1. Castor Hades

    Course recommendations, Los Angeles (November)

    I'm taking a short (8 days) trip to LA next month, and I'm seriously thinking about bringing my bag along with me. I'd say I have time to play maybe 3-4 rounds. I have no clue about any courses over there, and I'm not looking to spend 200 dollars per round, maybe something between 40 - 100...
  2. Castor Hades

    Long time no see....Castors back.

    Hey Guys... I've been away for a while, and I have to say, it's not you...it was me...well...not me, but work, life and the world. I've missed you guys, and I've had a terrible golf year. Last season I played like 115 rounds, and this year I haven't even counted, but I'd say between 20 to 40...
  3. Castor Hades

    Strip driver head from all paint - still legal?

    I know that you cannot change the aerodynamics, and all lost parts of the head must be replaced for a driver to be legal, but can I strip the head from all paint? I messed up my 913 D2 real good, and the top looks nasty. Instead of repainting it (which could be a drag), maybe a stripped versio...
  4. Castor Hades

    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    My first den caddy!!!
  5. Castor Hades

    Castor's journey to sewing and the world of cloth. Making your own head covers.

    Work in progress...gotta sleep though...tomorrow is a new day :)
  6. Castor Hades

    Castor's journey to sewing and the world of cloth. Making your own head covers.

    So...I've long coveted the Seamus Golf head covers, but unfortunately the shipping costs, customs etc. there's no point for me to order them to Finland. But...an old suit, my wife's sewing machine and some trial and error, and I've got my first prototype. It's not perfect, and it can even look...
  7. Castor Hades

    Ultimate golf trip? What would you do?

    How would your ultimate golf trip look like? Let's say you have 3000 USD to use, for everything. Plane tickets, lodging and green fees. Drinks and food are optional :) 7 days or so, 7-10 rounds of golf. 1000 dollars to fly 1000 to green fees 1000 to car & hotel etc. Where would you go? Where...
  8. Castor Hades

    You know you are at a nice course when...

    When the range is equipped like this:
  9. Castor Hades

    What did you shoot today?

    What did you shoot today? 74...could be the last round in Finland before the winter.
  10. Castor Hades

    THP is awesome. This is how the prize pack for THP Fantasy Golf 2014 looks like!

    Thank you all for a superb season, and I specially want to thank THP for creating an awesome set of prizes that they sent me. Josh, Morgan, staff...I thank you guys. Hugs. Take a look at this awesomeness!! A set of grips. Just when I was about the change mine :) Very nice looking Bollé...
  11. Castor Hades

    WTB: Bettinardi Divot Tool 2011

    I lost my buddy today. If someone would have a 2011 Bettinardi Divot Tool, I'd be very interested to buy one. This is the one I'm looking for:
  12. Castor Hades

    Toughest Tee Shot For Amateurs? The 2014 Morgan Cup Opening Tee Shots

    I think the guys in pants looked awesome. :bashful: Oh man I miss being there. I've enjoyed golf after, but there's been an empty hole in my soul ever since I left the MC.
  13. Castor Hades

    Pro model shafts - will we see them in the near future?

    The concept of pro model products is very common for example in the snowboard and skateboard industry, but no so much in the golf industry. A lot of companies use their pro players in their development of products, but do you guys think that pro model shafts would have a place in the shaft...
  14. Castor Hades

    South Carolina in 2 days and on a budget?

    So...I've got Monday the 21st and Tuesday the 22nd available for some awesome SC golf before the Morgan Cup. I'm planning 3-4 rounds on those days, and I'd love to play some good courses. I'm on a budget, but I'm thinking still that I could pay the 100 bucks for Dunes? For now I'm thinking...
  15. Castor Hades

    FS: Miura LH Cavity 4-PW KBS Tour stiff

    I'm selling a set of left handed Miura LH Cavity irons. The set runs trough 4-iron to PW. They are in good condition, soft metal so some small dents here and there, but nothing that wouldn't look cool or affect the performance. KBS Tour stiff shafts, Lamkin grips. Grips in excellent condition...
  16. Castor Hades

    How to stop thinking about the final score? Or how to not let it impact your round?

    As we all know, the mental side in this game is important, and a lot of the issues we have are related to the human mind. What I've noticed often is that if I play well in the beginning, I start to think about the end result and I often play a bad back 9. If I play so-so golf on the front and I...
  17. Castor Hades

    Green speed, what kind of speeds do you prefer?

    I played in a Pro-Am competition on Wednesday, and they had tuned the greens as fast as they could. The official stimpmeter measurement was 11.9 feet. The course usually has 8-10 feet, depending on the season and cut. How fast do you like your greens? The 11.9 was quite fast, but I did like...
  18. Castor Hades

    What are you building? (Club style)

    I put a Diamana kai'li regular stiff in my 3-wood, seems to work like a charm, minus the slice, but it's always the same so it's ok :)
  19. Castor Hades

    Fairway wood shaft weight, heavier or lighter?

    I've got a serious ponder on my future 5-wood shaft, and I can't figure out which way to go. Sure a fitting will help, but ponder is nice and I don't want to exclude anything just because I think it's not ok. I usually have 60-68 gram driver shaft, and I've never been a good fairway wood...

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