1. Frank Lemon

    4 wood versus driver - the smack-down on consistency.

    I'm addicted to buying used Tour Edge Exotics 4 woods at 16.5* for a song. I recently picked up a CBX 119 but I can't get the E8 Beta out of the bag.
  2. Frank Lemon

    Your Highest One Hole Score?

    I made a 15 on a par 5 while attempting to qualify for the club championship a few weeks ago. o_O Was not playing great thru 9 but was keeping it together enough to be in the mix. Then we get to hole 11, a 556 yd par 5 with OB left and right. And punishing fescue. And a menacing fairway...
  3. Frank Lemon

    The Many Saints of Newark

    He was in a terrific HBO show called The Deuce about Times Square in its heyday. Also, I only found out recently that Moltisanti translates from Italian to Many Saints. The Moltisantis of Newark. Neat.
  4. Frank Lemon

    CONTEST Win A PING G425 Hybrid

    I play a Wilson Staff D100 19* hybrid. I've been trying to find a matching 4 hybrid forever but have given up the search. I hit 25% shanks and 75% smothered hooks with my 4 iron and I am tired of it.
  5. Frank Lemon

    Hype that was confirmed for you?

    I've still got TEE E8 Beta fairway woods at 13* and 16.5* and one of them is always in the bag.
  6. Frank Lemon

    Are you a Public or Private Course golfer?

    I joined one of, if not the cheapest private club on long island because it became a struggle to get tee times and I was tired of 5 hour rounds. I've probably played more rounds so far this season than I have in the previous 5 combined. And 99% of them have been sub 4 hours. My only worry is...
  7. Frank Lemon

    Motorized/Power Push Carts

    I've got 50 miles on my Navigator AT so far and agree it may be the best golf purchase I've made. I've played quite a few rounds so far this year that I probably wouldn't have if not for the Zip. I also swore I'd never play the Black again after it completely kicked my ass a couple of times...
  8. Frank Lemon

    What did you shoot today?

    Put up a 77 yesterday (par 70). I was 3 under after 8 and started thinking to myself that this could be an all-timer. On cue, I doubled 9 which is one of the easier holes on the course to go out -1. Still my best front 9 ever. Held it together for the most part and came to 18 +4. 18 is one...
  9. Frank Lemon

    Congrats: You have a MotoCaddy M7 Electric Caddy Headed Your Way

    congrats guys, can't wait to hear how much you love this thing.
  10. Frank Lemon

    Motocaddy M7 REMOTE Electric Caddy

    and the flip side for me is that my hilly course just wears me out when pushing a manual cart. Since I went electric earlier this year I've already walked 20 rounds where I would have otherwise taken a cart. My club costs $30 per round for a cart so by the end of the summer it will have paid for...
  11. Frank Lemon

    Motocaddy M7 REMOTE Electric Caddy

    Appreciate the response, glad I don't experience that as it would def bother me. Another plus for the M7 is the battery is waterproof. Good luck to whoever gets to try this out, your gonna love it I'm sure.
  12. Frank Lemon

    Motocaddy M7 REMOTE Electric Caddy

    Hey JB - I'm curious what was loud with the MGI? Aside from the scorecard holder rattling (which I don't even use and should take off) mine is pretty near silent.
  13. Frank Lemon

    Motocaddy M7 REMOTE Electric Caddy

    I ain't JB but for me it is an easier walk and I am fresher at the end of a round. Also, it is a pretty rad feeling to just walk down the fairway, arms swinging naturally not having to keep one hand on the cart.
  14. Frank Lemon

    Tour Event 2021 AT&T Byron Nelson

    big oof
  15. Frank Lemon

    The Pets Thread

    If it isn't bothering him I'd let the old boy live with it. Like you say, surgery at his age would make me nervous. We just lost our beautiful 12 yr old pitbull Maggie to cancer. 😢 She was rescued from an abusive situation and let me tell you, she was the best. Rest in peace princess.
  16. Frank Lemon

    COVID Pandemic - How has it impacted you?

    There was a lot of good for me. I kept my job and started working from home which saved me $5000 per year in commuting costs. That plus the four hours per day that I used to spend commuting but is now free time allowed me to join a relatively inexpensive private club which has allowed me to...
  17. Frank Lemon

    Motocaddy M7 REMOTE Electric Caddy

    This was on the short list for me before I went in a different direction. Looks to be a great piece of kit.
  18. Frank Lemon

    Single Digit!

    Thanks everyone, good feeling for sure!
  19. Frank Lemon

    Deal of the Day and Coupon Code thread

    https://www.golfetail.com/puma-golf-mens-cloudspin-warm-up-1-4-zip-pullover/ 40 bones

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