1. Scorpion12

    A seriously lazy question

    I'll be honest. I don't want to walk out to my car and look in my trunk. Flame suit on. I did google this... After seeing Fujikura's response to a broken shaft for a THP member here, I'm wondering... are they standard offerings for my clubs? It looks like I've got Project X in my driver and...
  2. Scorpion12

    Headcover question

    I'm talking about headcovers for drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. Not putters or irons. When you grab your clubs from your vehicle do you leave your headcovers for your drivers, woods, and hybrids in the trunk or do they stay on your clubs? I leave mine in my trunk but I've got a new...
  3. Scorpion12

    Trailer paint question

    My dad has a trailer... like 20 feet long, dual axle, wood deck. He uses it for hauling cars and stuff. The deck boards are being replaced and he's going to sandblast it and paint it. Once it's painted new 2x6x16 boards will be installed. The boards are pressure treated but what should the...
  4. Scorpion12

    Cobra Speedzone vs Tour Edge E521

    I want a new to me driver. Something made within the last 2 years. Prices on those 2 drivers are reasonable to me. Please don't suggest Taylor Made. I want to get away from them and I don't like their recent designs. I'm left handed so that limits me in the E521 to 10.5* I'm ok with that...
  5. Scorpion12

    Keegan Bradley question

    Is t just me or does Keegan Bradley seem to be using clubs with shafts that are too short for him? I watched him last weekend during some swings and to me he looked entirely uncomfortable and less upright than other players...
  6. Scorpion12

    Ideally, what should the gap between driver and 3W be?

    My driver is a TM RBZ. Shot scope says I average 188 yards with it. That's a performance average removing the outlier shots. Absolute best distance with it it 193 yards. My 3W is a Mizuno ST-190. Shot scope says I average 176 with it. Also a performance average removing the outliers. Absolute...
  7. Scorpion12

    3W vs Driver question. Yes, it's stoopid

    I know I spelled stupid wrong in the title. It's a stupid question worthy of mocking.:ROFLMAO: Question: Is my 3W that good that it went as far as or further than my driver? 3W - Mizuno ST-190. Stock shaft, grip, no adjustments. Driver - TM RBZ. 10.5* stock shaft, lofted up 1 setting on the...
  8. Scorpion12

    Shed security

    For those of you that have a storage shed, how do you secure it? Do you keep your power tools in the shed or in a garage? Mine are all in my garage... but a wild idea crossed my mind to put my tools in my shed. But I don't want them to walk away... and I'd have to run power to the shed.
  9. Scorpion12

    Squeaky AdiZero's or just me

    I've got a pair of AdiZeros. They're a few years old but only worn a few times. Yesterday I noticed they were creaky... kind of squeaky like leather shoes can be sometimes. It doesn't bother me too much but I wonder if anyone else's AdiZeros do that or if it's just mine.
  10. Scorpion12

    Lipitor question

    I've got a question about Lipitor if you're on it... When I was taking the dose my doc put me on, I noticed that it was causing my knees to ache. I hadn't had knee pain before so reduced the dosage and the knee pain went away. I talked to my doc about this. I'm on it because of a heart issue...
  11. Scorpion12

    Would you save your bag?

    I was reading in another thread about whether THP'ers had lucky items in their bags and it got me to wondering if someone would risk their life for their bag or what is in it. I came up with the scenario below... there are lots of holes in it and ways around to get the desired results, but the...
  12. Scorpion12

    Shotscope v3 question

    I've got a shotscope v3 watch. I have not used it on the course yet. I do have it set up and it's ready to go but I have a question. Question: When I'm using the watch, do I need to have the shotscope app on my phone open? The documentation I've seen doesn't say if I need to, should, or shouldn't.
  13. Scorpion12

    what is a "bioengineered food product" and why is it in my devil dogs?

    Well... I was halfway into eating my fudge dipped devil dog after my lunch sammich and I spy with my little eye the ingredients... and my eye is drawn to the line that says "contains a bioengineered food product. What is it? Is it like Arabic Gum, or karaghennan or something like that? Yellow...
  14. Scorpion12

    Ever had a shoe failure on the course?

    I was walking off the first green today when I felt something weird with my foot... I checked my shoe in the cart and realized that the sole of my left shoe decided it didn't want to remain attached to the upper. It was a good thing I had a second pair with me to change into because those shoes...
  15. Scorpion12

    Yellow balls suck for me

    At least they did today. I played a round on a beautiful day... the course fairways were mostly dormant... there was a lot of pine straw in the rough areas, and some areas had collected lots of leaves. And the yellow Wilson Staff balls I was playing were easy to lose. The first tee, I hit a...
  16. Scorpion12

    I need a tv. Which one? From Costco, less than $500 hopefully.

    Aw man. It looks like I need a new tv. My 46" Toshiba is flickering and giving me a double image. It's viewable but not for long I fear. I've googled the fix a flickering double image tv videos on youtube and just don't feel like fixing it... so I won't. I fixed an older Samsung tv I had years...
  17. Scorpion12

    Car comparison Civic vs Mazda3 vs Mustang ecoboost

    I drive a Taurus. It's paid off. It's ok and I like it. It's my daily driver and racks up 120 miles per day give or take. It's comfortable enough. But I want something different. Not a sedan. I want a coupe. Like a Civic SI. But I can't find a Civic SI in a price I'm willing to pay $17,000 ish...
  18. Scorpion12

    Irons question Mavrik Max vs Rogue X vs C521s

    I'm looking to get new SGI irons. I've got the ok to get them from my wife. On a whim I was shopping at Callaway Pre Owned and that site showed me 10 SGI iron choices... All right! Awesome.:D Then, I set the filter to lefty.:rolleyes: It drops to 2.:ROFLMAO: This is going to be a blind buy and...
  19. Scorpion12

    Have you ever lost something?

    No, not your sanity:ROFLMAO: No, not your virginity:ROFLMAO: No, not you misplaced your keys or glasses.:unsure: I'm talking more about something that you lost and it was just GONE forever.. not misplaced, or was put somewhere else but it just disappeared. Here's an example: someone on another...
  20. Scorpion12

    Do you believe in karma?

    Do you believe in karma? Like, do you do good things for the fear of bad things happening to you if you don't? And those bad things being worse to you than your bad thing? Have you seen karma at work? Some call it the universe... some call it karma... some call it what goes around comes...

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