1. Jeff Spicoli

    FS: Tour AD-GP, TEE EX Beta 12*, Cobra, Callaway, Cure

    I’m clearing out the extras. Prices include shipping but add $5 for west of the Mississippi. Tour issue X Hot Pro 5w with an Ahina 80x shaft. New Golf Pride Align grip with +2 wraps. $70...
  2. Jeff Spicoli

    Happy Birthday, Johnny mojo!

    Happy Birthday, buddy! Hope you had a great day with the family and on the course!
  3. Jeff Spicoli

    FT: Epic 9* Head for Epic Sub Zero 9*

    I would like to trade my Epic 9* head for your Sub Zero 9* in similar condition. I picked this up from Callaway preowned in Very Good condition a few months ago and have played a few rounds and had a few range sessions with it. It's in great shape. There is one mark on the face from what looks...
  4. Jeff Spicoli

    FS: HZRDUS Black, Seemore, Taylormade Putter

    Couple of items that need to be cleared out: First up is a HZRDUS Black 75 6.5 shaft from a Cobra F7 Double Weight Driver. Plays to 44.25" in a Cobra head. Cobra Connect Arcos in the grip. 2 extra wraps. $90
  5. Jeff Spicoli

    FS: Cleveland RTX 3, Nike Pro Combo

    Cleveland RTX 3 CB 50* V-MG 2 dot. Ordered directly from Cleveland. Specs are half inch over standard, 2* upright. Standard loft. Shaft is Dynamic Gold X100. Grip is BCT Cord with 2 extra grips. $old Next up is a Nike VR Pro Combo 2 iron. Plays 3/4 inch over standard. 2* upright. Shaft is...
  6. Jeff Spicoli

    Happy Birthday Sox Fan!

    Happy Birthday, Scott! Hope you have a great day!
  7. Jeff Spicoli

    Jeff Spicoli - WITB

    Thought I would go-ahead and join the fun here. I've had a few changes lately. I've actually gone back to a Cleveland Classic 290, which I had in the bag a few years ago. I recently put on a Victory Cord grip to complete the throwback look. Also, picked up a new to me 3Deep. Shafts in my...
  8. Jeff Spicoli

    FS: Big Bertha Mini 12*

    For sale is a 12* Big Bertha Mini with the stock Tini 60x-stiff shaft. Grip is a white Multicompound with two extra wraps. Club is in great shape. Comes with generic Cally headcover. No tool. $130 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Jeff Spicoli

    FS: Odyssey Works 1W 38" Tank

    Up for sale is an Odyssey Works 1W 38" Counterbalanced Tank. Comes with the magnetic head cover and stock Superstroke grip. Love the feel and roll but my old standby won out. In good shape. A little wear on the top line but nothing major or distracting. Looking for $85 OBO, which includes...
  10. Jeff Spicoli

    WTB: Callaway Dual Cog Adapter

    Looking to buy a Callaway Dual Cog Adapter that would work on a Big Bertha Mini. Thanks.
  11. Jeff Spicoli

    FS: Callaway Tri-Ball Practice Net

    For sale is a 9'x10' Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net. I bought this a little ways back set it up once and never got the opportunity to hit into it. I've realized that I just don't have the time to practice like I wanted to in the backyard. Everything is included in the bag--all stakes, nets...
  12. Jeff Spicoli

    What Piece of Equipment are You Most Looking Forward to Trying in 2016?

    Whether it is a driver, fairway wood, putter, wedge, or some other piece of golf related equipment, what are you most looking forward to trying in 2016? Is there something you saw that at the PGA show that made you want to go out and buy it as soon as it's released? Do you have something already...
  13. Jeff Spicoli

    Bridgestone JGR Fairway Woods

    I looked and while there is a JGR Driver and iron/hybrid thread, I didn't see a dedicated JGR fairway wood thread. I thought it might be deserving of its own thread with its upcoming release. According to Bridgestone's website, they've put a lot of the similar technology from the driver...
  14. Jeff Spicoli

    How Much Do Green Conditions Affect You?

    I just turned on the Career Builder Challenge and within 10 minutes, the announcers have remarked multiple times about how many putts the players are making this week with the greens being in perfect shape. A few weeks ago I played a course where the greens were very slow and bumpy and I just...
  15. Jeff Spicoli

    FT: Ping G30 9* for LS version

    FT is a Ping G30 9* head. I'm hoping someone has a LS version they would like to trade. I would like to trade for a 9* but would consider the 10.5*.
  16. Jeff Spicoli

    Restaurants & Attractions Recommendations for Longboat Key/Sarasota

    My wife and I are headed to Longboat Key next week for about 5 days and I was wondering if anyone here has any recommendations for restaurants for the area. I saw a few places on TripAdvisor that look like they would be good, but was wanting to get some inupt from you all. As far as attractions...
  17. Jeff Spicoli

    Panda: I Need Your Wisdom

    Freddie, I've had some serious issues getting off the tee for a while now. Something I've always battled is a closed club face at the top of my swing. I feel like I've got a lot of movement with my legs as well. I would love your input on this. My most common miss is a big push/slice. It's...
  18. Jeff Spicoli

    FS: Apex/Pro Combo Set

    Callaway Apex/Pro combo set 3-PW shafted with a KBS Tour V stiff shaft. Cusom ordered direct from Callaway. Length is +1/2" and 1* upright. Regular Apex 3 thru 7 and Pro 8-PW. Grip is the stock Lamkin Crossline with +2 wraps. A few of the irons have Lamkin Crossline Cords on there (came that...
  19. Jeff Spicoli

    FS: Swing Caddie SC100, XHot Pro 19* 5W, XHot Pro 9.5

    I've used it about 5 times. Used it to dial in some stuff. Great on the range to practice and learn distances, but I'm not making it to the range enough to take full advantage of it. Comes with original box, remote, instructions, and bag. $175 Shipped COUNUS Next up is a Callaway XHot Pro...
  20. Jeff Spicoli

    FS: X Hot Pro 15* FW Kai'li 80x

    X Hot Pro 15* FW Diamana Kai'li 80x. Very smooth, mid launching, low spin combo. Grip is Lamkin Cord +2 wraps. There is a little nic on the top of the crown that I hadn't noticed until I took photos. Doesn't affect play--it's very small/shallow. Head cover included. Price $110.

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