1. Mabuckeye

    Push Cart 4th Sale

    Does anyone know of any 4th of July sales on push carts? Interested in a ClicGear 4 or Speed Cart GX. Thanks in advance and have a great 4th of July!!!
  2. Mabuckeye

    Ping G425 Irons

    Video on YouTube....
  3. Mabuckeye

    CBX2 50/54/58 Shaft

    Did you try to match the CBX2 shafts to your irons or not? Do you wish you had if not?
  4. Mabuckeye

    Srixon ZX Series Info...

    All specs on all of the new irons and woods are here: https://www.srixon.co.uk/
  5. Mabuckeye

    Ping G710 Finish Durability

    Curious as to how the black finish is holding up on your G710’s. Love the look when new but I know other black clubs have had durability issues. Thanks in advance and hit ‘em straight!
  6. Mabuckeye

    Miura CB-301 vs PP90003

    It seems that the CB-301 is somewhat loosely similar to the PP9003 irons. Does anyone have any real world experience from a performance standpoint - launch, distance, forgiveness, etc? Thanks in advance....
  7. Mabuckeye

    Miura Passing Point 9003

    Saw some of these on the Bay recently and it took me back years ago to where I longed for them but didn’t pull the trigger. Are these still decent sticks or has technology diminished their appeal? Anyone still gaming them and if so I’d love to hear your experience playing them both pros and...
  8. Mabuckeye

    Honma TW-X Irons

    Does anyone have experience with these? Hollow head, forged, and said to combine forgiveness and feel. Not a lot of shaft options for moderate swing speeds but they’re nice looking IMHO.
  9. Mabuckeye

    Moderate speed P790 users

    Any moderate swing speed users had success with the P790? Know it’s a low spin iron, so thinking of a Nippon 950GH or even Zelos 6 shaft in steel or a UST Recoil in graphite - all regular flex to help with launch and spin. Enough forgiveness in this combo for a mid handicapper?
  10. Mabuckeye

    Shortie Leg Sunday Bag

    Anyone using the short leg stand bags like the Mizuno BR-D2, TaylorMade Quiver, or Callaway HyperLite Pencil? Saw them on a Scotland Netflix series and find them interesting. What do you like and not like about the bags? Thanks!
  11. Mabuckeye

    Hogan Edge Replacement

    Does anyone know if the Ben Hogan Edge irons are due for a refresh in the near future? Seems like they were released a couple of years ago...

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