1. Scott F

    What's the best brand logo in Golf?

    The Mizuno logo always makes me think of some kind of Klingon weapon.
  2. Scott F

    Clean Flight Personal Golf Ball Washer

    I got my Clean Flight personal golf ball washer today. First thing I noticed, is how sturdy it is. The top seals securely with a slight twist and the water doesn’t leak out. It came with a small, plastic bottle of cleaning solution which is added to to the device just a drop or two at a time...
  3. Scott F

    Do you talk to your equipment?

    It doesn’t make you weird to talk to your clubs……unless you hear them talk back.
  4. Scott F

    Do You Talk About Your Equipment?

    In the last two seasons since I returned to the game, NO ONE I’ve played with has ever brings up the subject of their gear even when myself and 2 of my usual playing partners bought new irons except for saying “by the way, I got new clubs.“
  5. Scott F

    Clean Flight Personal Golf Ball Washer

    Free shipping with Amazon closed the deal for me, I just ordered one. Review to follow as soon as it arrives.
  6. Scott F

    Apple or PC

    Got my first Mac in 1988. I’ve always loved how they have always been so reliable and easy to use. Plug and play, didn’t need new drivers to hook up stuff. I was never a gamer. We ran a desktop graphics business and Macs did that very well.
  7. Scott F

    Who's your favorite "old guy" comedian?

    Groucho Marx and Buster Keaton
  8. Scott F

    What are your sunglasses of choice?

    I wear an inexpensive pair of clip on polarized sunglasses over my prescription lenses for most uses, and a pair of polarized Cocoons that fit over my glasses.
  9. Scott F

    Whats your day after.....

    Watching the “Get Back” documentary.
  10. Scott F

    Do you in-person black Friday shop?

    It appears that most places were offering Black Friday deals early. I bought a TV on sale last Tuesday. No lines. Stores were busy, but we got what we wanted quickly and were on our way.
  11. Scott F

    Last Crumb

    From a marketing point of view, they aren’t charging enough. If you sell out, you should be charging more. Obviously, they aren’t trying to sell to normal people. This is a fad that won’t last long. They need to capitalize on the buzz now and make all the coin they can until the fad is over. I...
  12. Scott F

    Leftover turkey sandwich

    Hot turkey & gravy with a slice of American cheese on toast.
  13. Scott F

    Best leftover sandwich

    Turkey is number 1. Warm turkey on toast with gravy and cheese. Followed closely by number 2, meatloaf.
  14. Scott F

    Things That You Love

    I love; Being Retired Playing golf on a beautiful day with friends Catching a smallmouth bass on a Northwoods lake or river Listening to music Onion dip and chips Lemon Supreme cake
  15. Scott F

    Phil collins yay or nay?

    I’m a big fan of Genesis during the Phil Collins, post Peter Gabriel, period and I really liked two of his solo albums, ”Face Value” and “No Jacket Required” which are both high on my list of favorite albums. After that, I lost interest in the solo albums that followed.
  16. Scott F

    Do we see more golf bag manufacturers add charging options to the bag?

    If remembering to charge your electronics before you play is a problem, I’d guess you might not remember to charge your golf bag either.
  17. Scott F

    "No, no, no, no, I don't eat that any more"

    When I was a little kid, I helped my dad carve a pumpkin. The smell of the raw pumpkin was so bad, I didn’t even try pumpkin pie until several decades later.
  18. Scott F

    Backwards hats on the course, does it bother you?

    Headbutting kids who were wearing helmets…….hmmmmm. That would explain a lot!
  19. Scott F

    Jumbo Grips

    I have no hand problems but going to a big grip has made a dramatic improvement in my putting. I think the only way to tell if it will help you is to give it a try.
  20. Scott F

    White Belts: Yay or Heck Nay?

    I think they look good with bell bottoms and my leisure suit.

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