1. Esox

    Rest in Peace Bonne.

    Well, I had an overheating problem yesterday with 2003 Bonneville SSEI. Fanciest vehicle I've ever owned. Powerful, leather seats, a myriad of gizmos. I'm a not a car guy, have never really worried too much about what I drive as long as there was room for my rotundity, but I've enjoyed this...
  2. Esox

    Some tournament photos of my daughter.

    Yesterday at the girls regional high school golf tournament my daughter played in, a sports photographer shot a bunch of pictures of the two teams from my city. Hope it's not too many, but I love them so much I had to share. I'm sure my babble about my daughter gets nauseating sometimes, but...
  3. Esox

    Ruffled Feathers, Lemont, IL

    I'm heading into the land of flat heads on Saturday to play this Pete Dye and Son design with my daughter. $95.00 for me, and she's free because she's a junior. Practice round for an October event she's going to play. We're going to play the same tees at about 6,050. The ways she's been...
  4. Esox

    Lady golfers

    This story was in the local fish wrap. Pretty cool story. I'd tee it up with these ladies. Kevin http://www.jsonline.com/sports/golf/a-fairway-to-equality-7t6l6gj-167781065.html
  5. Esox

    Shooting in WI.

    Somebody shot up a Sikh Temple today in Oak Creek, WI. Six dead, several injured. Seven dead if you count the scumbag shooter as a human being. Such a beautiful day here in Cheeseland, and some loser does this. Hard to fathom. Kevin
  6. Esox

    Golf's Grand Design

    I'm not sure how public TV stations schedule nationally, but my local PBS is airing a show with this title tonight at 9:00 pm cst. Looks at golf course architecture from the 1880s to the present. Check your PBS programming if so inclined. DVR set. Kevin
  7. Esox


    Not a number of posts milestone. Today it has been two years since my last alcoholic beverage. If you're so inclined, it can be done. I won't say I don't sometimes miss it, but it's made my life happier. I was a heavy drinker for a lot years, and since quitting, I, and everyone around me...
  8. Esox


    There is some talk that one of the members at my club has been cheating. Strong rumors coming from several accusers. No one has confronted this member that I'm aware. He has been very good to me and mine since we joined. It is very disturbing and disconcerting. It was discussed in my...
  9. Esox

    Are you always competing?

    When you play, if you're not playing a match for a couple bucks or for whatever reason, are you still out there quietly trying to best your playering partners? Whether they be your pals or strangers. When you're done, do you say to yourself, or maybe even out loud, "I got you, man, I got you."...
  10. Esox

    Forgetting things at the golf course.

    Got a phone call from the golf course about a half an hour ago. "Hey, Kevin, it's Wade from the golf course. We found your wife's clubs on the range and have them in the pro shop. Thought I'd let you know." At least it wasn't a headcover, the car, or my daughter. Kevin
  11. Esox

    Black or White?

    So I'm going to go spikeless. Tonight I plan to buy a pair of AdiCross shoes. I'll play in them, but mainly want them for comfort as a spectator at my daughter's tournaments as I spend a lot of time walking ahead on cart paths, and my feet are killing me if I wear my spikes, and my tennis...
  12. Esox

    Really laying into one.

    How is it that once in a rare while you hit a tee shot that goes WAY farther than what you've been seeing? Yesterday in my match, after hitting my driver so so for most of the first 13 holes and really for much of the year, I hit a drive on a 360ish par four that took off like a Tomahawk...
  13. Esox

    Match Play

    Man, there is nothing more fun in golf that playing a well contested match play round. There is a so much more mental and physical ebb and flow compared to stroke play. I played a match today against Shrek. We have similar 'caps, with me getting one stroke. Last year I ran off three birdies...
  14. Esox


    How many visualize a shot before they hit it? Like seeing in your mind's eye the ball traveling on the line you want it to take and landing near the target. Or in the case of putting, while lining a putt up, seeing it roll along the line and into the hole. I'm especially interested in...
  15. Esox

    Get your kids into golf.

    If they take it seriously you might get to watch this type of thing. I know there's a junior golf golf sticky, but my daughter has earned her own thread over the last three days. I posted briefly yesterday in the Banter thread about her playing in a state match play event. Here are a couple...
  16. Esox

    You ever get that feeling?

    Where your just pumped and ready to get on the course because you think you're going to have a good day? I think I might just tear it up tomorrow. Going to get there nice and early, hit some balls so I'm loosey goosey, and get after it. Mega Skins is the men's club event. Not sure what that...
  17. Esox

    Shallow Faced Drivers

    I have a Diablo Edge I bought a couple years ago that has a fairly shallow face, but can't think of any newer models. I have somewhere in my house an 11* Orlimar Tri-metal that I could once hit off the deck like a 3w. I was younger then. After hitting low bullets off a number of tees this...
  18. Esox

    Putting well.

    You ever like all of a sudden find you're putting well for no apparent reason? I've been kind of a run of the mill putter over the last 15 years or so, but this season, aside from a week or so and in Vegas coming out of Winter, I've been making more putts outside say 6 feet. I have no idea...
  19. Esox

    PGA Superstore

    Just found out one of these bad boys opened in Schaumburg, IL. Really close to Ikea, Golfsmith, the Woodfield Mall, and Portillos. Is it worth driving an hour and a half for some browsing and an Italian Beef? Kevin
  20. Esox

    Junior Golf on the Golf Channel.

    Right now and tomorrow afternoon. Wow. The leader isn't quite finished with his 2nd round, and is -8. Kevin

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