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    Signup Now: The Budget Experience - Free Trip, Equipment and More

    I tend to be more of a lurker than poster but I had to Enter this. Sounds like a great time and it is fun just knowing you have a chance!!
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Mystery Grab Bags Return for Albatross Club Members

    First I want to thank JB, JDAX, and GolferGal for the effort!! Love this site. More of a lurker but great stuff here. Alrighty. Her is my unboxing video. hopefully this works lol!
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Mystery Grab Bags Return for Albatross Club Members

    I think I got lucky!!! I am more of a lurking reader but I love the unexpected and gave it a go. Cannot wait!!! Like Christmas!!!
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    Solely based on looks alone

    I was going to write this one in as well!! lol.
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    Pretty pumped for today

    Nice!! Enjoy them!!
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Introducing 2020 TEEm Tour Edge

    Congrats All!! Enjoy!! I look forward to following along!
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    2020: What Needs Finalizing In Your Bag

    I have to admit, I have some work to do before the snow is gone here in WI. I replaced my TM Jetspeed Driver with the TEE EXS . I switched out my fg tour f5 3 wood with a TEE EXS 5 wood. I am hoping I can hit that off the fairway a bit better. I kept my Cleveland 4 Hybrid. I changed out my...
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Sign Up Now: 2020 TEEm Tour Edge

    The first new golf club I ever purchased was a Tour Edge Bazooka Driver. I recently bought a new TEE EXS driver and 5 wood I haven't hit yet!!! Last year I golfed rounds that ranged from 81 to 118 ish !! So I could theoretically cover several different handicaps. I bring bang for the buck so to...
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    Where Will Your 1st Round Be in 2020?

    I was lucky enough to golf in late Jan at Puerto Los Cabos. The swing needs work after the winter here in Wi!!! First round in WI will most likely be at Sun Prairie Golf Course. Stupid snow lol.
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    New to the site. Love it

    Hello. My name is Derek (Bigdcb). I am from the Madison WI area. Started golfing again after 17 years. I found that I really enjoy it and no longer 'Jones' about my score or care about a bad shot. this site is great. I love reading the gear reviews etc. THere are a lot of great folks here and...

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