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    2021 Titleist T-Series Irons

    I ordered the same, T300 custom specs on the 29th as well, through TrueSpec. No confirmations yet, but last I was told we were looking at an ETA of September 22nd.
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    CONTEST The Final Spot: 2021 Grandaddy of Em All with Callaway Golf

    I want into the Grandaddy to experience new clubs, courses, and connect with golf experts and other exhilarated participants.
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    Looking For Testers: Callaway Epic Super Hybrid

    This club definitely sounds interesting, and would be a neat add to the bag. 1. This would be filling in the gap between my Callaway Epic Max driver and an old (new to me) Callaway Epic 3 Hybrid 2. I hit my hybrid really well, and the driver can sometimes get very unruly, so this sounds like a...
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    CONTEST The Gear: 2021 Grandaddy of em All with Callaway Golf

    Fingers crossed! My picks are based on mostly forgiveness and club help, so I can try to consistently be a bogey or better golfer. A fitting to tweak everything would be awesome though. Thanks for the chance. Driver - Epic MAX 9* with Project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10 60 Graphite Stiff Fairway -...
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    CONTEST Enter To Win: Dream Foursomes with True Temper and Callaway Golf

    golfinnut, you just got one of my spots because of your huckleberry gif
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    2021 Open Championship Contest and Thread

    Jon Rahm
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    Tour Event 2021 US Open Contest and Thread Sponsored by Callaway Golf

    Justin Thomas 10.5* Regular shaft Thanks
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    CONTEST Win A PING G425 Hybrid

    Currently don't have a hybrid in my bag. I've read a lot of good things about the entire Ping G425 suite.
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    CONTEST Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme

    Thanks for the chance! My bag actually doesn't have any woods right now, as I got rid of my old Nike VRS Covert driver last year.
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    CONTEST The Golf Ball: 2021 Grandaddy of em All with Callaway Golf

    I haven't played many Callaway balls lately as I was gifted a couple dozen ProV1 boxes, but after looking through the new lineup I imagined I would play the Chrome Soft X LS balls. The Callaway selector put me in the Chrome Soft which I should have expected as I am an original flavor type guy...
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    CONTEST Win Some Travis Mathew Style!

    Vintage Indigo/Black size Medium. Honestly I need to upgrade my golf polo game from my old Callaway polos circa 2015.
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    Video Contest: The Mizuno Challenge

    Sorry THP, but Chris Voshall for the win
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    Garage golf Simulator setups

    Did I see on Instagram that THP is doing a testing to compare Foresight and Skytrak?

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