1. Hoganman1

    The 60 and over Thread

    Interesting. I'll have to take a look at LagShot.
  2. Hoganman1

    The 60 and over Thread

    Well that sucks. Like my dad always said "getting old ain't for sissies". Hope you can avoid surgery, but if not: be diligent on the rehab.
  3. Hoganman1

    Go to golf ball?

    I've been a ProV1 guy for quite awhile, but a guy with a 5.2 index introduced me to the Velocity. I thought it was today's version of the old Topflight Rock. I was wrong. It's longer and straighter. Once I get used to the lack of spin on and around the greens it may become my ball.
  4. Hoganman1

    The 60 and over Thread

    To Fatshot I know we're never happy, but scoring in the 70s when you're North of 60 years old is pretty darn good. I haven't broken 80 since July. If and when I do, I'll remember the couple of shots I left out there. It's part of our golf DNA.
  5. Hoganman1

    The Most Underrated Club Brand In Golf & Why

    My choice would be The Ben Hogan Company. I'm surprised no one mentioned them. Granted, everything in my bag except my woods (metals) and my putter are Hogans. I think the fact that they are direct to consumer and they don't have a tour staff playing them hurts their popularity. Also, because...
  6. Hoganman1

    Tour Event 2021 Tour Championship

    I guess "it is what it is" to quote an old football coach. I don't like the format, but I will keep watching. My guess is they'll probably change it again if a majority of the players call for changes. As I've stated many times before the majors are still the ultimate measuring stick. The FedEx...
  7. Hoganman1

    Legends GC in Clermont Florida

    Has anyone on this forum played Legends since it re-opened. I visit Clermont two or three times a year and enjoyed playing there until it closed a few years ago. Unfortunately, it wasn't open yet when I was last there in late June. I'm hoping to get back to Clermont before the end of the year...
  8. Hoganman1

    Ryder Cup Quandary

    Like most of you I'm looking forward to this years Ryder Cup. However, for the last few years I've struggled with my emotions during the matches. While I feel like I should want the US to win, I find myself pulling for the Europeans. It's just that many of my favorite tour players now (Rahm...
  9. Hoganman1

    Tour Event 2021 Tour Championship

    I agree. I hate this "strokes awarded" format. Cantlay was awesome, but even he agrees the format is contrived. If this had been a real tournament, Rahm and Na would have had a play-off. I watched because I love golf and the play was exceptional. However, for me the majors are the yardstick for...
  10. Hoganman1

    2021-2022 College Football Thread

    It was a tough weekend for the ACC. North Carolina, Clemson and Miami all lost. NC State was a bright spot, but our Charlotte 49ers beat Duke. It's still early, but it just shows the preseason rankings were meaningless except for Alabama. I like the fact that the CFP committee doesn't do their...
  11. Hoganman1

    Who is your choice for PoTY?

    I wish I could say Rahm. I still feel like POY should have a major, but I have to say Cantlay with four wins.
  12. Hoganman1

    Titleist Velocity

    I may give the Velocity a try. It's been so humid here in Charlotte our fairways have not been as firm as usual. I need to get some roll to get my drives past 200 these days. At my age 10 to 15 yards really makes a difference. The reviews I've read say the 2020 version is a little better around...
  13. Hoganman1

    Titleist Velocity

    I've never played this ball because I thought it was your basic rock for high handicappers. I've been a ProV1 player for years because I like it's overall performance. However, I've noticed more and more of my senior buddies are playing the Velocity. One guy is a 6 handicap and he says the...
  14. Hoganman1

    Ben Hogan Equalizer II Wedges

    I'm really happy with my Hogan 50* and 56*. I've got about ten rounds under my belt with them and have shaved off a few strokes. That includes a couple of hole outs (one from a bunker and one from 30 yards short of the green).
  15. Hoganman1

    Tour Event 2021 BMW Championship

    OK. Full disclosure; I'm watching these events. Mainly because I love golf and college football is still a week away. Having said that, I do not like the FedEx Cup. First of all these events are not majors. Number two, the points system seems to change every year. Another pet peeve is they show...
  16. Hoganman1

    How much do you rely on your yardage device?

    It's all a matter of whatever makes you comfortable. My guess is younger players that started out playing with range finders, GPS or whatever rely on them more than some of us older players. I've been playing for nearly sixty years. Judging distances, factoring in the wind and the slope (uphill...
  17. Hoganman1

    How much do you rely on your yardage device?

    It's really interesting to me that so many of you rely on range finders and such. I'm an old player and we didn't have all that technology when I first started playing. A guy I play with quite often asked me today why I don't use them. I just told him I'm more comfortable with pacing off...
  18. Hoganman1

    How much do you rely on your yardage device?

    I still don't have one. I know my home course well enough to rely on the fairway plates and sprinkler heads that are marked. I've thought about getting one for when I travel, but haven't as yet. I guess I'm just old school. Also, someone in our group usually has one and they tell me the...
  19. Hoganman1

    The 60 and over Thread

    I've found something that works for me while playing with a heat index around 100* I start with a cup of ice water and sip it through the front nine refilling it around #5. Then I buy two 12 oz. Gatorades at the turn and drink those with ice on the back nine. That seems to work. Although I...
  20. Hoganman1

    The 60 and over Thread

    I looked everywhere for an Alta Distanza 40g for my Ping G400. I couldn't find one anywhere. In the meantime I demoed a Callaway Epic Speed with a Project X Cypher 40g 5.0. It was a 9*, but it played really well. So I looked for a 10.5 model with that shaft. I found one and ordered it yesterday.

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