1. HarlettoScara

    EXPERIENCE The 2022 Morgan Cup: Sponsored by Cobra Golf

    Going to be so awesome to see the teams building and get the camaraderie going. Can't wait!
  2. HarlettoScara

    2022 Cobra LTD Drivers and Fairways

    I am fully expecting the new Big Tour to take a firm seat in my bag...
  3. HarlettoScara

    What's the best brand logo in Golf?

    I'm completely biased I know, but I love the Cobra logo. Have also had a real fodness for the Callaway font and logo as well, just think it looks classy and quality.
  4. HarlettoScara

    Alt Shot Hole-in-One

    Even though there's a 3 on the scorecard, I'm claiming that as a HIO every day of the week. Team score might be 3, but I've stepped up to the tee box, hit it once and it's gone in. Personal hole in one without a doubt.
  5. HarlettoScara

    echico's Cabo adventure

    As someone who hasn't seen the sunshine for a good couple of months, this thread is both heartbreaking and incredible at the same time. Absolutely love it @echico , thanks for the updates here - those courses look unreal!
  6. HarlettoScara

    Big trips next year?

    We'll be there Doug, just trying to finalise things with the old boy. Going to be great to finally make it happen.
  7. HarlettoScara

    2022 Cobra LTD Drivers and Fairways

    Did you try the Radspeed at all? From memory you play the Sub Zero? The standard Rad would probably be a good fit for you I think.
  8. HarlettoScara

    Pace - Preffered and effect on your sanity, enjoyment, and score. +Poll

    If I'm walking with my usual group then we generally get finished in a little over 2 and a half hours, and that doesn't feel like rushing particularly. Anything over 3 and a half hours is far too long to play 18 in my opinion, but I am generally a pretty quick player. Rounds on holiday are a...
  9. HarlettoScara

    2022 Cobra LTD Drivers and Fairways

    Oh hello....!! Those look absolutely incredible, excitement is real! Peacoat/Red coming back, and the LS looks like it could be right in my sights already. This is going to be a huge year for Cobra.
  10. HarlettoScara

    Are you an average golfer for your age?

    I'm the same, 30% of male golfers with a handicap of 9.9 or better? Not sure I'm agreeing with that.
  11. HarlettoScara

    Leave your ego at the door... what would your shoot...

    I'd not be breaking 100, and not even close. The length is on thing, but the greens would be the killer. A decent caddy giving the lines and reads on the green would shave a few strokes off but it would still be a long day. And the best day ever.
  12. HarlettoScara

    Hardest shot you hate?

    Add me to that list as well, I have absolutely no idea how to hit that shot. Fairway bunkers I'm fine with when there is no expectation of anything other than getting out. Greenside bunkers I'm pretty decent at, but those mid length shots to get to a green are just a complete mystery to me.
  13. HarlettoScara

    2022: Golf Goals

    First and most importantly is be able to make it over the pond in October, too many false starts so that is my one priority. Other than that, play much more consistent golf. Lessons once a month and a couple of range sessions a week. Work much more on ball striking and short game. And lose...
  14. HarlettoScara

    Saddest shot in golf

    I know that shot well, usually later on in the year when the sun is quite low. Ball sets off like a rocket straight down the pipe towards the green and just disappears forever. Frustrating as hell.
  15. HarlettoScara

    how jekyll and hyde is your game?

    Mine always has been, due to a particularly erratic tee game. On the plus side, my recovery from adjacent fairways is usually pretty tight!
  16. HarlettoScara

    EXPERIENCE The 2022 Morgan Cup: Sponsored by Cobra Golf

    Nailed it, the Radspeed plays second fiddle to nobody in my opinion.
  17. HarlettoScara

    EXPERIENCE The 2022 Morgan Cup: Sponsored by Cobra Golf

    There will be no 3peat...2022 is the year of the Hackers!
  18. HarlettoScara

    Tony Bennett

    I've not seen it, but I'll give it a watch on the YouTube. Saw Tony Bennett play many many years ago at the Glastonbury festival, and he was absolutely superb.
  19. HarlettoScara

    NOW OPEN: The 2021 Holiday Secret Gift Exchange

    I absolutely love watching these arrive, one of my favourite threads of the year, so much awesomeness by so many awesome people!
  20. HarlettoScara

    Going To The Open!

    That is so cool! You'll have a great time, not just with the golf but the atmosphere around St Andrews is always incredible around Open time.

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