1. Hanks

    Build the Ultimate THP'er

    I thought with all of the THP Tour Van Stops, Outings, Morgan Cups, and all the other rounds being played with other THP'ers that it might be fun to see what your THP'er would look like based on what you've seen, bee around, and whom you've played with. In other words, what parts of other...
  2. Hanks

    Tommy Hilfiger Lambert Comfort Tech Polo - THP Preview

    The latest arrival to the NE office of THP is an offering from Tommy Hilfiger Golf, the Lambert polo from its line of TH Comfort Tech shirts. THP Apparel reviewer One-T is up to his popped collar in apparel right now so I'm going to lend a hand to him on this one. This shirt not only looks...
  3. Hanks

    How do Tiger and Phil Make Their Millions?

    The annual 'Fortunate 50' list from Si.com just came out and Phil is #2 and Tiger is #3 (both behind boxer Floyd Mayweather) on the American side of the list. Figures are based on 2011 calendar year for winnings and endorsement figures are based on 2012 calendar year. Here's breakdown of what...
  4. Hanks

    SuperFlex Bands - THP Preview

    The latest arrival to the NE office of THP is something that's used by Gary Woodland, Trevor Immelman, and Sandra Gal.....Super Flex Bands. This is going to be a fun review for me because some of the exercises that these can do I've only been able to do at the gym or at a physical therapy...
  5. Hanks

    Phil Texted from the Course

    From golf.com Phil sent a text to Commish Finchem complainig about fans snapping pics of he and Bubba all the time...wonder if it was 'this sux, c u l8r?' DUBLIN, Ohio (AP) -- The biggest distraction Jack Nicklaus ever faced on the golf course was from a helicopter. It's an old story, but...
  6. Hanks

    Dual Eyewear SL2 Sunglasses Preview

    The latest arrivals to the NE office of THP are some truly different sunglasses from Dual Eyewear. These sunglasses are designed to help you see things more clearly via the reduction of image distortion, not through say, polarization. These sunglasses actually have almost a 'bi-focal effect'...
  7. Hanks

    Eyeline Golf Edge Putting Rail Preview

    Another item to arrive at the NE office of THP is a cool putting training aid from Eyeline Golf called the Edge Putting Rail. It's designed to promote a slight inside to inside putting arc. This is going to be fun to test out as my putting path isn't always a nice, consistent arc so this...
  8. Hanks

    Biofreeze & Thera-band Preview

    The latest package to the NE office of THP is an interesting array of products from Performance Health designed to help a golfers body. Included in the package were a Theraband FlexBar which is designed to strengthen your wrists in addition to treating tennis elbow issues, a Thereband Stretch...
  9. Hanks

    Butch Harmon About Golf DVD Review

    The latest arrival to the NE office of THP is an instructional DVD by one of the best golf coaches on the planet, Butch Harmon. It's a 2 disc cornucopia of instruction and fitness tips totaling almost 4 hours that comes with an instruction booklet too which acts like a summary sheet for both...
  10. Hanks

    Rosemark Golf Krutch 2 Putter Preview

    The latest arrivals to the NE office of THP for testing are two distinctly different putters from Rosemark Golf. The Krutch 2 putters came to me in 2 different sizes and the the concept behind them is interesting to say the least. You make a putting stroke with the putter anchored to your...
  11. Hanks

    Hanks' Morgan Cup Callaway Fitting

    Being fit for the right equipment is important for anyone's game and as a part of being a Callaway staffer for the Morgan Cup 2.0, I was fortunate enough to have a fitting done at 1 of 16 Callaway Perfomace Centers in the country. I went to the King of Prussia (KOP) location in Golf By Design...
  12. Hanks

    RIP Monkees Davy Jones

    Dude died today (66)......grew up watching the Monkees after school....he will be missed by a whole baby boomer generation of ladies
  13. Hanks

    2012 Kentwool Tour Socks Preview

    The latest arrival to the NE office of THP is refresh to the classic Kentwool Socks, colorful Kentwool Socks. If you've been around THP for a bit you know that I love Kentwool socks so imagine my surprise when these colorful guys showed up! Not only will my feet be super comfortable but...
  14. Hanks

    Transformers 4

    Just announced last night....Michael Bay will be back directing, scheduled for June 2014 release. I know some forum members are as 'Primed' as I am..... http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/20120214_ap_fourthtransformersshapesupforbaytodirect.html
  15. Hanks

    The River TV Show <Spoilers>

    Anyone anticipating this show as much as I am? Looks prety bad arse and it's another Spielberg production and is co-written by the producers of the Paranormal Activity films.
  16. Hanks

    Swing Wing Golf Inflatable Power Swing Trainer Training Aid

    The latest training aid to arrive at the NE office of THP is an interesting little number called the Inflatable Power Swing Trainer. It's a relatively simple device that's designed to build power, promote a full body turn, build a faster swing. These are certainly all things that can help a...
  17. Hanks

    Callaway Razr Fit Driver- Preview

    The latest package of goodies to arrive at the NE office of THP also had in it one of the newest driver offerings from Callaway....the Razr Fit. This one has my testing juices flowing already just looking at it. Callaway's entry into the world of driver adjustability? Yes please! Looking...
  18. Hanks

    Cobra AMP FW- Preview

    The latest package of goodies to arrive at the NE office of THP also included the latest FW offering from Cobra....the AMP FW. This one has my attention right out of the box due to it's unique color scheme and it's overall look. For the most part it's a predominantly gray club from club head to...
  19. Hanks

    Adams Golf Speedline Fast 12 FW- Preview

    The latest package of goodies to arrive at the NE office of THP included the latest FW offering from Adams Golf....the Speedline Fast 12. This one excites me quite a bit in that you can tell right away that there's a lot of technology packed into it. From the Velocity Slot Techology in the...
  20. Hanks

    Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 Fairway Woods - Preview

    The most recent arrivals to the NE office of THP come from Tour Edge, the XCG5 Fairway Woods. Tour Edge was kind enough to send 2 different versions of its 3w offerings, a standard 15* 3w and a not so standard 11.5* 3w+ That's not the only difference between these 2 #w's....they also have 2...

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