1. blueonblack

    Do you dread the "B" word?

    Bifurcation. Or "Brysfurcartion," if you will. Go....
  2. blueonblack

    The forgotten Golf periodic element: the driver face plate.

    All the talk about high MOI and going to 48" shafts, suddenly. How much do you think about the technology in the faceplate itself? This is where the ball meets the head, and a rebound effect takes place. Optimally, in the center or slightly above. Hit the center, the club does not twist...
  3. blueonblack

    OK: it's time for this one....artificial turf, and its detriment to your game

    Everyone is posting swing vids. SO much fun. But....so often it's indoors, off a mat. Personally, when I would go to the golf dome over the winter, it allowed my mechanics to get so BAD hitting off of mats without much consequence for steep angles of attack, sometimes it would take the first...
  4. blueonblack

    Which Tour Pro's swing would you compare yours to?

    Even if it looks NOTHING like the pro's swing. Even if it's just in your mind how you want your swing to look. Even if some horrid genetic defect or injury makes you swing like Calvin Peete too. Who is your pro doppelganger? I'm transitioning from J.B. Holmes to Tom Lehman. :cool: Throw in...
  5. blueonblack

    How many "extra holes" have you played in your golfing career?

    Thought about this when thinking about how many rounds I might play in a year. If the pro is cool with it, and they let you spin around for a few extra holes, how many rounds would that total up to over the years? I might have 10%-20% more rounds in my life than I thought? Maybe a lot more...
  6. blueonblack

    Golf Websites: Too much info or not enough? Cumbersome?

    I hadn't been following equipment for the last 5 years. So I hadn't really been to many of the equipment websites in a while. Do you think they have too much, or too little info? Is it organized in a way you like it to be? If I want to be able to do a "quick glance" at the specs, I don't need...
  7. blueonblack

    Does a new golf BAG give your outlook a paradigm shift?

    It's one of those pieces of equipment that we need, but don't necessarily want to change. I have a golf bag I love, but its getting old. Sun-faded. Fabric just starting to seperate with age in spots. All the zippers still miraculously work. I feel like its a metaphor for myself in some ways...
  8. blueonblack

    Weird neighborhood sightings

    I had no idea where to put this one, so started a new topic. I go out for a walk most days, usually 2-3 miles, as we have some nice walking paths in the area. Its been a stress release for me with mom being so sick. Good to get out and get some air and occasionally talk to some people. I guess...
  9. blueonblack

    "Wobblers." Golf balls and putting. (And beyond.)

    Was reading about some new balls on the market since I last played. Thanks to THP'ers. (y) Got me to thinking about my experience really doing nothing in the way of golf for many years, except for putting quite often on my indoor mat/green dealio. As this relates to putting and golf balls, I...
  10. blueonblack

    blueonblack... tears on a river

    Driver: Ping G25 10.5º, Aldila Phenom 60 stiff, SST Pured in open hosel setting, 45.25", D2 Driver2: Ping G30 10.5º, Aldila Tour Green 65 stiff, 45.25", D2 3 Wood: (Yeah, it's a wood.) Ping G25 15º, Aldila Tour Blue 75 stiff, SST Pured, 43", D2 Hybrids: Ping i25 19º & 22º, Aldila Tour Blue 85...
  11. blueonblack

    Regret of the day

    Forgive if there is already a thread such as this. Did not buy any fireworks or alcohol. Your turn.
  12. blueonblack

    Leupold GX-3i Rangefinder repair (out of 2 year warranty period)

    Has anyone ever sent their Leupold back for repair out of warranty? The bright red reticle/yardage readout has faded and I can no longer see the yardage numbers. Wondering how much it might be to fix. They're closed right now for 4th of July weekend. Got super excited when their site said...
  13. blueonblack

    Shoes with a high toe box?

    I have a heckuva time finding shoes to fit. I need wide shoes with a high toe box. The latter seems hard to find. The top of the shoes can press down on the big toes, causing ingrown toenails for me. Any advice for golf shoes for my caveman big toes? Used to wear FJ Contour and Contour Casuals...
  14. blueonblack

    Back in the game (insert male performance supplement name here)

    Hey gang. I've been on golf hiatus for the first time ever. 5 years without playing. Played since age 6, so its been weird. Lots of the 'ol "Life gets in the way" kinds of things going on. Had a stroke in 2015, so that was a big part of it, and hand/forearm/elbow/shoulder injuries. Anyway, been...

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