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    Think I Found My New Putter for 2021

    I'm not sure about you but this checks a lot of boxes. The MOI has to be incredible. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/108305701
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    PODCAST Kris McEwen: Golf Unfiltered Episode 278

    Kris McEwen is back for a follow up episode on our experience playing Skokie Country Club this past week. Kris also dives into the do’s and don’ts of golf course photography, his experience in podcasting with Golf Origin Stories, and so much more. Continue reading...
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    Ben Hogan Golf: Golf Unfiltered Episode 276

    Tyler Brewton is the Director of Marketing at Ben Hogan Golf, and he’s here to talk about the new GS53 MAX drivers. Tyler and Adam also touch on the upcoming 2020 Ben Hogan Experience in partnership with The Hackers Paradise and UST Mamiya.
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    PODCAST Kentwool Winter Socks

    Lauren Luneckas is the President of Kentwool Performance Apparel and joins the show to discuss their exciting new fall and winter sock collection. Lauren discusses her time at Kentwool, the benefits of paying close attention to your sock game, and how Kentwool’s newest offerings can help your...
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    Best Carry Bag You've Used?

    Walked a lot more rounds this year due to course restrictions and a desire to do something with my life. While I love my MNML and Stitch Golf carry bags, I'm wondering what you all prefer? Should I go with a PING Hoofer Lite next year? Something else?
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    PODCAST Forgiving Golf Clubs: Golf Unfiltered Episode 275

    On today’s episode, Adam discusses whether or not there is a benefit to playing more forgiving golf clubs. He also incorporates a few comments from The Hackers Paradise member forum, as well as three qualities you should look to improve in your game. Continue reading...
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    Tour Edge Hot Launch 521: Golf Unfiltered Episode 274

    Jon Claffey of Tour Edge Golf joins the show to discuss Adam’s recent review of the excellent EXS 220 fairway wood, as well as the new Hot Launch 521 series. Continue reading...
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    Chasing Ball and Swing Speed on Tour?

    Seems like some of the bigger names in pro golf are jumping on the Bryson train: filming themselves swinging as hard as they can to show off obscene ball/swing speeds. Is this a trend we are likely to see continue? Why do these guys -- like Rory and Finau -- suddenly feel it necessary to show...
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    The Look of a “Player?”

    You walk onto the range or past a row of golf bags by the first tee. One of the bags sticks out as being a true “players” bag. What does it look like? What clubs are in it?
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    PODCAST Chirp Golf: Golf Unfiltered Episode 273

    Charlie Grace of 8AM Golf is also the President of Chirp Golf, an exciting new live gaming golf app. Adam and Charlie discuss the background and origins of Chirp, how you can get involved today, and why the app actually makes watching golf tournaments on television that much more fun. Listeners...
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    PODCAST Adam Rehberg from Bridgestone Golf: Golf Unfiltered Episode 272

    Adam Rehberg of Bridgestone Golf is back to talk about Bryson DeChambeau’s incredible US Open victory. Adam shares a story about how the new Tour B golf ball helped Bryson at Winged Foot, including how Bryson prepared for the course’s long rough weeks prior. Continue reading...
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    USGA CEO Mike Davis stepping down by end of 2021

    Didn't see this one coming. Davis is reportedly pursuing his dream of becoming a golf course designer. Will team up with Tom Fazio to create a new architecture firm.
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    Who is your Golf Brand Spokesperson?

    I asked this hypothetical on Twitter, but thought it would do well here: You just started a golf equipment company. You have unlimited funds to sign ONE professional golfer (male or female) to be the "face" of your brand. Who is it, and why?
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    Therabody Founder Dr. Jason Wersland: Golf Unfiltered Episode 271

    Dr. Jason Wersland is the founder of Therabody, previously Theragun, and he joins today’s show. Dr. Jason discusses the origins of Theragun, an incredibly popular and useful percussive massager that golfers are picking up in droves. Adam and Dr. Jason also cover the benefits of Theragun, and how...
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    Apple One Subscription?

    Announced yesterday, Apple is bundling together a number of their subscription services into one package, called "Apple One." For one price, you get everything from Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Cloud space, Apple Arcade, Apple News, and their new Apple Fitness+. This is making me seriously...
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    PODCAST Armlock Putters: Golf Unfiltered Episode 270

    Have you ever considered using an armlock putter? In today’s episode, Adam details the pros and cons of using an armlock putter following his multi-month experiment. What are a few things you need to consider when making the switch? What can you expect to find when practicing with an armlock? Is...
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    What's the Perfect Chinese Food Plate?

    What's the perfect combo plate for Chinese food? Let's say it has to include: Two entrees An appetizer Your choice of rice or noodles What are you going with? Extra points for appropriate use of all sauce options.
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    Incredible Theragun G3 deal at Budget Golf

    I legit cannot believe this discount on a Theragun at Budget Golf right now. Holy cow. https://www.budgetgolf.com/theragun-g3.html
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    PODCAST Mike Stachura Discusses Golf Boom: Golf Unfiltered Episode 269

    Mike Stachura of Golf Digest is back to discuss the recent golf industry boom. Mike and Adam go over some of the data that shows how rounds played and equipment sales are skyrocketing, as well as some of the reasons for the boom in the time of COVID. The guys also talk about the sustainability...

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