1. oumagic

    Unofficial Arizona Golf Outing - Winter 2019

    This definitely needs to be an annual thing. There are a number of AZ THP people not going that I would love to play with as well. See you guys tomorrow!
  2. oumagic

    Unofficial Arizona Golf Outing - Winter 2019

    Super stoked to get to play with you and @Roadrunner tomorrow. I have played with @Doubleb21 and no matter what @Wildcat4life says about him, he is a great guy. Sunday you get to take on my partner from The Budget Championship, and that bigSumb1tch is one of my favorite people I have ever played...
  3. oumagic

    Show us your Christmas tree

    We went and got our Hallmark ornaments tonight per annual tradition.
  4. oumagic

    Unofficial Arizona Golf Outing - Winter 2019

    I have played with Brian twice and I am definitely worried. The dude is getting dialed in. I am going to have to bring my A game down I-10
  5. oumagic

    Unofficial Arizona Golf Outing - Winter 2019

    I predict the real winner this weekend is Anheiser-Busch.
  6. oumagic

    BBQ and Outdoor Cooking Thread

    I like spare ribs and go for the 3-2-1 method. Sometimes spare ribs need a tad more time. Once you get that down, you can tinker with your times. I think I am more like 4-1 1/2-1 on 200 degrees the first 4 hours. https://heygrillhey.com/3-2-1-ribs-perfect-fall-off-the-bone-ribs/
  7. oumagic

    Gary Woodland.....

    Remember this loose impediment that the gallery moved for Woods? I doubt Sergio or Reed gets help like Woods or Koepka.
  8. oumagic

    Do you ever play the course, on the range?

    I do it all of the time. I use my Arcoss caddie preview and play the holes. If hole one says I need a driver and 8 iron on a par 4 and I don’t hit a good drive, I will hit maybe a 6 iron after the drive. Just a games to keep me from pounding the same club over and over.
  9. oumagic

    ANNOUNCEMENT 2020 Albatross Club is Now Open: THPers Making a Difference Helping Children

    One note to new members. Often Albatross Club is referred to as AC member. You all are probably smarter than me and could figure it out, but I had to ask. Used in a sentence: “Free shipping to AC members”
  10. oumagic

    Gary Woodland.....

    No problem since it is Woodland. If it was Sergio, I would say they should throw him off the tour. I am hypocritical like that ;) I see no issue with tightening a screw on the driver. Probably should tell an official that you are not adjusting it, but repairing. I think tightening a screw is...
  11. oumagic

    ANNOUNCEMENT 2019 Holiday Cheer is Coming Soon

    Another awesome week of THP ahead!
  12. oumagic

    The Official Banter Away Thread

    The Arizona crew knew we would be depressed after Granddaddy. That is why we planned an unofficial gathering to help us get over the hump ;)
  13. oumagic

    LIVE UPDATE THREAD 2019 The Grandaddy with Callaway Golf

    I feel it too. Even though we weren’t there, we have been anticipating the event and getting to know our team for so long that it is just slightly depressing when it is over. It feels like Christmas when I was a kid after opening all of my toys. But now we have other things to look forward to...
  14. oumagic

    BBQ and Outdoor Cooking Thread

    I love the pellet grill. I still have my natural gas grill that I use for searing, but it is mostly for convenience. My Traeger and cast iron grates can get plenty hot, but I can have the natural gas 700 degrees in minutes and go straight from 180 degree smoking to searing without preheating the...
  15. oumagic

    Your Favorite Golf Purchase in 2019

    Albatross Club is the easiest answer. It offers opportunities for experiences and goes to a great cause, one I supported before THP. Best equipment I have bought: tie between Epic Flash Driver and Callaway MD5 52 degree wedge. If I had to pick one: I love the driver. overall best money spent...
  16. oumagic

    Unofficial Arizona Golf Outing - Winter 2019

    That is the one that really threw me. Arcoss had me at 5.7 prediction on a par 4. I closed it and opened it back up and it switched to 4.9. Arccos hasn’t seen my new weapon: epic forged 4 iron!
  17. oumagic

    Unofficial Arizona Golf Outing - Winter 2019

    So I have a shot at bogey. Screw you Arcoss and predicting my blow up holes! but you are right, wildcat. I told arcoss jade tees but it still shows it from back tees. That makes me feel better. Like hole 1: yardage up top says 328 but then the picture has the tees way back And playing 430
  18. oumagic

    Unofficial Arizona Golf Outing - Winter 2019

    Heck no on the bear down tees. That was “preview caddie” function and I chose Jade tees. I am excited to play this challenging course

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