1. Scott F

    Vintage clubs today.

    I’m curious to know. If you were given a new set of Persimmon woods, a set of blade irons, a vintage putter from the the mid 70’s, and a week to practice with them, how much worse do you think you’d score than you do with your current bag? For reference, tell us your current age too.
  2. Scott F

    Tiger Woods Backup Putter Auction

  3. Scott F

    Are you a good driver? (In your car, not on the course))

    It’s been said that nearly everyone believes they are a better than average driver. I know I do. But what exactly makes a you a good driver? Obeying traffic laws? Being a defensive driver? Avoiding accidents? What makes you think you are a better than average driver?
  4. Scott F

    Speeding up play

  5. Scott F

    Punctuation Matters

  6. Scott F

    Whole House Generator

    I’m looking into installing a whole house generator. It looks like I’ve got plenty of time to think about it because as with a lot of things these days, most of them aren’t available before August. I’m pretty much going to go with the natural gas powered models with 20kw output. Anything you’ve...
  7. Scott F

    Smells - Favorite / Least Favorite

    One of my favorite smells is bacon cooking. Reminds me of my dad cooking breakfast on Sunday mornings. Least favorite is broccoli. If my wife makes it, I literally have to leave the house. What are yours?
  8. Scott F

    Any THPers Live in Northwest Indiana?

    This week, I’m moving back to my home state of Indiana, just south of Valparaiso. I played most of my golf in that part of the state and played most of my rounds there last summer.
  9. Scott F

    “Major” Tournaments

    Who decided that the 4 tournaments now classified as Majors, are the only major tournaments? Is it just tradition or is there something official? Could another tournament be added or one replaced? Would there be a “major” uproar if say the Players Championship was made the fifth major? Would...
  10. Scott F

    ESPN Masters Documentary

    Tuesday, March 16, Various times https://www.golfdigest.com/story/espn-2020-masters-documentary
  11. Scott F

    Furniture Shopping Frustrations

    My wife and I will be moving to a new home on April 7. We started looking around for the new furniture we will need for the living room. Inventory is very low everywhere we went. But it blows my mind when they tell me the couch will take 5-9 months to be delivered. They want 50% down with no...
  12. Scott F

    What are your favorite reality shows?

    I’ve been reading the worst reality show thread which made me think of my two favorite reality shows, Jay Leno’s Garage, and The Dog Whisperer. I know many of you don’t ever turn your tv on, or even own one, but this thread is for people who like to watch reality shows.
  13. Scott F

    Unofficial THP Gatherings for 2021

    Assuming travel restrictions are lifted for 2021, anybody interested in some unofficial THP get togethers? Suggestions?
  14. Scott F

    Who likes onions?

    I have to have onions on a lot of things. Big round, slabs on my hamburger. Cooked and raw onions in my chili. Gotta have onions on a sausage, hot dog or brat. Onions go great with potatoes. Do you love onions or hate them?
  15. Scott F

    How Much Does Your Driver Weigh?

    I was fitted for a driver several years ago, a Callaway X460 Tour model, with an Aldila NV 65 R shaft and an oversize, Lamkin Crossline grip. The total weight of the club is 346 grams. Apparently, the oversize grip added 26 grams to the weight of the club. I don’t know what the swing weight of...
  16. Scott F

    How Many, new in package, golf balls do you own.

    Do you have a lot of boxes of new, unused golf balls sitting around? Like a big stock of your regular balls, ones you don’t play anymore, or gifts that aren’t what you play, or freebies? I’m not a big buyer of golf balls and I don’t stock up but I still have almost 5 dozen balls in a closet...
  17. Scott F

    For Sale Nike Slingshot 4D Iron Set, Senior Flex

    Nike, Slingshot 4D irons, cavity back, 4-SW (9 irons) Original, A flex (senior) graphite shafts. Newer Lamkin Crossline oversize grips. Very good condition, minimal wear on grooves. $200 plus $20 shipping. No trades. PayPal. Continental US only.
  18. Scott F

    Question about THP events

    At events like the Morgan Cup and other THP experiences, is a participant required to be part of the competition? I love playing golf, playing on nice courses and having social outings but being in tournaments or competitions in team events isn’t something I enjoy at all. It has nothing to do...
  19. Scott F

    Fitting and new Titleist T300 review

    I’m a senior who has been away from the game for a long time. Computer tracking, and being able to test and get fitted with dozens of shafts and heads is all new to me. After having less than great experiences at big box stores with their free fittings, I decided to pay up and get a professional...
  20. Scott F

    Ball Testing

    Figuring out which ball suits you best can be difficult. I've never been able to tell for sure if results I get on the course are because of me or the ball. Forgive me if this has been posted before, but I found this very informative.

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