1. tahoebum

    Bryson testing a new Cobra driver with long drive champ Kyle Berkshire

    A fun video of from Bryson's Youtube channel with him doing some speed training with Kyle Berkshire. Jump about 7 minutes in if you don't want to watch all 12 minutes.
  2. tahoebum

    Distance potential is determined by vertical jump

    I find this video very interesting and this data makes perfect sense to me. When I was in my early 20's(and longer) I had a 28" vertical jump and now it's more like 18". The longest PGA Tour hitters have a much larger vertical jump and the long drive champs are at another level. Obviously...
  3. tahoebum

    Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds

    I picked up a pair of the new Beats Fit Pro noise-canceling earbuds a few days ago, and so far, I'm impressed. They fit my ear more comfortably and way more securely than the Airpods Pro for things like running or other fitness workouts. They are true to the Beats sound, warmer and heavier on...
  4. tahoebum

    Bitcoin - Miami Mayor to take entire annual $97,000 salary in Bitcoin.

    I don't own any Bitcoin yet but it certainly is becoming a lot more mainstream. Would any of you be willing to get paid from your employer in Bitcoin? https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/miami-mayor-to-take-his-entire-salary-in-bitcoin-2021-11-04
  5. tahoebum

    PGA Tour Ban on green reading books

    It's been widely reported that the PGA Tour player advisory council has voted to ban green-reading books. It still has to go to a full vote to approve. What do you think? Do they contribute to slow play on the PGA Tour and/or for the rest of us? I'm not a fan of green-reading books or apps...
  6. tahoebum

    At home $13 Covid rapid test for those who are interested.

    You have to order them in two packs but now that we are starting cold and flu season, some of you may be interested in a test where you don't have to run into a pharmacy or your doctor. I currently have a sore throat/cold and my wife wanted me to test for Covid just because a lot of my symptoms...
  7. tahoebum

    Is wearing sunglasses a regional thing?

    I’ve been doing college tours with my youngest daughter since last Friday and I’ve observed a strange lack of sunglass wearers at Holy Cross, Boston College, and Boston University. We’ve had cloudless, beautiful, sunny days and these college tours were about 90 minutes outdoors during the...
  8. tahoebum

    2022 Masters Ticket Application process is open

    I got this today.
  9. tahoebum

    FS: Mavrik Irons with SteelFiber 95gram Stiff 1/2” long. $800 Shipped.

    One of my buddies at the club bought Callaway Mavrik irons last fall but has decided to go back to his old irons. They have about 20 rounds on them. I’ll get some better pics of the soles when I see him probably today. The set is 4-GW and 1/2” long and 1* upright. The GW for some reason...
  10. tahoebum

    Hottest cities ranked by heat index.

    Now that it’s almost summer, here’s a ranking of cities by heat index. I’m ready for some heat after the long MN winter! https://www.bertsperling.com/2013/07/02/sizzling-cities-ranked-our-new-heat-index/
  11. tahoebum

    Your Left Brain is a Lousy Golfer.

    This is an offshoot of the "Feel vs. Data" thread, and I thought it might deserve its own. I discovered in my 20's that the analytical(left) side of my brain could wreak havoc on my scores during a round and learned to shut that part of my brain off after all the preshot adjustments for lie...
  12. tahoebum

    Will Rangefinder use at the PGA Championship speed up play?

    I think that speeding up play is the intent of allowing rangefinders to be used at the PGA Championship in May. Will it? I agree with Morikowa that it likely won't help. I'm fine with them allowing rangefinders as they already have the yardages readily available from their caddy within...
  13. tahoebum

    NextGen TV - Free 4K broadcast TV expanding in 2021

    2021 will see NextGen TV(ATSC 3.0) expand to more markets - right now, about 23 markets have over the air 4k, and by the end of the year, it will be in almost 100 markets. I can't wait to watch sports like the Masters and football in 4k for free from an antenna. You will likely need an...
  14. tahoebum

    Apple Facebook Feud ramping up!

    This feud has been bubbling for a long time and Zuckerberg was in the news yesterday for his comments about Apple being one of Apple’s “biggest competitors” and Tim Cook has already responded, lol. Tim is a privacy advocate and now the soon to be released OS14 will include an app tracking...
  15. tahoebum

    General Motors changes their logo.

    It's not at all revolutionary but for me the new one will take some getting used to. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a35164431/general-motors-new-logo-revealed/
  16. tahoebum

    The Happiest Cities in America according to Men's Health.

    https://www.menshealth.com/health/a34919033/happiest-cities-in-america/ It strikes me as a bit strange that there are not many warm weather cities on this list. Also the only large (top 30 in metro population) cities in the top 10 list are Minneapolis and Denver. Agree or disagree with the...
  17. tahoebum

    Thanksgiving travel plans 2020

    AAA is forecasting car travel to be down about 10% over last year and air travel to be down about 50%. Automobile travel for Thanksgiving makes up over 90% of the total so overall travel is not down as much as I expected this year - about 50 million vs almost 60 million last year. Our family...
  18. tahoebum

    GMC Hummer EV with 1,000 HP and 3 seconds 0-60

    How will this latest electric truck sell?? Reservations are full for the intro model at about $115k! https://www.gmc.com/electric-truck/hummer-ev https://www.caranddriver.com/gmc/hummer-ev
  19. tahoebum

    New iPad Air that looks like the iPad Pro

    Apple is releasing this next month. I'm guessing sales will be brisk with all the telecommuting and online schooling. My college kids prefer the iPad Pro over a laptop for school especially for taking notes in class...
  20. tahoebum

    Diving into the world of blade putters after using mallets for decades...

    I was over at my sisters house early this week where she has lived in our dads house since he passed 5 years ago. His golf clubs were still in the garage so I decided to grab his old Ping putter circa 1965. He was a good putter as an 8 index at his peak and had the same Ping putter in his bag...

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