1. inthehole

    Worst Lie EVER - Lets have some pics of horrendous lies

    This was not what I was looking for when I approached the deep greenside bunker after pushing my approach. Oh well ... somehow managed to get some height on it & on the putting surface and managed a decent lag & ultimately 2 putted. Lets have some of your worst lies ...
  2. inthehole

    The Unusual/Weird Lie Thread

    Worst Lie EVER - Lets have some pics of horrendous lies Worst Lie EVER - Lets have some pics of horrendous lies This was not what I was looking for when I approached the deep greenside bunker after pushing my approach. Oh well ... somehow managed to get some height on it & on the putting...
  3. inthehole

    Golf Pride Cord Grip Set for dirt cheap - Chinese counterfits ?

    As we all know, there is no shortage of counterfit products coming from china ... price seems too good to be true. I'm not in a hurry to receive new grips so the delay involving ordering from China doesn't bother me, so I'm almost tempted to give it a shot ... thoughts ...
  4. inthehole

    How do you approach low running punch shots ?

    I've developed what I think is a great method for hitting low running line drive punch shots ... out of necessity for all the courses I play are tree lined mountain courses & I find myself under trees often. I use my lowest lofted iron (5i) and play the ball 6-10" BEHIND MY RIGHT FOOT...
  5. inthehole

    Club Fitting options ...

    I need a new driver... bad. In my area, as far as I know there are only two options for a fitting (Golfsmith/Golf Galaxy) or Golf Tec. My understanding is that Golf Galaxy will throw in the price for the fitting if you buy the club. I can't find ANYTHING on the Golf Tec site about this -...
  6. inthehole

    Best of the 2015 drivers ... recap

    Guys - I always buy my gear a year or two old, to save $$. I will try to get fit for a driver, but it's tough as often the stores don't have much 2015 stock left, only the new stuff. So, I would really like to hear from those of you much more in the know as to any 2014/2015 drivers that got...
  7. inthehole

    OK, is there ANY driver made today WITHOUT black coating on the face ?!?!??!?!

    EVERYTHING seems to come in black today (Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade, Cobra, Cleveland, Ping ... on down the line) - black gets so scratched & dinged up, looks terrible after a few rounds. I've had them & it really bothers me ... to the point where I probably won't buy a new club that has...
  8. inthehole

    4-5 foot putting absolutely killing me ... need advice on how you approach them

    I keep a detailed golf log & after reading it last couple seasons, it's evident the weakest part of my game is short putting. I typically read both sides of the putt, but it's uncanny how many 4-5 footers I miss. My lag putting has improved significantly and I'm fairly solid from 3 ft an...
  9. inthehole

    GOLFNOW.COM - I beg you ...

    ... bring back Old Tom Morris for 2016 !!! I loved those commercials ... "laddy, play it as it lies" and every commercial always ended in his Scottish accent "GO PLAY". If I see another golf dinosaur guy I'm going to send you a bill for a broken TV. It's 2016 fergodssake ... quit...
  10. inthehole

    Orlando, FL guys ... quick question

    I've got a 4 day trip with a few golfing buddies coming up in February in the Orlando area. We've rented a big townhouse in Champions Gate, FL. I'm a huge golfnow guy & there are a bunch of courses listed in the Orlando area (see below), but I'm shootin' totally blind. NOTE: The one...
  11. inthehole

    Holly Sonders - Martin Hall's faux pas

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rst7MVqW1Kg FFW to 17:30 ... listen closely - her "ooh" and head shake reaction is priceless. I think she's heard that line before - LOL
  12. inthehole

    Disturbing trend in cart bags lately ...

    .. my bag is a couple years old & I'm thinking about upgrading. What I've found is that ABSOLUTELY NONE of the manufacturers bags and the top non-mfg bags like Sun mountain, Ogio, etc make a bag with a side putter tube anymore. There are cheap bags, most notably RJ Sports that are all over...
  13. inthehole

    Counterbalanced putter trend ... thoughts ?

    I've always had trouble with a smooth takeaway with my putter swing. I gravitate towards slightly heavier putters. I finally messed around with a few 38" counterbalanced models - really like the feel of them. I put some time on all the current offerings from Odyssey, Taylormade and...
  14. inthehole

    Playing Lessons on TGC ... is Sara Brown expecting ??

    I've always been a Sara fan, but on last nights show, she looked like she put on a whole lot of weight & that golf shirt was waaaaay too tight based on her current appearance. Just curious ?
  15. inthehole

    Golfer's Tan: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

    only thing worse is pro golfers forehead ... need sunglasses when Patrick Reed takes off his ball cap.
  16. inthehole

    Tigers OWGR is 220 ... is his tour card in danger ?

    I don't know how the process works with retaining a tour card ... but with regard to world ranking ... is there a danger he will lose his tour card if he continues playing at his current rate and his OWGR doesn't markedly improve ? He will certainly have exemptions ... but I would like to...
  17. inthehole

    Best golf GPS app for a Droid phone ??

    There are so many GPS apps ... just wondering if there's a basic no frills GPS yardage app that is better than the others. Thx guys
  18. inthehole

    On a given scorecard, how do you record stats (GIR, # putts, etc)

    I've been told that I really need to start keeping key stats to determine my weaknesses, and what needs to be improved. I would like to hear how everyone keeps stats on their scorecard, such as GIR, # putts, etc. There's just not a lot of room to make such marks on a scorecard & I'd like...
  19. inthehole

    For those who've been hit by a ball ... lets have your story

    ... Going into my 5th year of playing (late bloomer) ... finally got hit. I was waiting to hit an approach shot and a ball came sailing over a small hill which separated the two fairways - guys never saw us & we wouldn't have even heard it if they yelled FORE due to the topography...
  20. inthehole

    Titleist ProV1 commercials

    Seems every ProV1 commercial shows a close up of a ball core being spun at high speed & some kind of a brightly colored high voltage electronic spark discharge is being applied to the ball - seems like a really odd manufacturing process (I'm an engineer, thus my curiousity). They love to show...

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