1. baylrballa

    The Rivalry with UST Mamiya

    Apparel to match your driver shaft. That's some next level ish right there. 👍
  2. baylrballa

    Putter shaft: Do you care?

  3. baylrballa

    EXPERIENCE 2021 Grandaddy of Em All with Callaway Golf

    I would train like I've never train before for this moment.
  4. baylrballa

    EXPERIENCE The 2022 Morgan Cup: Sponsored by Cobra Golf

    Unless someone steals it. But, what kind of monster would steal equipment like that?;)
  5. baylrballa

    What is the Victory Cup Sponsored By Mizuno

    Team Mizuno Team Mizdos
  6. baylrballa

    Whiskey Thread

    depends on which one.
  7. baylrballa

    I give up, I need help picking my wedges.

    was going to say exactly this. (y)
  8. baylrballa

    How To Install a Putter Grip

    almost exact same process. Just a table vice and rolling paint brush drip tray rather than the fancy set up though. tape seam on bottom though, for no other reason besides mental. Also will plug a tee in the butt of the grip when filling to try to keep the hands as solvent free as possible...
  9. baylrballa

    NOW OPEN: The 2021 Holiday Secret Gift Exchange

    I'm not sure I have fancy enough stuff to put in a picture to throw people off.
  10. baylrballa

    2021-2022 College Football Thread

    why is Venables to OU not done and dusted? what is going on?
  11. baylrballa

    ANNOUNCEMENT Looking For Testers: Blast Motion Golf

  12. baylrballa

    Odyssey Small Batch

    man I don't get what they are doing with these small batch offerings, but obviously someone out there does.
  13. baylrballa

    Vinyl Collectors?

    I'm a big sucker for some of the color variants. needs to get some photos of them put together like this. That's cool. (y)
  14. baylrballa

    SWAG Putters Thread

  15. baylrballa

    SWAG Putters Thread

    Looks like ~1100 mystery boxes? If my count is right. :oops:
  16. baylrballa

    SWAG Putters Thread

    The cocktails mallet is pretty sweet
  17. baylrballa

    SWAG Putters Thread

  18. baylrballa

    Are you an indecisive golfer?

    Nope. Well, maybe sometimes. I'm not sure. :unsure:

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