1. JR

    WTB Stock Callaway X-22 8 Iron

    Bit of a long shot, but if anyone has one of these laying around and doesn't mind parting with it, I'd love to buy it off of you. Walked off the course several years back without mine, and I'd like my set to be whole again, at least until I inevitably buy a new set of irons. Thanks!
  2. JR

    A return of one kind and another.

    Hi guys, I'm JR. If you've been here since 2013-ish, chances are you know me, or that failing, have forgotten interacting with me. I used to be pretty active. If you joined after that, you probably don't know me from Adam. Last time I was active I was a high school senior. Well, that came and...
  3. JR

    What Does Your Desktop Look Like?

    For some reason, I always love seeing what other peoples desktops look like. Sooooo, this is a thread to post a screencap of your current setup. (To screen cap, press the Prnt Scrn button on your keyboard, copy the image to MS Paint or similar, and upload the image.)
  4. JR

    Big Thanks to SharkHat!

    I washed my iPod Nano like a dumbarse the other day, and SharkHat sent me a his iPod Touch for the cost of shipping! Even threw in a case for it! The guy is top notch, thanks so much for this, my friend.
  5. JR

    Happy Birthday GolferGal!

  6. JR

    The Newsroom (HBO Series)

    This show starts tonight, and I am really excited about it. Anybody else gonna be watching?
  7. JR

    Cutter and Buck

    Anybody else love this brands lines? A little on the pricey side, but I own a pair of their tech fiber shorts, and compared to all other tech materials in pants and shorts I have tried, they are second to none. Probably gonna pick up a few more pairs this summer, but they sure are expensive.
  8. JR

    Non-Golf Shoes.

    Leaving here in a bit to go shoe shopping. Looking for a good pair of casual shoes that will last a good long time, but not break the bank. Huge fan of the Merrel Mocs line of shoes, anybody got any recommendations?
  9. JR

    (Weird, potentially gross thread alert.) Acne, How to Kill It?

    SO here is the deal: I am 18 years old and still have some pretty massive issues with acne, especially on my chest and jawline. I am sure there are some doctors on here somewhere (or heck, average joes with a little know-how) that can give me some advice. I have 3 months until college, and would...
  10. JR

    What do You Look Like?

    I find that, this being a primarily text based forum, I wonder what our members look like, so this is the thread for that. Help us put a name with a face by posting a picture of you, along with your real name if you wish. Name: Jacob Robertson
  11. JR

    WTB (Feeler Post): TM Burner Superfast 2.0, R9 460, or Superfast 1.0 driver

    Alright, THP, I need you to help me out. I have a very, very good friend who is without a driver, and has had his eyes set on one of the above drivers for quite a while now. I figured I would help him out, and I come to you guys. If you have one of the above drivers, in reg or stiff, and...
  12. JR

    JMan Rocks the House and Half the Neighborhood.

    So I post a thread, asking to buy a used, older model driver. I expected to fork over about 60 bucks for a 4-5 year old club. I then get a PM from James, asking if I would like a Nicklaus ML4, for free! I'm thinking "Well, it's probably the one that he tested, and has just found a better club...
  13. JR

    Meyers Briggs Test

    Anyone ever taken one of these. Pretty interesting. I have taken this one and a professional one and had the same results. What are you? http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp I am INFJ.
  14. JR

    WTB: Driver (Player Style)

    Alright guys, here is the deal. I am currently without a driver. I have tried big head, long shafts, and closed club faces, and none of it really worked that well. As such, I am looking for something different to experiment with. I seem to hit "player" drivers very well, on the whole, so I...
  15. JR

    Big and Tall Golf Clothing

    I am a big ole guy. Big enough that most companies don't carry my size in shorts and pants. Shirts are not as big of an issue (I am bottom heavy). I thought I would make this thread as a sort of reference guide for those looking for clothing with a little more.... cloth. Anyone can contribute...
  16. JR

    Bass Putters

    A few months ago I was treated to a view of one of this companies prototype putters. 303 SS and CNC milled, with a beautiful finish and face milling. I stopped by their store here in Fayette and was told that the models would be priced and available in a few weeks. They originally made softball...
  17. JR

    Any Lawyers?

    Just wondering if there are any lawyers on THP. I am STRONGLY considering a career in either criminal or corporate law and am wondering what your experiences have been? Are you glad you chose this career path? Any tips for my college career? What does your job really entail?
  18. JR

    FS: Near Mint Cleveland Classic Black Platinum #6 35"

    For sale is a Cleveland Classic Black Platinum #6. This putter is nearly flawless and has only been on the course twice. It was purchased new by me about a month ago. The only issue with the putter is a very small wear spot on the leading edge of the face, which is almost impossible to see from...
  19. JR

    Panama City Beach

    Alright, to all my Floridian THP'ers who have spent time or live in PCB, what is there to do? Planning a trip and want to make sure me and my friends stay amused all week. Do NOT say Pineapple Willies.
  20. JR

    Something Moderately Confusing Regarding Chiping Check

    Ummm.... Hmmmm. I just had a major WTF moment. Was upstairs, which is carpeted and allows for practice of short to medium length chip shots. Grabbed a few balls out of my bag, as follows: ProV1, ProV1x, Tour Balata 100, DT SoLo, B330 (older model) and a Wilson Maximum distance rock, which are 5...

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