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    One Length Irons Thread: Join the Revolution

    I grip down on both pitches and chips as well as other shots. If I don't need a clubs full distance for example I might grip down about an inch but still take a full swing.
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    One Length Irons Thread: Join the Revolution

    Still loving my set of radspeeds. 75% GIR for this mornings 18. My iron play has been so consistent for the last 3 months since getting these in the bag. I thought I would struggle more with the PW and GW but those have been some of the strongest clubs in the set for me.
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    What tees do you use today?

    2 3/4" western birch for the last couple of years. Order 3 boxes and still have 2 unopened. Very sturdy.
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    One Length Irons Thread: Join the Revolution

    My iron play has improved so much since putting the radspeeds into play. I'm close to 60% GIR and my proximity (per shot scope) is down about 15 feet. That's huge for me. I was at about 40% GIR and the average proximity was closer to 65'. Normally I'm constantly tinkering with irons but...
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    What club do you wish you never bought?

    Almost every 3 wood I've tried
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    How many golf bags do you have?

    7 (actually 8)and she knows about all of them. I actually gave two away this year cause playing partners bags were in terrible shape. Seamus Fescue Project MacKenzie Titleist Stadry for raining days Ping Hooferlite Ping Hoofer Crazelite Ping Moonlite SM cart bag And my very first bag a SM...
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    Shot Scope V3

    You do have to connect it to your phone and update the courses. Some of my courses had it, others did not.
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    One Length Irons Thread: Join the Revolution

    It sucks that your fitting experience was not a good one. I'm a recent convert and I can tell you that gimmicky or not, the results, at least for me, speak for themselves. I wasn't having a great year with my irons, and I had tried multiple sets, covering multiple types of irons and my GIRs...
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    Taylormade 300 Mini Driver

    I'm using a seamus fairway headcover and it fits fine.
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    Taylormade 300 Mini Driver

    2nd 9 hole round with mine tonight and I'm smitten. It's about 20 yards short of my normal driver distance so it fits perfectly with what I was looking for. I don't think I'll use it off the deck because my apex pro hybrid has been great off the deck and I wouldn't be gaining much distance...
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    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    Taylormade Mini 13.5. I'm so weak...
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    Official Equipment Pondering Thread

    Really been thinking about the Taylormade mini driver...like too much. It sits in the shopping cart calling me. Also some new FJ Premiers
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    Anyone gaming a 2 Hybrid?

    I started using a apex pro 2 hybrid about 6 weeks ago and really like it. I use it off the tee on a few short holes and for 2nd shots on par 5s. Really like the head shape and sound and the fact that it doesn't go left on me is big.
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    What Ball Did You Play Last - What Are Your Thoughts?

    Played the Chrome Soft Truvis tonight and had a pretty nice round. Pretty happy with this ball, just not sure I like it more than the TP5X that I normally play. Good durability and it definitely felt softer. Struggled with it off the putter though I think because of that softness. Will test...
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    One Length Irons Thread: Join the Revolution

    So, I think I've made it pretty clear that I'm enjoying these new irons. I had a pretty rough round on Saturday where I was really hitting a lot of draws/hooks and I thought the honeymoon phase had finally ended. Then tonight I go out for 18 holes and proceed to hit 15 greens in regulation...
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    One Length Irons Thread: Join the Revolution

    Loving these clubs. The radspeeds are silly easy to hit. Played at a executive course tonight for a quick 9 and hit nothing but irons and shot 1 over with 6 GIRs. One blow up hole. 6 pars, a double and a birdie. Putting wasn't bad but I still only holed one putt over 2 feet. The irons are...
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    Mizuno T22 Wedges

    Looks like another new set of wedges this year
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    One Length Irons Thread: Join the Revolution

    Got out for a quick 9 last night and shot 1 over. Pretty happy with that result, hitting 5 greens in reg but what I really like was the fact that my misses were all hole high. I'm kind of amazed at how quickly I got used to these irons.
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    One Length Irons Thread: Join the Revolution

    Interesting weekend. 18 holes both Saturday and Sunday and hit more than 60% of greens in reg. My average so far this year was about 40%. My scores were in the mid 70s (75 and a 76) on my home course where I had been averaging 82 over the last 3 weeks. I'm still using variable length...
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    One Length Irons Thread: Join the Revolution

    So I traded in my beloved 921 forged irons this morning and went with the radspeeds. I know the lofts are a bit strong so I went with the 6 through gap for now. Got my first round in this evening and I hit them really well. Not much of an adjustment period and hit almost double the greens in...

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