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    National Parks and Forests - Backcountry Hiking

    You could say I'm a fan. Nice pics Hawk! Here's a sunrise from my park.
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    Fall Golf in Pictures

    Here's what I both like, and dislike about Fall golf down here. That was my view of #8, a 152 yd par 3.
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    THP Thanksgiving Picture Contest

    Uncle Sam has me working, but this is how we do thanksgiving lunch in the swampland.
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    The Official Banter Away Thread

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    The Official Rant of the Day

    Si senor
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    Energy Drinks & Shots

    Haha, it was god awful wasn't it? Whoever thought that was a tasty beverage needs to be slapped in the frost berries. I found these in a Sunoco gas station in North Naples/Bonita so maybe Circle K isn't the only option anymore.
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    Energy Drinks & Shots

    Concur, took a sip and poured it out for my homies. Penicillin.
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    Energy Drinks & Shots

    Mango Guava disagrees. Still haven't seen the new flavors down here though, Frostberry made an appearance briefly.
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    The Official Banter Away Thread

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    Forest Glen Golf & Country Club: Naples, Florida

    Forest Glen Golf & Country Club Naples, FL http://www.forestglengcc.com/ 10/13/12 Incredible. That is the word I would use to describe Forest Glen Golf & Country Club. Situated in East Naples and on the edge of the Everglades Forest Glen creates a wonderful golfing experience...
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    2012 Cleveland Mashie Hybrids & Irons

    Good stuff man, best hybrid I've ever played. You're dead right about the heft of the club, not overly heavy but you sure get a good solid feeling from it. The keel and rails flatout work, plain and simple. Here is a shot from my M5 today, off the tee on a par 3.
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    THP Live Round thread!

    #16 400 yd dogleg right par 4 Great drive then yanked an iron left. Caught a weird hop on my chip and went long. The mound on the right is the culprit. Limped away with bogey.
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    THP Live Round thread!

    #14, short par 4 Mashie F7 off the tee to here 54* wedge to here Lip out two putt
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    THP Live Round thread!

    Approach shot into #12
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    THP Live Round thread!

    Mashie Mania! #11 180 yd par 3 Yes, I made the putt.
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    THP Live Round thread!

    M5 into the wind on a 185 yd par 3. Less than perfect.
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    THP Live Round thread!

    Stupid wind. Hit a perfect M5 out over the water to allow for the wind. Never budged. Drop and a chip this is for bogey.
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    THP Live Round thread!

    168 into a par. Wind, scratch that hurricane in my face.

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