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    Improving your swing or Buying equipment to work with what you have?

    Been reading the club fitting portion of the forum and really enjoyed that. During this scan thru I noticed the varying handicaps indexes of the posters. Everyone has their own priorities and what they want to achieve in this great game we all love. Our golf motions as handicap golfers are...
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    What do you guys think about this ordeal in Texas?

    http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/18/us/texas-affluenza-drunken-driving-teen-missing/index.html this is very baffling. Killed 4 people/ dad is Mr Sheet Metal millionaire / son ok film playing beer pong after a slap on the hand.. And now on the run really speechless with this one. Not sure who or...
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    Men's club players (non THp events) local groups

    Signed up for my 2 nd men's club group yesterday for the 2016 season that plays our local municipal course. Really like their group and enjoy that it has many different age groups and handicaps as members. They meet every Wednesday / Saturday and Sunday at noon and play a A/B/C/D handicap system...
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    Best gaming laptop ( techie help only please )

    In techie computer help, what is the best gaming laptop for under $2000? Today is cyber Monday and want to go on the search with some good ammo im way way way out of the loop on electronics thank you
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    Crazy Black Friday stories you witnessed or experienced : and keep it clean please

    Ok :/ last thread before we head out. But would enjoy some responses to read during the day and will read to my relatives who will get a good laugh . What is your craziest Black Friday stories. Was it arguments / mad rushes ... Etc. For me i only did Black Friday twice. Once was in high school...
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    Shame on all retailers open on thanksgiving

    Sitting here reading all the day after thanksgiving sales. Sadly most of the sales are today and right now so sad these retailers that never appreciate their employees are open today. Greed at its best just wanted to vent and see if anyone else sees this as classic case of greed
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    Tech help needed please (iPad pro versus surface) which can run steam network ?

    Going to make a big purchase this winter for myself. For the tech crowd ; which tablet will run steam games from the steam network the iPad pro or the surface tablet ? i heard a rumor that the iPad pro might be able to do this. Not looking to buy a laptop, so what tablet might have a chance...
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    Anyone just practice golf but hardly at all play ?

    First off / hope everyone had a wonderful season and had some good holes of golf just asking here:/Anyone strictly stick to range practice and play very little to none? We have a group of older gentleman that meet up everyday at noon to just hit golf balls together. Two great guys that have...
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    Albatross club (humane society) chance to adopt from shelters helped ?

    Will info be given out how much was donated and to what shelters? And what about a few pics from those shelters of animals to adopt. Maybe an animal of the week with a write up and such we traveled 800 miles to adopt 2 wild mustangs for our farm. So many might be willing to travel to adopt a...
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    Country Club Member Impressions/Advice

    Joined a country club for the first time in my life at the end of this summer. Signed up for a one year golf only membership.(no need for the tennis or pool portion for me).The golf course officially closed sunday for the year. It's a shorter course by many people's standards (6500 from the back...
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    Looking for help cleaning advice for a nice set of hickory shafted irons

    Hello I have a near perfect mashie, and was out hitting it surprisingly well in my back yard. It was a few yards short of my stock irons, but was very fun to hit. Went on eBay and found a set at a very reasonable price but needs a lot of tender loving care by the photos how would I go about...
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    Greatest amateur golfer you have ever played with

    Ever teed it up with an amateur that was literally unbelievable and quite possibly professional level good? When I was in high school in the mid 80's we had a local amateur that was just unbelievably good. He had all the course records at the 3 muni courses (and still one is unbroken). His name...
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    How many aces have you had / or have you witnessed in your career

    Still in disbelief I made one yesterday. I was playing mediocre golf in cold end of season weather, and out of the blue I pop one in the jar. This is my 3 rd , and the other ones have similar circumstances.. Mediocre scores with an almost I just want to finish the round and go home attitude...
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    Thp suggestion

    Looks like you guys play some great courses in the events. What about offering a upgrade to the albatross that would involve a golf card that would give a discount on greens fees to all the courses where a thp Event was held? It would bring in more foot traffic to some of these great courses...
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    What was the shortest hitter you know that was a scratch player ?

    Played a real short but narrow course today and had an interesting conversation with a buddy concerning minimum distance to play scratch amateur golf. Being a member a few years back at this facility I played with a few gentleman that were short but could still shoot level par. The course is...
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    Chesapeake Run - North Judson Indiana

    The News ... Chesapeake Run Golf Club, North Judson, Indiana If you enjoy exploring local "small-town" private golf courses, and the occasional gem found during such explorations, then the Chesapeake Run Golf Club will be a dream come true ... you'll be absolutely stunned by this diamond of a...
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    Weekday Am Golfers : how hard was it to find a group to play with?

    For all golfers out there who play strictly weekday mornings (tee off before 9am). How hard was it for you to find a consistent group to join up with. Most of the general golfing public works during these hours and many men's clubs are usually weekends only. Took me 5 seasons to find a...
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    Working the ball the way you intended it thread

    The last 10 years as a mill foreman and turning mid 40 has really taken a toll on my body. Really struggled with modern golf instruction as my body just can't function like I was 20 again. Been very fortunate to have found some great teachers the last few seasons who have developed a motion that...
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    Battling ADHD and golf

    Didn't see this thread thru a search so I thought I would post. This is something I have been battling for almost a decade now. It is just one of those diseases that is tough to beat at times and requires a lot of preparation before taking on tasks. Golf has actually helped me with this quite a...
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    The longest you gamed the same ball?

    Read or might of heard this from a pro, but I tried to see how long i could use a ball in play. Last year I had a precept that I put my initials and the date on. Made it thru 6 rounds without losing the ball or taking it out for scuff marks (a great season last year). Had a very very close...

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