1. Blade Man

    Do you arm lock? Putting…

    3 weeks ago I purchased an arm lock putter to try. I get a bit handsy when putting from time to time. Now that I’ve had some time with it I’m really liking it. Speed and direction have been great. Putts per round are improving. I bought the Odyssey Ten 2 Ball and had a Super Stroke Arm Lock grip...
  2. Blade Man

    Favorite hole on your home course?

    So for some reason my favorite is a Par 5 that usually gives me fits. It’s a dog leg left with 2 giant trees in the middle of the fairway at 180 yards. This is also where it bends to the left. First pic is from the tee box. Second looking back at the tee and the last to the hole. Not really sure...
  3. Blade Man

    First tournament tomorrow

    Well if you can call a scramble a tournament. Totally looking forward to it. Have some good partners and I’ve been designated as the go for it guy. So do I play my Srixon Z Star, TP5 or go with a 2 piece for distance? Hmmm!!!
  4. Blade Man

    The Olympics

    They start tomorrow. I’m a sucker for the olympics. Not so much the golf but everything else. Anyone else ready to get this domination started?
  5. Blade Man

    SM8 50 deg for sale

    $100 shipped. Used a few times didn’t fit me.
  6. Blade Man

    Still working on it?

    Although I’ve not been very active on the forum I am still trying to improve my game. It’s been frustrating at times. That said yesterday I started to see some of what I’ve been working on. I’ve been doing a Performance Golf Zone tutorial/lesson. Trying to rid of my slice and develop a draw...
  7. Blade Man

    Membership has its !!!

    well it finally happened, the Covid effect! My club is now tacking on a $15 per round on top of my unlimited play membership! There is a big uprising among the members so we will see if this takes place. Any one else experience an increase?
  8. Blade Man

    Shotgun Starts?

    Do you like Shotgun starts?
  9. Blade Man

    Odd things your club does?

    Any odd things your club does? I mean golf course but I’m kinda liking where this is going. :ROFLMAO:
  10. Blade Man

    Shoes? What’s your preference?

    Outside of playing golf what’s your go to foot wear? Guess I should add no work attire either.
  11. Blade Man

    Membership has its

    I’ve really enjoyed being a member at my course. It’s been about 15 months now. Used to be able to book a tee time a week before without issue. Currently, over the next 30 days I think I have one time per week and there is just nothing else available. Anyone else seeing this effect? It’s...
  12. Blade Man

    Women’s US Open

    Begins today. I love women’s golf and am really looking forward to this. No PGA event this week so the ladies have the stage. So many are playing great golf right now. This should be good. Who you pulling for? Will you be watching?
  13. Blade Man

    Swing Weight Scale

    Why does it seem so difficult to buy one. Goldsmith seems to have been sold out for months. Don’t want the cheapest of most expensive, just a decent scale. Oh the frustration.
  14. Blade Man

    400+ yard drive

    Today this guy drove one over 400 yards. Don’t think he’s chugging 6 protein shakes a day either. Below are his averages, and he is not a big guy
  15. Blade Man

    I’m playing so bad...

    I’m playing so bad right now that I’m going to play the Honma Proto Blades tomorrow. Hey it can’t get any worse and my focus tends to be better with the blades.
  16. Blade Man

    Online experience

    Normally I wouldn’t think much about this. However, seasons are changing and I am not going stop playing. So like any good THP golfer I went online to buy some clothes to stay warm. The first 3 sites the order would not process. Every thing was filled out properly, but it just would not process...
  17. Blade Man

    Fall golf ball??

    Do you play a different ball ? If so why and which one.
  18. Blade Man

    JumboMax Grips

    So prior to my Arizona vacation I was unaware these even existed. Fortunately @mtbloco let me try his driver. It was enough for me to purchase one. Today I was making great contact with my driver again, it had been a while. It was not great as fas as dispersion , but it was much better. Anyone...
  19. Blade Man

    Tucson Arizona Golf

    So I’m heading out to Arizona in the morning. I’ll be meeting up with THP Arizona crowd. Tomorrow will be @Wildcat4life and a few others for hopefully some golf if not dinner for sure. Friday will be some range time I hope with @AzGolfer and hopefully dinner, there are women involved so we will...
  20. Blade Man

    WITB-Blade Man

    Well I guess this is over due. I feel like I’ve reached that point where I’ll be keeping this bag as is for a while. Ok well I won’t but only the wedges need to be updated. Epic Flash Sub Zero driver with an Aldila Rogue Silver Stiff shaft. Extra weight on the slider. Epic Flash 3+ and 5 wood...

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