1. zoveracker

    WTB Regular flex driver shaft for Dad

    I am giving my Dad my old driver which currently has an ADDI shaft which I will definitely not be leaving in the head. Do any of you Albatross members have a regular flex driver shaft that you will sell for cheap? I do not care what brand it is as long as it is regular flex. Thanks a lot!
  2. zoveracker

    WTB WTB Diamana Blueboard/S+

    I am looking for a Diamana Blueboard / S+ to go in my fairway wood. I would need it at 42in minimum. Please Albatross members or sellers with a trading history.
  3. zoveracker

    Golf in NE Georgia on July 5th

    Does any THPer want to meet in Commerce, Ga for a round of golf at 7:35am on July 5th? If so, if you travel out I will pay for your round at the public course that I am a member of.
  4. zoveracker

    John Catlin under the radar?

    If you guys watch the European Tour, you have probably heard of the American John Catlin who has won 3 times now on the Euro tour. Is there a reason he only plays on the Euro tour and do you think we will be seeing him stateside soon?
  5. zoveracker

    Club fitter in Cleveland, Ohio

    Does anyone know a club fitter in Cleveland that carries Cobra clubs and would have availability on Sunday? I am flying in on Sunday for work and was hoping to be able to get fit for my upcoming Morgan Cup club order. Thanks a lot!
  6. zoveracker

    Anyone use a ST200 head

    Just wondering if any THPers use a ST200 mizuno head and what your opinions of it were? I bought one on a whim bc I cracked my driver and found a new* 9.5* head for 150 on eBay. I bought a white tie to go in it but am waiting on the ferule to be delivered. The crazy part is that the same day the...
  7. zoveracker

    Question on backswing

    Where do you think about pointing the butt of the shaft at the beginning of the backswing to parallel prior to reaching the top? I feel like I am most inconsistent with that part of my backswing and wanted to get you guys/girls thoughts.
  8. zoveracker

    Great ball striking tip(for me)

    I wanted to share this video on that explains this teacher’s opinion of how lag can be created. I found this to be the only YouTube golf video that has ever helped my game and I compressed the ball better than ever the past few rounds.
  9. zoveracker

    Golfers in NE Georgia

    I live in NE Georgia about 30 miles north of Athens. I normally play golf by myself lately and I figured I would ask if anyone wanted to go play a round? We could either play at the course I normally play in Homer, Ga or I would be game to drive up to an hour to play at another course.
  10. zoveracker

    For Trade J36 combo set with Nunchuk, Matrix, and KBS Tour shafts

    What to trade my experiment for something else. Really open to anything as long as it is a golf club. The 4 iron has a Nunchuk 370 hybrid shaft and the 5 iron has a Matrix Ozik F15 95 hybrid shaft. The rest of the clubs have KBS tours S flex. I also have the 4 and 5 iron KBS tour shafts if you...
  11. zoveracker

    WTB Game Improvement Irons for Dad

    I play golf ALOT and my Dad Is starting to play with me some, but is using Golden Bear clubs from like 20 years ago with graphite shafts that are not forgiving whatsoever. I would like to purchase a game improvement set of irons for him that does not break my bank. It would have to be...
  12. zoveracker

    WTB Razr Fit Extreme or X Hot 10.5* Driver

    I would like to buy either a Razr Fit Extreme or X-Hot 10.5* driver. shaft with the head would be optional. thanks.
  13. zoveracker

    WTB J15 cast 7 iron

    I would like to buy a single 7 iron from the Bridgestone cast J15 set. I bought a set for a good deal, just without the 7 iron. please message me if you can accommodate this request! Thanks.

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