1. golfinnut

    Moe Norman - The Movie

    So looks like Wayne & Janet Gretzky (being Canadian) are Co-Producing a movie about the great Moe Norman. https://moethemovie.com/ I like the idea. I've always loved the stories about him growing up & his unique swing. How he never took a lesson from anyone. "One of only two people who...
  2. golfinnut

    Do you fire at every pin, regardless of location?

    So do you guys fire at every pin, regardless of location? For some reason, I find myself firing at every pin location & it's starting to screw with my game & I'm losing strokes because of it. Here is an example of yesterday's round. Par 3 - about 165 yards, down hill, over water, with 2...
  3. golfinnut

    Does Your Course Use Alternating Holes?

    This time of year, a few of the courses I play have two holes cut in the greens. I get the idea. So you don't wear out a certain part of the green. Play a few days at one location, then move it to the other location on other days. Plus not having to cut holes very often when the greens are...
  4. golfinnut


    I didn't know if I should put this here or in the "Flatstick Talk" thread ..... so MODS please move to where you see fit. Would you pay $599 for a putting mat? Well, Matt Allard, a new entrepreneur, is hoping so. It's called PUTTR...
  5. golfinnut

    Different Weights in Your Putter? Have You Tried It?

    So we all know that you can adjust the weight in our drivers & fairway woods, front or back, depending on ball flight desired. But what if you put two different weights in your putter head? Like a 20g in the toe & a 40g in the heel? What effects are you going to see? Without having a...
  6. golfinnut

    StrackaLine - Laser Scanned Green Guides

    Has anyone heard of this? They make custom green reading books for your course. Some aren't complete though. For instance, one of my courses only has the yardages, no green reading. But another one has everything. Just depends on your course. About StrackaLine: StrackaLine's world...
  7. golfinnut

    KBS Tour 90 - Yay or Nay?

    So ... in the interest of time, how many of you play KBS shafts in your irons? Specifically, the KBS 90 shaft. How do you like it? Yay or Nay? Why? Just trying to get some insight on this shaft before I place my order. I hit this vs the PX LZ shaft and there were similar numbers...
  8. golfinnut

    Solo Ace? What would you do?

    I was watching golf the other day with Mrs. Nut & we witnessed a hole in one and she asked me in the lovely condescending voice of hers if I had any holes in one. I told her that I had 6 & she asked if I remembered them all. I tried to remember every one but this old brain is full of molten...
  9. golfinnut

    Your Highest One Hole Score?

    So ..... THP"ers .... what is the highest score you have ever taken on any given hole? Playing by the rules, no mulligans, no breakfast balls, etc. I'll start :rolleyes: My home course back in high school, the 2nd hole, was this long, diabolical par 3. From the back tees, where we played...
  10. golfinnut

    Last Round Without A Blowup Hole?

    I got to thinking the other day. When was the last round that I had a blow up hole? What do you consider a blow up hole? I say double bogey or worse. My last round I didn't have anything worse than a bogey. When I get off the tee & hit greens in regulation, I tend to play a lot better. I...
  11. golfinnut

    Are Remodels The Solution .....

    So I came across an article about a course here in my home state of VA. https://www.si.com/golf/travel/reimagining-of-belmont-gives-classic-course-a-new-purpose?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Where+To+Golf+Next+07-27-2021 This course was about to go under when Davis Love...
  12. golfinnut

    Foresight Sports Golf at Costco

    For those of you that have room (I wish I did), the Foresight Sports Golf Simulator is on sale at Costco. $4K off https://www.costco.com/.product.100532328.html?&EMID=B2C_2021_0712_HotBuysStart
  13. golfinnut

    CONTEST Sqairz Going the Distance Sweepstakes

    https://golfstayandplays.com/going-the-distance-sweepstakes Winner receives: a pair of Sqairz shoes signed by Sir Nick Faldo or John Daly BagBoy T-2000 travel bag 2 days at World Golf Village nights accommodations at the Renaissance Resort, & rounds at the King, Bear, Slammer & Squire Good...
  14. golfinnut

    Tiger Woods says "Thanks, but No Thanks" to NBC

    NBC offered Tiger an opportunity to help broadcast the U.S. Open & he politely said "Thanks but no thanks" to their offer. Who better to analyze & broadcast at Torrey Pines than Tiger? He's got way too much going on to worry about that IMO. Plus why put the strain on his recovery by flying...
  15. golfinnut

    Tendonitis & Arthritis in the Elbow - What helps you?

    So I've been enduring a lot of pain in the left elbow as of late that has really put a damper on the amount of golf I've been able to play. I've tried ice, heat, anti-inflammatories, etc. but have yet to find really anything that works well. Obviously, I can't "not" use it. Luckily it's in...
  16. golfinnut

    Range Balls should be included in your greens fee ..... Right?

    You pay your greens fee & you want to hit balls before the round. "Can I get a bucket of range balls to warm up?" "That will be $4 for a small $6 for a large." What?? I have to pay extra for range balls after I just spent $60 on greens fees? This is one reason why I don't hit balls...
  17. golfinnut

    WTB Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore

    Title says it all. Looking for a Ventus Blue stiff but I don't want to spend $300 on the shaft. I have the Blue in my 2-iron & love it. Looking for the THP discount (y)
  18. golfinnut

    Slow Play - Waving Up Groups On Par 3's??

    Question for THP'ers …. on long par 3's, do you wave up the group & allow them to hit to the green before you start to putt? I saw this today on a par 3 that seriously backed up .… 4 groups on one hole. Two waiting on the tee box, one down in the hollow short of the green & one on the green...
  19. golfinnut

    2021 Team Titleist Invitational - Sept 12 thru 15

    Another year & yet another Team Titleist Invitational. Being held at the awesome Pinehurst Resort again. Highlights Include: 4 day/3 night accommodations at the Pinehurst Resort Golf on #2, #4, & #8 and the Cradle Welcome reception Daily Breakfast, One group lunch & dinner Exclusive...

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