1. zoveracker

    4 or 3 (swivel) Wheel

    I use a 2 wheel push cart and it works great. But my vote would be 3 wheeled for your purpose
  2. zoveracker

    Your wedge setup: why?

    I play with a guy that plays the same way. He can take a 52* wedge that he ground himself and do things that I can’t with my 58*
  3. zoveracker

    From private sector to Federal goverment, WWYD?

    A a taxpayer myself, I love that this is an actual option to burn my tax dollars as quickly as possible. Good luck and do what makes you happy!
  4. zoveracker

    Do you actively read putts as they pass the hole?

    I get a rough guideline on what it will do. But I try to think about how the speed of the comeback putt will change the break.
  5. zoveracker

    Favorite Tour Player Not in the Top 50

    Tiger even though he is an honorary #1 golfer in the world for life. Harry Higgs would be my real active golfer choice
  6. zoveracker

    Pace - Preffered and effect on your sanity, enjoyment, and score. +Poll

    The pace of play has gotten so bad that I have started just walking in the late afternoon after the last tee time has went off at 3:45pm. If I walk 10-12 holes I play more golf(playing multiple balls) that I play in 18 holes on a cart. In a cart, anything less than 4 hours seems to be a lucky break
  7. zoveracker

    Do you talk to your equipment?

    No sane person speaks to their clubs, since the ball is the only thing that hears your commands.
  8. zoveracker

    Does Color Influence You?

    The only club color I care about is the driver crown. I want it to be black with little decoration. For some reason I do not mind colors on the rest of my clubs.
  9. zoveracker

    Do You Talk About Your Equipment?

    I love talking about equipment in general on THP and in the pro shop.
  10. zoveracker

    Why aren't there more left handed golfers on tour?

    I’m not really sure if left handed people should even be allowed to play on tour. I read somewhere that left handed people are 200% more likely to be evil. Seriously, I think it is because until recently parents normally made their kids play right handed in golf.
  11. zoveracker

    Favorite Unique Putter Shape?

    I am partial to the original Ghost Spider since I played it exclusively up until this year.
  12. zoveracker

    Favorite Unique Putter Shape?

    That putter looks terrifying for a mallet user
  13. zoveracker

    ANNOUNCEMENT Looking For Testers: Blast Motion Golf

    1. Do You Work On Your Game? I work on some part of my game every day 2. Biggest Weakness right now? Consistency in all parts of my game. I can effectively hit the shots but I can not be consistent through a whole round 3. Did you listen to Off Course with Blast Motion two weeks ago? I listen...
  14. zoveracker

    What's the best brand logo in Golf?

    I like the Puma, Mizuno, and Honma logo in that order
  15. zoveracker

    Have you attended the "GO TO" things in your area

    I live in a county with only 15,000 people so there is not many things to do in general. I live about 2 hours outside of Atlanta but only go to that place when necessary.
  16. zoveracker

    The Official Tiger Woods Thread

    Tiger would not come back if he didn’t believe he was capable of elite play. He will come back and get #83 within 2 years. This interview made me happier than is acceptable for a non-child
  17. zoveracker

    2022 Cobra LTD Drivers and Fairways

    Ironic for the 1 person that is guaranteed a full bag of the new Cobra stuff to be jealous!! Haha
  18. zoveracker

    Review Paderson Kinetixx Ballistic Iron Shafts

    They seem really cool but not sure if I could stomach $90 a shaft. The tech behind them seems amazing
  19. zoveracker

    What is the best swing solution you have ever figured out - on your own?

    I stopped worrying about how my arms looked on the back and downswing. I should only focus on rotating my hips correctly and everything else will come instinctively. This absolutely changed my driving overnight
  20. zoveracker

    WITB - ryang13

    Nice set up. Thanks for your service in Afghanistan!

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