1. GolferDad66

    What "Golf Stuff" did you do today, that didn't involve playing golf?

    Today I cleaned my clubs (overdue) and put my golf towels through the wash.
  2. GolferDad66

    Some help for a free driver

    Hey guys (and gals). If anyone can help, it would be appreciated. Never wanting to miss an opportunity for free golf stuff, I have a chance to acquire a free Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver should I get a certain # of new subscribers to SwingU's "free" email newsletter. SwingU is a...
  3. GolferDad66

    Indoor Putting Green Giveaway

    came across this in my emails. My wife would kill me if I popped that green in my living room. https://golflife.com/giveaways/
  4. GolferDad66

    Checking your own Lofts/Lies

    Had another post, but it seemed to have disappeared. Who on this board checks their own lofts/lies? And is there anyone that uses a cost effective device. I'm not interested in spending money on the big equipment. Just a way for me to check, and if its off by a lot; know it and take it to a...
  5. GolferDad66

    Simple Loft-Lie Measurement Tool

    With all talk about checking Loft/Lie on clubs, I was searching around and came across the following. While I am not ready to fix my own clubs, and buy the necessary equipment, I came across this simply tool - $15 - that seems to handle measurements. If I check the clubs, then I can go to...
  6. GolferDad66

    Is a Hook better than a Slice?

    Was wondering about this. If you hook is that a sign that you are closer to hitting 'em straight, or are you just as bad as when hitting a slice. Used to hit slices with my irons, now they go more straight but I do pull them or hook them per se. Someone once said first you slice, then you...
  7. GolferDad66

    Shaft Learning

    A bit overwhelmed with all the different shaft selections out there, and the various tech in them, and honestly don’t have the first clue what kind of shaft would be the best for me. Yes I can go to a fitter, and I do plan to for my next driver. But I want to have a better understanding about...
  8. GolferDad66

    GolferDad66 2,000th Post of the Quarter

    I didn't want my 2,000th post of the Q to be an Emoji. So while not the most frequent of posters, I hope my small contribution helped to reach the 7,000,000 goal that has everyone so excited. Just wanted to take an opportunity to wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year and I look forward to...
  9. GolferDad66

    THP Members in Lower NY

    Just Curious if there are any THP members in lower NY - the City, or Westchester, L.I., Rockland or Orange counties.
  10. GolferDad66

    Board Games

    Name your all time favorite board game. Mine is Stratego.
  11. GolferDad66

    F-U 2020

    if 2020 wasn’t already bad enough, I just lost power in the house, and the whole neighborhood. They don’t know when it will be restored. 2020 can’t end soon enough.
  12. GolferDad66

    Non golf New Years Resolution

    What’s your non golf resolution for the new year?
  13. GolferDad66

    Boxers or Briefs?

    Boxers or Briefs? In normal life and if different when playing golf. I'm a boxers guy for both.
  14. GolferDad66

    First Dish for My New Smoker

    Please help me decide what will be the first item (or meal) I prepare in my new smoker. I bought a 30" Masterbuilt MB20070210 Smoker with 3 Smoking Racks. Suggestions must be Meat based. Recipes a ++. Soy based meal suggestions will be met with ridicule.
  15. GolferDad66

    Your Exercise Routine (exemplified in a Giphy)

    Mine is simple
  16. GolferDad66

    Impact Bag/Smash Bag

    Been reading some about an Impact bag and how it may help, especially during the winter months when you can’t get outside. And it’s one of the more reasonably priced training aids. Anyone use one, and what were your thoughts about it?
  17. GolferDad66

    Your Favorite Movie of All Time (can only pick one)

    Mine has to be Cool Hand Luke. Just love the good vs bad, the martyr figure, symbolism - which takes this movie way beyond what you are actually seeing in the picture.
  18. GolferDad66

    Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes

    So with COVID and new group restrictions, we are celebrating Thanksgiving only with the immediate family of 5 (usually I’m at my sisters in a group of 30). My daughter came up with the idea that each of us needs to prepare at least 1 dish. I was given Stuffing To make. I’m not a cook. Anyone...
  19. GolferDad66


    Anyone know much about this company, or the quality of their golf glove? They claim high quality cabretta like a Titleist, but at half the price.

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