisement--these drawings are not for sale]...
  3. Dan McClellan

    Golf Fitness

    Tiger Woods has said that when he joined the tour their were only two guys in the gym: he and Vijay Singh. Since then, the stereotypical PGA Tour golfer (the successful one, at least) has been an athlete with a trainer and everything. There was even a recent special on the Golf Channel about...
  4. Dan McClellan

    US Amateur Qualifier

    On July 31, I'm playing in a qualifier for the US Amateur. I'd like to start a thread that I can use to record some of the things I'm doing to prepare and hopefully get some feedback and encouragement. The qualifier is at the Jack Niklaus-designed Painted Valley, at Promontory Ranch Club, just...
  5. Dan McClellan

    Promontory Club - Painted Valley

    Just to get more experience with competition, and because I love golf tournaments (but haven't been in one for over 15 years), I entered a qualifying round for the US Amateur. I live in Utah, so the rounds here will be on July 31 at a Jack Nicklaus-designed track called Painted Valley at...
  6. Dan McClellan

    Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible

    I'm reading Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible for the first time (it's the first time I've ever read any golf instruction book), and I love that he takes a scientific approach. It resonates very well with me. I was especially surprised by the stat that sits at the foundation of his book. He has...
  7. Dan McClellan

    Exercise Ball for Golf Workouts

    As I get back into golf I'm paying much better attention to the role of athleticism and flexibility in my performance. I've been looking up exercises and drills I can do to improve in these areas. Today I bought an exercise ball to help with my workouts. I've seen a number of good workouts to do...
  8. Dan McClellan

    3-Putts on Tour

    They just mentioned an interesting statistic during the Tour Championship. PGA Tour golfers average a 3-putt every 32 holes (!). Luke Donald averages a 3-putt every 83 holes and currently has a 415-hole streak without a 3-putt. That's why he's got the best scoring average on tour. Wow.
  9. Dan McClellan

    Looking for a Critique

    I'm hoping to get some constructive criticism regarding my swing. I posted this elsewhere and it was suggested I move it in here. I've been out of the game for a while and just started back up in August. Following are a couple videos from a range session yesterday. The first is a 3w. I filmed...
  10. Dan McClellan

    3w and 8i Swing Vids

    I spent some time at the range yesterday, and I thought I'd put up a couple vids for comment. The first is a 3w. I filmed myself straight on for the first time ever, and looking at it made me cringe a bit. http://www.swingreader.com/video/view/f1WHKasZ?embed=true My swing is too flat, my left...
  11. Dan McClellan

    My St. Andrews Trip Last Summer

    I was looking at some photos and videos from last July, and I thought there might be someone out there who would get a kick out of some of them. I finished a masters degree last year at Oxford and spent a couple weeks traveling around with my family before coming home. We hit London, St...
  12. Dan McClellan

    Over the Top (the kind without Sylvester Stallone)

    As I get back into the game of golf I notice one of the fundamental problems I've managed to keep hidden in my swing all these years is the tendency to come over the top, producing a fade or pull, depending on my release. After filming myself I notice I have a pretty flat swing and my backswing...
  13. Dan McClellan

    Titleist Pro V1/TaylorMade Penta/Nike 20XI-S Testing

    Since I'm getting back into the game after about 10 years of not playing, I figure I should find a golf ball to commit to. The last time I was playing regularly I was using the Slazenger balata, but that was a while ago. I just won some money from my first round in the local men's league, so I...
  14. Dan McClellan

    Hello from Bellingham!

    Hi THP! I'm currently in Bellingham, WA, working on a masters degree in biblical studies at Trinity Western University just across the border in Langley, BC. I recently completed a masters in Jewish studies at the University of Oxford (and got to play the New Course at St. Andrews a few times...

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