1. braveheart

    RIP William Smith

    The photo in my profile was this wonderful actor who played the heavy or villain in so many movies and on TV passed away in July. His presence in all of the them, made them better. This scene was my personal favorite.
  2. braveheart

    FS: Callaway Epic Flash

    Callaway Epic Flash 10.5 degree driver, Project X Evenflow 6.0 stiff 55 gram shaft, Golf Pride MCC Align std. grip Headcover, tool, very good shape $200 CONUS. Trade interests are for a 3 iron equivalent driving iron preferably with graphite shaft (Steelfiber or Recoil 95 or above) or maybe Ping...
  3. braveheart

    FS: Callaway Epic Flash driver

    Callaway Epic Flash 10.5 degree driver, Project X Evenflow 6.0 stiff 55 gram shaft, Golf Pride MCC Align std. grip Headcover, tool, very good shape $200 CONUS. No longer interested in any trades.SOLD Fir
  4. braveheart

    RIP Brian Dennehy

    Brian Dennehy, one of the finest character actors of all time has died. He was in so many films and plays, it’s just too much to list. He made all of them better with his presence.
  5. braveheart

    Back foot slipping on driver swing

    My friends and I have noticed that my back foot slips back behind me at or after impact. Seems to happen the most when using a driver. I setup in a closed stance, back foot turned out, quick tempo, short backswing and I know I use too much arms and not turn well. I actually have pain and...
  6. braveheart

    Vibration dampening inserts

    Can anyone tell me of their experiences with dampening inserts? I have arthritis in my fingers. I have tried some grips that seem to help but was wondering if these work well enough to at least try try them before I make the switch to using graphite shafts in my irons.
  7. braveheart

    FT: Ping Crossover or G30 3W for 7 wood

    I am looking for a 7 wood stiff flex, preferably with heavier than 70 gram shaft. I have these two clubs to pick from: 1. Ping G Crossover 3 iron, Ping Alta 70 stiff flex, stock grip, good condition. 2. Ping G30 14.5 degree, Grafalloy Prolaunch Axis 60S, stiff flex, white UST Mamiya midsize...
  8. braveheart

    Early season swing

    Freddie, Please feel free to critique. Appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6p2wz5U9VQ Mike
  9. braveheart

    FS: Callaway X Hot Pro Deep 14.5

    Callaway X Hot Pro Deep 14.5 degree Project X 6.0 stiff flex, stock grip, head cover, excellent condition. $95 OBO shipped CONUS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. braveheart

    Setup for flexibility challenged

    Freddie, I see in many of your replies that you advocate a back foot perpendicular to the target line and keeping flex in your back knee on the back swing. Does that not limit the amount of turn into and back swing and make it easier to come over the top? Especially if you lack the flexibility...
  11. braveheart

    Mongo Smash is a big hit with me!

    In my first buy on this site I got a set of beautiful irons from this gentleman. His communication, speedy delivery of an excellent set of irons deserves big kudos. I also have to say I am very pleased with the information and feedback in other threads on other forums here that led me to my...
  12. braveheart

    Interlock grip better?

    I am right handed, large thumbs with short fingers (if I wore a glove its a cadet/large). I currently use an overlap grip. The issue is that my right hand tends to come off the grip during the follow through or has moved off to the side of the left thumb. I never see this on any pros finished...
  13. braveheart

    Cobra S2 vs Cleveland CG7

    I have narrowed down my choice of a new set of irons to these two. I am looking to use a light weight steel shaft this year. I have hit the CG7 with some kind of Cleveland True Temper Action Lite type shaft and they feel nice. I am waiting to hit the S2s with Nippon 1030H shafts. I have hit S9s...
  14. braveheart

    Hi from Hamden, CT

    My name is Mike and I have been playing golf for 5 years. I usually find a way to play every month of the year but the snow this year shut me out in January and its still on the ground now. I got down to Port St. Lucie, FLorida to play this past week though. I look forward to reading and...

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