1. Goose

    2021 Club Championships

    Our Club Championship was this weekend but was pushed back to next weekend because of weather.
  2. Goose

    Do you practice with your gamer ball?

    If I am hitting balls at home or practicing my short game at the course, I am using my own golf balls. Most of them are retired gamers. Hitting balls on the range before a round, I will be using house range balls.
  3. Goose

    Srixon offering custom number and symbols

    I am interested on seeing how well these logos hold up. Fingers crossed I get to play this weekend.
  4. Goose

    Srixon offering custom number and symbols

    I got one dozen with the paws, one dozen with an American Flag and one dozen with just my initials.
  5. Goose

    Srixon offering custom number and symbols

    These are cool. Order arrived yesterday.
  6. Goose

    2021 Club Championships

    Our club has just recently merged with another so now we have access to both places. The new to me course has its championship weekend after next, but I will be out of town. My original home course should have their championship mid September. Planning on defending my title on that one.
  7. Goose

    Metallica Blacklist

    I’m kinda ashamed to admit that I first found about this album by seeing Miley Cyrus’ version of Nothing Else Matters and liking it. Can’t wait for all the songs to be release.
  8. Goose

    Swing weight preference

    D4 on D-PW. Gap-Lob is D5.
  9. Goose

    Trying to break 70 club?

    Planning on dipping down in there this afternoon. Just need some putts to fall. Rest of the game is there.
  10. Goose

    Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor

    Very interesting. Cant wait to see how accurate it compared to the premium units. If its accurate I will have one
  11. Goose

    USGA killing off DAC

    Most decent public courses have GHIN and you can sign up there. I did this for years before I joined a club.
  12. Goose

    Peloton Riders Unite

    All seems to be well with the new frame. Something was whack with the first one since my outputs were so high and then ultimately stopped working. Didn't realize it until we received the new frame mid May.
  13. Goose

    Tips For First Golf Tournament

    Came here to post some thoughts but it looks like it was not needed. Congrats on the win! Competitive golf will change your game for the better. Keep it up.
  14. Goose

    Peloton Riders Unite

    New frame is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Fingers crossed this one works better.
  15. Goose

    Do you still mow your lawn?

    Yep! I actually enjoy it but having 4 lots to cut does get time consuming.
  16. Goose

    Peloton Riders Unite

    Maybe. I purchased the Bike+ which is still fairly new. Plenty of time for a recall on that one :D
  17. Goose

    Peloton Riders Unite

    pretty upset as I feel I was just getting into a good rhythm.The customer service rep I talked with was very nice and knowledgeable. She was a rider and not just someone in a cubical.
  18. Goose

    Peloton Riders Unite

    Two weeks to the day and my bike is having issues. The output was not displaying, but the bike was still usable. Called peloton to troubleshoot and now it’s not rideable. :mad: will know today what they say next.
  19. Goose

    Taylormade rough situations

    Trottiegolf is a must follow on the gram.

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