1. fupresti

    2021 Open Championship Contest and Thread

    I hope Cobra drops his ass. His comments could conceivable cost hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in company value. I know how much effort goes to accommodate his goofy ass and he clearly has no clue how to be a brand ambassador.
  2. fupresti

    Arizona vs Texas A Call Out Thread: Fixin to Drunk Post

    I’m not gonna sit here and let my state be shamed by Eastern California. If AZ needs me, I’m in
  3. fupresti

    Golf Continues to Surge

    Once COVID restrictions end and summer camps and youth leagues and vacations start again I am pretty confident rounds will start decreasing.
  4. fupresti

    2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

    In Arizona there are also some benefits. My car registration for 5 years was only $80.00 total and in addition I can utilize the HOV lane on all interstates. In addition, my workplace has level 2 chargers so I rarely have to pay to charge my Tesla.
  5. fupresti

    2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

    I averaged $50.00 a week in fuel for my Lincoln SUV. I pay approx. $6.00 in electricity costs to charge my Tesla. While the upfront pricing is higher versus a comparable ICE vehicle, long term you are saving a fair bit.
  6. fupresti

    2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

    It will likely include an adaptor to allow you to charge at a higher rate on a 40a-60a circuit.
  7. fupresti

    2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

    Level 3 chargers can realistically fill a battery in less then 30 minutes.
  8. fupresti

    2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

    The estimated wh/mi of this thing is atrocious. I think it will sell well no doubt but this is why you develop a design around your chassis instead of shoehorning EV architecture into a legacy chassis.
  9. fupresti

    The Official Banter Away Thread

    what’s in September?
  10. fupresti

    The Official Banter Away Thread

    Your kid is freaking adorable. More mashed potatoes please.
  11. fupresti

    The Official Banter Away Thread

    Hi guys. Been awhile.
  12. fupresti

    2021 Round Count Thread

    After today I’m at 1
  13. fupresti

    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Played my first round of golf in 2021, and my first round since September. Shot a 78
  14. fupresti

    Bridgestone Partners with PopStroke

    Looks like this idea just got some legs. https://golf.com/news/tiger-woods-expanding-mini-golf-venture-across-us/
  15. fupresti

    If They Moved The Masters

    I think people seem to be underestimating the DGAF policy at ANGC. Funny how the media isn't asking Bill Gates to give up his membership though.
  16. fupresti

    If They Moved The Masters

    Remember when Martha Burk tried to get the Masters cancelled over their women's membership policy and Augusta National just decided to go commercial free instead of having their corporate sponsors take any heat? Actually, yeah I hope woke social media gets what they want and we get another...
  17. fupresti

    The Car Shopping Thread

    I absolutely loved my MKC and if I hadn't bought my Model Y I would have gotten a Corsair.

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