1. Gus R

    Any TM Tour Response golf ball reviews?

    Been looking for a mid price ball that plays well for a slower swinging player that has some bite around the greens and off the irons. I used to play TMs mid price urethane balls and just wondering if this ball fills that spot well. Thanks for any response.
  2. Gus R

    Shooting par with no birdies??

    I got to thinking about this and just wondered if anyone here has ever shot even par with no birdies and obvious no other score except par. I know I have not and don't ever remember coming even coming close. 18 pars just seems extremely difficult for me to grasp. I wonder what the odds are in...
  3. Gus R

    Swingspeed radar and tempo trainer help

    I saw this on another forum and wondered if somebody here has used this to help either their swing speed or their tempo. I use to have a tempo trainer back about 12 years ago and lost it in a move. I was wondering how this unit works and how it picks up the club head speed and tempo. The unit I...
  4. Gus R

    Precept IQ 180 lady plus. Big thanks to GolferGal

    This is a shout out to Golfer Gal for her bringing this ball to my attention. My wife who is a pretty good golfer has been playing a Callaway HX Pearl for the last few years. Last year Callaway decided to obsolete this ball. So when I saw the review on the Precept ball I PM'd Golfer Gal to see...
  5. Gus R

    Newbie from Oregon

    Hi, I currently live in Oregon, but grew up in upstate New York. I have been playing golf since the early 1960's. Handicap has been from 5.0 to 17 over the years. I have been posting on golf forums for about 10 years and found this one when I was searching for information on Bridgestone B330...

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