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    painting the lofts on wedges - how?

    I have the Yokey black wedges 54 and 58, I've pulled the wrong one several times. the degrees are etched but hard for me to see. Was thinking of filling in the degrees with white so more visible - suggestions? What will last?
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    Attempted theft on golf course - watch your valuables!

    I have been heeding the warnings about not leaving valuables in your vehicle while golfing. Yesterday was a new low for our group. While playing a public course near San Francisco, one of the foursomes had a teen jump in their cart and take off across the golf course heading for a property...
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    Should the US Opens be at a private or a public course?

    It seems there are plenty of courses that can host an Open. My vote is for public course - if golf is trying to be more inclusive, why would you have the open at a club that is so expensive that only a select few can afford to join (i.e. Olympic is 100k+ to join, then about 20K/year). I think...
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    Swing speed varying from 75 - 89 mph at Golfmart.

    Wakeup call for me - I believe the numbers as I get a few good drives in a round (220 carry?) but several that don't go very good. So I don't think it's equipment, it's me. I don't believe the efficiency numbers they showed, seems it was 1.45 majority of time. During testing, fitting, or a...
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    Need wide - 4e golf shoe for walking

    My foot joys are fine for riding in a cart but not so great walking. Any recommendations? Do the spikeless work ok? will be using a push cart, usually dry here in California.
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    Are you better at another sport than Golf? Would you trade that ability to improve your golf score?

    I'm a much better bowler than a golfer, having won some state events and awards, done well in tournaments. But I enjoy golf as the shots are always changing, you are outside - and I get an opportunity to socialize with more people. I'd give up 20-30 pins on my average if I could drop my...
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    Senior club having a 5 club plus putter game. What would you play with? And why?

    3 wood as that gets me to iron distance on all the par 4s. Then it gets harder. 175 - 195 3 hybrid 140 - 165 5 iron 120 - 140 7 iron 100 and in gap wedge. Though I'm thinking sand wedge (max 90), 9 iron, 6 iron, 4 iron, 3 wood. then try for up and down from 65 yards if I can't get to the...
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    Do you die the ball in the hole or try for a distance past the hole? Do you change if it's uphill or downhill?

    I used to die the ball in the hole, but with the volcanos around the hole caused by reuse on our dormant greens, that isn't working. Trying to see if 18" past will work better.
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    Covid vaccine - what were your side effects?

    Just a thread to share what side effects you encountered, if any. Not how you feel about the politics of this whole mess. Mine - Moderna vaccine, I'm 68 and work at dental office. First shot - Got it on a Thursday, sore arm. Friday night tender enough I couldn't sleep on on it. Saturday...
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    3 wood issues hitting off short grass

    Hitting with grass under ball so it's sitting up, or off a 1/2 inch tee I can hit the ball well and even have a slight draw. But off mostly dormant bermuda or no grass, I really struggle to get clean contact, either a little fat or hitting with the sole. I struggle off the range mats so I do...
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    How often do you need to practice/play per week to play your best?

    I'm playing once or twice a week, and practicing at the range/putting green/bunkers at least once a week. How often do you play and practice compared to the improvement in your score? My current results seem to be I can't get all three working in a round (putting, short game, full shots).
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    Golf cart use - did you modify as a single rider?

    I was thinking of getting a cart bag, but since it's only a single person in each cart I just use both sides for all my stuff - tees, balls, drinks, range finder snacks. Before I'd only put the bare necessities up front, but seems I expanded to use all space available. I don't use bag for...
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    Dormant greens - rotating hole locations

    Local golf course lets greens go dormant, has several hole locations each green. One active with flag, the others have plastic caps. Do you have similar at your course? The holes are getting a volcano effect after they get used a few times. Second question - if one of the caps is in your...
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    Northern California or Central Valley courses? Looking for 60$ or so, nice tracks

    I enjoy the reserve at Spanos Park and it's pretty reasonable. Retired so can play during the week. But not many of my friends play so not much first hand knowledge. What's your favorite - and why? Mine so far is Reserve at Spanos Park - easy to get to, has water and doglegs, seems to be in...
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    How to play a par3 with a fast green and side slope?

    The hole drives me crazy. Has a slope from right to left. Not really any flat spots where they put the flag. If I hit the ball right of the hole, it might stop, but half the time rolls off the green. hit it left and it's going off the green for sure. tried leaving an uphill putt/chip, but...
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    Your best father/son or daughter golf tournament experience?

    After watching the PNC today. Playing with my Dad in a father son tournament while home on leave from Germany. Playing a scramble format, the other three hit poor drives. My Dad said get it in play, told my Dad I got this, took a real rip and drove the green on the first hole. The look he...
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    do the carts at your course have USB outlets?

    Noticed people worried about battery drain on phone from apps. I noticed carts at my course have USB outlets so I keep a cord to charge phone. Another person in our group has a heated coffee cup that he plugs in. Does your course have chargers, and what do people plug into it?
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    uphill lie on a slope to green - club adjustment???

    From my techie backgound,,, If it's a 10 degree slope up to the green, and I'm on the slope with adjusted distance of 60 yards. if on the flats I hit a 54 degree wedge 60 yards with a half swing, I would guess I should hit my 44 degree club with the same swing, setting shoulders parallel to...
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    Nice smooth swings interspersed with attempts to crush it

    So after returning to golf I find I hit some shots great, but then I also swing either too hard, or decelerate through the ball. Doesn't matter what club - irons or woods. If I try to swing easy when taking an extra club, I decelerate. Any drills or advice on how to have a consistent swing...
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    Returning to regular golf after 15 years

    Playing in East Bay near San Francisco. Gave up golf after the horrendous commutes here and looong rounds on weekends. Retired so can play during week.Crowded, given the multiple course closures and people wanting to get out. Enjoying forum, lots of information here!

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