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    You changed to graphite shafts in your irons. Happy that you did it? Or not?

    I don't play quite as well over my old s300 shafts. But there aren't many ranges with grass, and those mats get me too not hit down and through the ball with iron shafts. it may also be the weight, I have a better feel with the steel at the top of my swing, even with the same swing weight. An...
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    painting the lofts on wedges - how?

    I have the Yokey black wedges 54 and 58, I've pulled the wrong one several times. the degrees are etched but hard for me to see. Was thinking of filling in the degrees with white so more visible - suggestions? What will last?
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    2021 Ford Bronco

    So are the prices going crazy? People are asking 80000+ for the fullsize near SF. flipping their bronco was surprising, but I guess some people want one at any cost. Me - I'm looking for mid 90s full size EB edition, I can put 15k in it and be happy.
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    Covid vaccine - what were your side effects?

    So for my Moderna booster it was not as bad as the second Moderna, just sore arm and a little fatigue. But my wife was knocked down by her Pfizer booster - with no reactions to the first two.
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    2021 Ford Bronco

    I looked at a new one, but the tow capacity won't pull my boat. Now to find a 1996 without rust.
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    Have you birdied every hole at your course?

    11 of 18 in the past year. The others are long par 4s and getting close from 175 out hasn't happened
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    Wear different cap while playing golf

    US Army logo hat for me - I have multiple varieties of ball cap style.
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    What's your nemesis shot?

    downhill lie hitting to an elevated green (50 ft up on a hill). 150 yards or so.
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    Magnet or Velcro Putter Cover

    I got an American flag motif at Amazon.
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    Golf while walking vs. cart

    I play better walking, I have more time to relax and plan next shot on the way to the ball. But riding a cart is ok except where mandatory and it's permanent cart path only. guess where ball is, carry 4 clubs to ball, back to cart and repeat. Some courses though are not very walkable, one had...
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    Trying to Break 80 Club

    Getting closer... Going to try 3/4 swing with more club when I don't feel confident. I keep trying to hit the ball when I'm worried on distance, which results in terrible things rather than just taking a smooth swing and playing to the outcome. Trying to keep my target focus has been a...
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    What is the reason to join a Country Club?

    check on reciprocal privileges - that usually allows you to play at similar level clubs. Closeness to get max usage is important, you can stop and use range or play a few holes in the evening. At that cost though you will have members that are similar in socioeconomic status - won't be many...
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    Will You Retire to a Golf Community?

    We thought about it but the HOA and their restrictions make it a no go. I need to be able to work on boat or RV when going on vacation.
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    Will You Retire to a Golf Community?

    Home Owners Association. Karens of the world in most cases
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    Par-3 Courses ...

    I miss the par 3s in SCAL - several had lights for night play.
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    I Hate Thieves

    For anything valuable I get it delivered to a location that will hold it and not release without a photo id. If Amazon to a locker. Or I find a local retailer if we won't be home.
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    I Hate Thieves

    Except in California.... they get a ticket. maybe.
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    Whats your bad golf habit you are trying to break?

    swinging too fast. I get anxious and quick.
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    Early morning golf...the right time to bring beginners out?

    So at our course in Mississippi they would allow first timers - especially kids to tee off on the back nine early in the morning. That way by the time they got through nine holes they were ready to go home.

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