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    Thinking of going back to Forged clubs

    After a forced lay off of 2 1/2 years I was able to come back. So last seasons I got a set of Ping G25 thinking I needed a set GI clubs after the lay-off and at 56 yrs old some help. Well I have always been a blade guy all my life and had a HC of 5-8 now my HC is 13. But I feel my ball striking...
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    Buy on sale golf balls and store for the winter

    Ok the season is just about over up here in Ohio. So I was looking at some good sale prices on golf balls and I was wondering if I buy a truck load now and store them for the winter will the balls still be good come next spring when the new season starts. I am curious do ball deteriorate over...
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    Louisville Golf Wood Mallet putter

    I just recieved my new putter today. I bought a Louisville Wood Mallet Putter. I used today playing 18 and I must say I love it. The ball gets a very good start off the face and very good rolling action. Its old school but I love...

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