1. Mad_Brad

    What piece of gear changed the way you play?

    Do you have a piece of gear that changed the way you play the game? A shaft that straightened things out for you? A putter that could only find the bottom of the hole? A driver that launched absolute bombs? What you got out?
  2. Mad_Brad

    The Cutdown

    So my new putter came in, but all I could grab was a 35", and I am much more comfortable at a shorter length. Typically when I have cutdown a putter shaft previously, I have cut from the butt end. This sometimes leaves me with a gap at the neck of the grip that I need to build up with tape...
  3. Mad_Brad

    Strangest Beverage You Have Drank, That You Actually Enjoyed.

    What is the strangest beverage you have drank, that you would go back to and try again because you enjoyed it?
  4. Mad_Brad

    Club Cameron 2020

    For some reason Club Cameron popped in my head today after the Scotty Old or New thread popped up. I have wanted a Den Caddy for a while, and the 2020 Club Cameron one looks pretty sweet. Anyone sign up yet?
  5. Mad_Brad

    The What Is for Dinner "Covid-19" Edition

    The title says it all. What is for dinner tonight, now that life has changed due to Covid-19? Our cupboards are stocked, the fridge is full, and real meals are going to be consumed in my household more often. Eating habits are going to be modified! What are you eating tonight? Lets see what...
  6. Mad_Brad

    Do Fitted Clubs = Better Scores / Lower Handicap

    Do fitted clubs = Better Scores / Lower Handicap Does going for a fitting, and actually buying those clubs you were fitted to, actually translate to lower scores? Or is it more of a piece of mind thing, in that it takes away the "are these the best clubs for me" question? Would be interested...
  7. Mad_Brad

    Skills You Wish You Had

    Doing some home renovations today (HVAC), and it got me thinking, "I wish I knew how to use tin-snips properly". Over the years I have had some weird things that I wish I knew how to do properly. - the tin snips thing. I am tired of struggling with using them. Either I have the wrong ones, or...
  8. Mad_Brad

    Cleaning Golf Shoes. What do you do?

    My shoes were left in a terrible state at the end of last season. All sorts of gunk left in the cleats that I need to clean out, and the rest of the shoes need a good clean. How do you clean your shoes? Any specific products you use on the shoe itself to keep them soft and clean? I generally...
  9. Mad_Brad

    Oldest Item In Your Bag?

    What is the oldest item you have in your bag? Be it a club, an accessory, knickknack or whatever.... what you got?
  10. Mad_Brad

    PGA Show 2020 - What are you hoping to see?

    With the 2020 PGA Show rapidly approaching, what are you hoping to see unveiled at the show? I would love to see, in no particular order: A new push cart from Clic Gear. Some cool new shoe designs (mainly spiked versions). A smaller and cheaper launch monitor solution. Last but not least...
  11. Mad_Brad

    Are balls and clubs from the same manufacturer "optimized" to be used

    Are golf balls and clubs from the same OEM "optimized" for maximum results when used together? I have always wondered, if when clubs are developed, are they created with the intent to be 100% optimized performance wise to be used with balls from the same OEM? Years ago, with a Nike driver, I...
  12. Mad_Brad

    First Iron Fitting In Years - What setup am I going to have recommended?

    For my 40th birthday on Saturday, the wife has purchased me a fitting at GolfTec. I had to choose between irons or driver. I chose irons, as it was the aspect of my game that really improved last year, and was easily my most consistent swing. GolfTec here has listed that they carry Callaway...
  13. Mad_Brad

    What is gaining more attention? The Lower End or The Higher End?

    I was wondering today, what is gaining more of the golf "attention" out there" Lower Priced Gear - Like Tour Edge, Sub 70 etc. or Higher Priced Gear - Like PXG, and the higher $ offerings from Callaway/TaylorMade etc Are companies that are offering product at a lower price point making as much...
  14. Mad_Brad

    Does Golf Run In Your Family?

    Does golf run in your family? Did your parents play the game? How did you pick up the game? My parents have never played the game. I was lucky enough that my grandparents got me hooked on the game, and they were in their 50's/60's at the time. My brother might play once every couple years...
  15. Mad_Brad

    Do you need to be able to shape the ball to get to a low handicap?

    Do you need to be able to shape the ball both ways (ie. draw & fade) to be able to get to a low (say a 5 or less) handicap? Right now, I generally hit the ball straight. Can usually hit a fade if needed. Can't hit a draw on purpose to save my life. If you are a lower handicap, do you think...
  16. Mad_Brad

    What is your Favorite Major?

    What Tournament is your Favorite Major? For me, it is the British Open. I love seeing the European courses, and how different the style of play is. Also really enjoy seeing the players adapt to the harsher weather conditions!
  17. Mad_Brad

    What "As Seen On TV" Aids/Clubs Have You Tried?

    What "As Seen On TV" Practice Aids or Clubs have you tried out? When I was really trying to golf more years ago, I had borrowed one of the Medicus irons, and man I felt like it really helped my golf swing at the time. Right now I have the SuperSpeed Golf Training sticks, and I have noticed a...
  18. Mad_Brad

    Who gets your business? Give them a shout out!

    Who gets your golf dollars when you make a purchase? A local mom & pop? A big box store? Online retailer? BST? Give them a shout out! I love dealing at my local pro shop, called Taurus Golf, the only place I would take gear for repair before I started doing my own!
  19. Mad_Brad

    Golf + YouTube - Who do you follow?

    Recently with a lot of spare time, I took the dive into some YouTube golf channels. Used to watch Crossfield, but watch sparingly now. Same as Shields and Finch. (is it just me, or are the majority of YouTubers from across the pond when it comes to golf?) One I follow closely, is...
  20. Mad_Brad

    Most bizarre thing you have witnessed on a golf course?

    What is the most bizarre thing you have seen happen on a course? It could be a shot by you or another, or something completely strange to have happened. For me? Two come to mind... I have seen a man strip naked and do a front flip into a retention pond. I've also seen a man fall face first...

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