1. jvbart

    CONTEST Underpar Fitted Club Set

    Another contest from underpar for fitted clubs. https://gleam.io/qgdl7-YUdTGuQ9iQ?l=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.underpar.com%2Ftrue-master
  2. jvbart

    CONTEST Bucketlist Sweepstakes Trip to Pebble Beach

    Awesome trip giveaway to Pebble! Non-referral link here: https://vsga.org/bucket-list/
  3. jvbart

    CONTEST Underpar Luckiest Golfer Alive Contest, Free Clubs Trip and Golf!

    Another awesome giveaway from underpar. Nice touch on the surf board/lessons. https://gleam.io/1wjNG-Yvu093AiSG?l=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.underpar.com%2Fluckiest-golfer
  4. jvbart

    CONTEST Win A Golf Vacation to Omni Homestead Virginia

    Just got this from golf moose, win a golf vacation to the Omni Homestead in Virginia. Hope it goes to a THPer! https://golfmoose.com/the-omni-homestead-resort-giveaway?share=29316
  5. jvbart

    Golf Coach Recommendations San Diego

    I took my first ever golf lesson today after a long break recovering from golfers elbow. The pro was very nice but I don’t think he’s the right fit for me. I’m wondering if anyone has taken lessons in San Diego and has recommendations for a good coach? I really need to clean up my technique so...
  6. jvbart

    CONTEST Enter to Win - Scotland Bucket List Experience from Underpar

    Got this in me email today, hope it goes to a THP'er. Win a free golf trip for two to Scotland! https://wn.nr/4kDCYM
  7. jvbart

    CONTEST Underpars New Year, New Gear Giveaway

    Awesome contest from Underpar to win a bunch of clubs and gear...
  8. jvbart

    Hovering with the Putter

    For as long as I can remember I have picked the putter just barely off the ground and hovered for a few seconds before starting my putting stroke. My friends noticed this last round out and mentioned that they had never seen someone else do this. I have never thought about it but now watching...
  9. jvbart

    For Trade WTT DG S400 Custom USA Wesge Shafts

    I won these from a true temper giveaway on Instagram a couple of months ago. They are awesome but I’m going all graphite due to golfers elbow so looking to trade these for graphite wedge shafts or a wedge set shafted with graphite, willing to pay cash to make up the difference in value. Looking...
  10. jvbart

    Who’s Your Favorite Comedian?

    I’ve been binging Jerry Seinfeld’s show “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” this weekend and it got me thinking about who my favorite comedian is. Who’s your favorite?
  11. jvbart

    Average Putts per Round for a Mid-Cap

    I have been keeping a GHIN for the last 25-30 rounds (18.8 at the moment). I achieved my 2020 goals of breaking 90 and getting my index under 20 and now looking forward to 2021 goals. I'm thinking about getting under a 15 cap and a score target of 83 but want to start keeping more specific stats...
  12. jvbart

    CONTEST Mission Inn Resort Giveaway for 2 from Golf Moose

    Awesome stay and play giveaway for 2 at Mission Inn Resort in Florida. I don't think airfare is included but great giveaway for anyone in the region or willing to travel. Anyone played that resort before? https://golfmoose.com/mission-inn-resort-giveaway/?share=23677
  13. jvbart

    Value of Antique Clubs

    Wondering if anyone knows a good way to determine the value of antique golf clubs if there is any (other than just trying to find equivalents on eBay). I see a lot of really old sets at garage sales but never know if there’s any value. Someone in my neighborhood is selling a full set of 1968...
  14. jvbart

    CONTEST SoCal Golf Nirvana Experience from UnderPar

    Awesome contest from Underpar including clubs and a golf trip! https://gleam.io/kl9OP-YOiQac4FqW?l=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.underpar.com%2Fgolf-nirvana
  15. jvbart

    Golf In the Rain

    It looks like there is going to be some rain for my round tomorrow. Living in San Diego I have never actually played a round in the rain. Does anyone have advice for how some light rain or a wet ball will effect distance, spin and ball flight? Anything else to adjust for when playing in the rain...
  16. jvbart

    CONTEST Enter to Win a Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch Giveaway

    Enter to win a Scottsdale golf trip from golf moose. https://golfmoose.com/scottsdale-resort-at-mccormick-ranch-giveaway/?share=14976
  17. jvbart

    KBS Tour FST C-Taper Graphite??

    Sorry if this is a really dumb question but I'm looking at a set of used irons online and the seller says they are graphite shafts but everything I see online says they are steel. The pic of the shafts say KBS Tour FST C-Taper 120. Does anyone know if these are or ever were made in graphite...
  18. jvbart

    WTB Players Distance or GI Irons Stiff Graphite Shafts

    Hi All, I'm struggling with golfers elbow and looking to get an iron set with graphite shafts to help me recover. Not looking for the perfect match just something I can play until my elbow is better. Looking for anything from 2-5ish years old in the game improvement or players distance...
  19. jvbart

    Golfers Elbow - Best Elbow Braces

    I have been struggling with golfers elbow in my right arm for awhile now and am looking for a good elbow brace. I was wondering if anyone here uses one and can recommend a brand and style that help? I already have copper compression sleeves for recovery so I'm really looking for something to...
  20. jvbart

    CONTEST Huge Giveaway from Underpar

    Awesome giveaway including a Titleist driver, Scotty Cameron and a bunch more kit and equipment...

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