1. jdtox

    Budweiser doing a Golden Can giveaway

    Just saw this on Twitter. This golden ticket thing is catching on haha
  2. jdtox

    Calendar Apps - What do you use?

    I NEED a calendar for daily use. I forget stuff and I need reminders for appointments, project due dates, etc. Even though I'm an Apple user and iPhone user I dislike the Apple Calendar very much. Google Calendar is better because it allows me to use colors and stuff which I like to see when...
  3. jdtox

    Do you enjoy competitive golf or rather play just for fun?

    Are you a competitive person? Do you enjoy competition when you play golf or are you more of a let's go have fun type of golfer? I know for many competition and seriousness on the course is big turn off and for others it makes them whole. What say you?
  4. jdtox

    Best Cheez It Flavor?

    What’s the best Cheez It flavor and why is it these?
  5. jdtox

    Mythic Quest on Apple TV

    Anyone else watch this series? I couldn't find a thread on it, It was recommended from Apple after finishing Ted Lasso. I am kind of enjoying it.
  6. jdtox

    Its Cyber Monday what are you buying?

    I didn't see a thread on this yet unless I missed it. I have a ton of emails in my inbox but nothing has jumped out at me yet. What are you guys buying?
  7. jdtox

    Is putting part of short game or its own thing?

    I have always thought short game was short game and putting was putting. Does short game include wedges and putting in your mind? Just wedges? Explain.
  8. jdtox

    What is it about Starbucks?

    As I sit here waiting for my daughter to get her pink drink for 20 minutes I started thinking…why? Why is there always a huge line and a slow wait? Why is this acceptable and why do customers continue to subject themselves to this punishment? Is there crack in the drinks? I mean I like their...
  9. jdtox

    How do you "cloud"

    We all know about the cloud. I used to refuse to use it but I have since given in and now I pay for iCloud which annoys me but its convenient. I'd rather have access to everything quickly from my device than to have to find an old flash drive, dvd or what have you. So how do you store your...
  10. jdtox

    Do you score better playing shorter courses?

    I'm not talking par 3 but maybe playing from 6000 instead of 6500. The thread with the tee box choice based on scores made me wonder... Do you score better if you play a tee box up? In theory it sounds great but I'm not sure its a given. What do you think?
  11. jdtox

    App for league scoring?

    I played in a tournament that used some sort of scoring app that one person put in the score for the group. When everyone was off the course everything was already figured out. I was told they use that app for league scoring as well. I think it would be awesome instead of using traditional...
  12. jdtox

    Flavored popcorn yay or nay?

    Was just at the store picking up a few things for the cabin and came across these. I’m a fan of popcorn but this may be a bit much, what do you think?
  13. jdtox

    Handheld or dedicated GPS vs Cellphone App GPS

    Listening to @Canadan and @JB talking about this made me wonder how many are still using dedicated watches, handhelds or built in like the motocaddy or cart vs just using the convenience of your cellphone
  14. jdtox

    Best store bought Mac and cheese

    So many food threads today making me hungry and I’m in the mood for Mac and cheese. In a pinch what do you go for? Kraft Velveeta Cracker Barrel Annie’s Other
  15. jdtox

    Photo Heavy How to post photos on THP (a tutorial)

    Having followed in a few threads and it being mentioned more than once I think this needed to happen. First and foremost use the browser on your smartphone! Whether it’s safari or chrome or the THP app it’s all the same! Next a picture story… Choose a photo OR take a photo Click...
  16. jdtox

    What kind of sock game do you rock on the golf course?

    Personally I'm a no show guy but you can't show off any style that way. Some guys can pull off the longer sock look, I'm not sure I can or I want to haha. I also only will wear only black or gray, never white. What about you? Whats your sock game on the course?
  17. jdtox

    Whats your favorite number on a golf ball?

    Do you have one? Honestly for me I could care less what the number says, its not really something I ever think about.
  18. jdtox

    How do you Music? (App)

    There are tons of music apps out there available out there now. Apple music, Pandora, Spotify, Audacy, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and I'm sure some I missed. Whats your preferred choice and do you pay for it or use the free service?
  19. jdtox

    Is there anyone you just don't play well around?

    Do you have someone you play a round of golf with that you just never seem to play well around? Maybe a friend, brother, etc.? For me until recently it was my dad. I just never played well when sharing a cart with him, I think I tried too hard to play well and impress him. These days I just...
  20. jdtox

    Do you like talking on the phone?

    Was thinking about this on my drive in this morning. I'd rather email someone for a question or inquiry than pick up the phone and when they don't respond in a timely manner I get frustrated haha. Kind of the same thing with text's its just easier haha. Would you rather dial someone up or send a...

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