1. UberPete

    Pimp My Push Cart

    My clickgear has the shoe cleaner attachment, the extended umbrella holder, the cup holder and I’ve also added a cell phone holder (I use Arccos for scoring and distances).
  2. UberPete

    CONTEST They Win! You Win! Sponsored by Super Stroke

    I’m happy with my current grips but thanks for the contest!
  3. UberPete

    For Sale Arccos Caddie Sensors (3rd gen) BNIB

    Both sold. please lock thread
  4. UberPete

    For Sale Arccos Caddie Sensors (3rd gen) BNIB

    Hi folks, I have two sets of brand new (never used) Arccos Caddie smart sensors. This is the set of 14 sensors and includes the first year subscription. Arccos sells then for $219 Canadian plus shipping and taxes which came to about $270 Canadian ($215 USD) I am selling them for $175...
  5. UberPete

    2021 Open Championship Contest and Thread

    Add me to the John Rahm club
  6. UberPete

    Arccos In-Play Issues with Link

    I have had this exact problem a couple times. I have not found any way to reconnect to the link, after you select the change to phone option. I emailed and received no response. This is disturbing as they have responded to other questions. The only thing I will mention here is the next...
  7. UberPete

    How Walkable is Your Course?

    My home course has three nines. One is aptly named, "the Hills." I have a push vart and walk my rounds but the Hills can be a bit of a trial on the hot days.
  8. UberPete

    What club are you looking to replace next?

    For me, it's a gap wedge. I need something between my Sand wedge and my pitching wedge. I have a 40 yard gap between them. After that, I am giving serious consideration to the Calloway Big Bertha B21 driver...
  9. UberPete

    Covid vaccine - what were your side effects?

    My wife and I just had our second Pfizer shots. She felt crappy the next day (mild fever, achey, headache). Conversely, I didn't even have a sore arm. 🤔 So who knows. Maybe I got lucky or integrated it more readily. Maybe I just got saline, or perhaps she has a more active defense system...
  10. UberPete

    The Official 2020 - 2021 NHL and Everything Hockey Thread

    Leafs lost game 5 to the Canadiens on a give away in overtime. The only good thing about that is that game 6 will actually have 2500 fans in the stands. I can't imagine what those tickets will be re-selling for...
  11. UberPete

    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Played 9 before work, booked a round for next weekend and a little THP!
  12. UberPete

    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Nice long weekend here. 18 a day for three days and then 9 before work today!
  13. UberPete

    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Ontario golfing is open again!!! I got out for 18. This was also the first round I have had since picking up Arccos from a member here. It will take me a couple rounds to get into the routine, and they have a warning that they are upgrading their site so it's a bit limited functionality for...
  14. UberPete

    The affects of on course "negative" attitude.

    My teenaged son is athletic and competitive in a variety of sports. While this gives him drive to improve, it is also a big source of frustration for him as he learn golf and struggles with inconsistencies or problems he can't readily fix. I remind him of PGA players that have bad holes...
  15. UberPete

    THP Regional Callout - Ontario Area

    Looks like we could have a foursome!
  16. UberPete

    THP Regional Callout - Ontario Area

    Here's a clip from a Globe and Mail article this evening. sounds promising!
  17. UberPete

    What are you drinking?

    Is it at the LCBO? Our local beer store didn't have it.
  18. UberPete

    Gas Prices: What are you paying?

    I filled up at Costco a few days ago in Hamilton, ON. Converting exchange and to US gallons, it was $3.75/gal We are slowly trending up with annual carbon tax increases through 2030...
  19. UberPete

    The Grint

    Hopefully it was a temporary for you. I just went and checked and my approach proximity stats are showing in the App.
  20. UberPete

    What are you drinking?

    I'll have to give this one a try.

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