1. cg13

    OOB handicap explanation?

    so i recently created an OOB account - seemed nice to track my handicap - i entered all my rounds in (ive used golfshot all year - but the handicap tracking on it is never right, has me +3.5 lol) I entered my last 20 rounds into OOB - and after this round it said -before handicap 13.3, after...
  2. cg13

    WTB: Stock SuperTRI Driver Shaft

    I need a stock driver shaft to unload a few SuperTRI heads I have lying around. I only have aftermarket shafts that im not willing to sell. Anyone have some shafts lying around? or any pulls they want to get rid of. thanks fellas.
  3. cg13

    Buckeyes to get a new coach?

    Rumblings in Columbus this week... Might name urban Meyer head coach after the purdue game. Luke fickle to remain on as def coord. I'm crossing my fingers lol
  4. cg13

    Energy Drinks & Shots

    im addicted to the 5 hour energies. ive drank coffee everyday for decades so its affects are wasted - when im dragging on a few hours sleep - a 5 hour picks me up quick.
  5. cg13

    Open apology

    Home, settled in from work, and thinking about the day's posts. Those that know me or have met me know I tend to overthink things. I think that played a part in today's fiasco. I am not happy with what was said, and this is something I mean sincerely, from the bottom of my heart. here...
  6. cg13

    Mental advice for dealing with tournament conditions

    As a few of us lucky participants in the ultimate amateur weekend of golf begin to arrive in Orlando for Our matches, I'm wondering if you pros at Golftec have any advice for dealing with pressure. Tips for Preparing mentally for the game, and maintaining that focus through a round. Any...
  7. cg13

    Muirfield Village, Dublin Ohio

    So finally got to play here after living in Columbus for 32 years. To say i was a little nervous this am would be an understatement. I was playing with a great guy, whos is very easy going and a blast to golf with, so that eased the tensions nicely. It was also my first round with a caddie -...
  8. cg13

    Oasis Golf Course - Loveland OHIO

    Played Canadan's home course yesterday - it is a beauty!! the 3 finishing holes were spectacular. 3 of the best holes ive played since Florida! Thanks for getting us out Dan, that was a fun sunday! Wish i could have got off the tee better - that was so frustrating!! Cant help but think i...
  9. cg13

    Indians get ubaldo Jimenez

    Wow a big pitcher for them is huge!!
  10. cg13

    FS: Cleveland CG16 Wedges 50-54-58; R9 3w

    Got a few more things I wont be needing. The CG16 Wedges are a fun club, I really like the forgiveness these wedges offer. The newest addition to the Cleveland line. Check em out, only ever hit them on the range. Never gamed em. heres a pic of the wedges: the shafts: 1.) Cleveland...
  11. cg13

    Impromptu OHIO THP Round @ Northstar

    Four of us THP'ers met In columbus today for an impromptu round at a fun little place north of here: http://www.thenorthstargolfclub.com/ the longest course in Ohio - the tips were 7571. They told Canadan and I as we were paying, "We tell everyone to play whites, unless they're single...
  12. cg13

    The slam

    Best lunch ever Hit the range- now a quick bite before work. Fat guys FTW
  13. cg13

    My Shaft Experiment

    So one thing that has been on my mind lately is which shaft gives me the best ball flight and feel for my game. The problem with my game is – my swing is not 100% consistent from one day to the next. I have made strides over the past few months with lessons and my fitting at the TaylorMade...
  14. cg13

    Jeter 3000 is a homerun!!

    Amazing! What a way to blast your 3000th
  15. cg13

    OSU vacates all of it's 2010 wins.

    Damn- I can't help but be furious. Tressels record against Michigan our rival is now tarnished. They hadn't beat us in soooo long now they get a win? Jesus just take the consequences from the NCAA. Stop trying to appeal to the committee by imposing sanctions yourselves..
  16. cg13

    Pics from my Pig Roast over the 4th

    A lot of work - but it turned out to be the tastiest BBQ ive ever had. you can view the entire album on my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/mbuemi1 took me 2 days to make the pit, and line it with stone: about an hour in: getting close finished: crisping the skin ready to carve...
  17. cg13

    Shattered iPhone screen

    Dropped my iPhone in new York screens shattered but operable. Anyone heard any good excuses I can sell them to get them to replace it? It's really bad tho- not just one spider but the whole screen.
  18. cg13

    Sand Bunker Play - Video Advice

    Hey Andy, Thanks for being so dedicated to THP. Really appreciate your help and tips. I have been devoting time of every range session to sand. I dont get out consistantly. I hit it too far (first shot), just right (2nd shot), short (3rd shot), way short (fat, 4th shot) am i just entering...
  19. cg13

    CG13's swing - summer project

    I thought about starting this awihle ago - as a way of getting second eyes looking at it. Ive made significant changes since my trip to the TaylorMade Performance Labs- I wasnt striking the ball well at all- now im making great contact - i can tell its centerface - bc i barely feel it leave...
  20. cg13

    WTB: burner 2.0 6 iron

    Anyone get one of these in te unforgettable 8 demo and not using it anymore. I want to put a diff shaft in it and compare it to the steel- Test of sorts - kbs tour 90 Vs graphite. I'll pay ya for it- let me know

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