1. jmix18

    What's next for your home/garage simulator?

    I've had my home/garage sim for a year now and I continue to look at ways to upgrade it. It is a DIY build as a found a steal of a deal last winter and couldn't resist the purchase. I'm currently sporting the Skytrak for the sim, Fiberbuilt mat, DIY screen setup, and some faux grass turf that...
  2. jmix18

    Volleyball - club or school

    Volleyball has taken over my house. I'm sitting here watching Nebraska take on MN in Volleyball. My oldest daughter just finished her volleyball season and she has club tryouts tomorrow (Sunday), Monday and Thursday this week. And my youngest is trying to figure out how big she'll be so she...
  3. jmix18

    THP's "unwritten rules"

    What are THP's unwritten rules? Things we all should know but won't find out until we break them... We all know, and that it's written many times to "not be a Richard" on THP. However, in every organization, there are unwritten rules that everyone knows or learns through time. Like in...
  4. jmix18

    Why do you THP?

    My wife and I were talking last night about THP and what I believe are all the great things found here. She thinks I'm "obsessed" (said with her smirky grin) as I check the forum on the reg. But she asked a legit question - "Why do you THP? What is it about THP that makes you want/need to...
  5. jmix18

    2021 Club Championships

    Who's got club championships coming up? Let's talk about it and share the details. If you already had yours - how'd it go, how did you do, and what are your thoughts?
  6. jmix18

    DECADE Golf - What do you know or think about it? And do you use it?

    Was listening to a podcast the other day that had Scott Fawcett talking about his course management system called DECADE. Maybe I'm slow to the party here but it's a pretty straightforward idea - and the fact that he works with Zalatoris and Bryson made it even more interesting. Who here...
  7. jmix18

    WTB KBS Tour 120 shafts with .370 Parallel tip

    Looking to get my hands on some KBS Tour 120 stiff shafts with .370 parallel tips or something similar.
  8. jmix18

    WTB: Shafts comparable to Project X LZ steel 6.0 at 120 grams

    Looking to see what may be out there for used shafts comparable to Project X LZ steel 6.0 at 120 gram with a .370 tip. 4-PW. Thanks.
  9. jmix18

    The Match - THP Version

    If THP were to host a version of The Match - who would you want to see play? If you could set the sides who would you pair together?
  10. jmix18

    Listen to one artist the rest of your life? Who would it be?

    I've sat at work today and the entire time had Dave Matthews playing. From the band to himself solo... either way - it never gets old to me. If you had to choose one artist/musician/band that you would only be able to listen to the rest of your life - what/who would it be? For me and my...
  11. jmix18

    Phil - "Hit Bombs!"

    Might be the best video in a long time... Just hit 💣's
  12. jmix18

    Breaking... 100, 90, 80, Par - What are the keys?

    I see many threads out there about breaking score barriers - all of which I've passed through - except shooting a full 18 under par... yet. As I think about the scoring journey what do you feel the key elements are to break certain scoring barriers? 100? 90? 80? Break Par?
  13. jmix18

    Arccos Sensors

    Anyone had any issues with the sensors dying out quickly? I purchased my Arccos Sensors and Link in early April. Have played many rounds with them and really like the data that I get. However I recently noticed that I'm missing many many shots and it seemed as though it was the same...
  14. jmix18

    COVID Pandemic - How has it impacted you?

    With what seems like things winding down a bit (knock on wood) in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic (States opening up, mask mandates being lifted, vaccines increasing) - looking back how has it impacted you overall? I remember talking with one of my teachers in Feb '20 about what we were...
  15. jmix18

    Golf game concentration

    I’m finding I’m having a hard time fully concentrating when out playing lately…. Like I’m almost not interested (😳). League is “meh”, match play tourney was “meh”…. And even playing with my normal group is “Meh” lately…. What gives? when you’re in a funk - what have you done to get yourself...
  16. jmix18

    What’s your current or preferred ball flight?

    What’s your preferred shot - straight ball, fade (big or baby), or draw (big or baby)? How did you come to figure that out? Why is it best for you?
  17. jmix18

    When do you play your best?

    I love going out and golfing with my family. It’s been fun watching my daughters games grow as well as my wife’s game get better the more we’ve played. However I always find myself playing poorly when we’re all together versus other times when I’m out with buddies or even walking the course...
  18. jmix18

    A-Rod buying Timberwolves

    News reports came out last night - confirmed by family close to the owner Glen Taylor that A-Rod and Marc Lore intend to buy the Timberwolves and Lynx. It’ll be interesting to see how this works out.
  19. jmix18

    Your best golfing experience?

    What's the best golf experience you've ever had.... or that the one that sticks in your mind? Could be a father/son/daughter deal. Or winning a tourney. Or something else. Why does it continue to stick with you and why was it so important?
  20. jmix18

    NCAA Tournament Inequalities

    If you haven't seen the inequalities between the mens and women's NCAA Tournament setups you really should take a look. Here's a good overview of it: https://nowthisnews.com/news/ncaa-gets-dragged-for-glaring-inequality-between-womens-mens-basketball-tournaments I vent on here because I live...

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