1. RonInThornton

    This Explains so much

  2. RonInThornton

    Why does everyone think Denver is the real deal and KC isn't?

    I know, everyone thinks Manning is the best thing since sliced bread, but is the Denver team really that good? All I keep hearing is that the only reason the Chiefs are doing so well is that they are playing a last place schedule, yet their schedule is almost identical to Denver's. Not counting...
  3. RonInThornton

    R.I.P Phil Chevron

    Phil Chevron, guitarist for the Pouges has passed on after a 6 year battle with esophageal cancer. Thanks for the many hours of entertainment you provided Phil
  4. RonInThornton

    GolfSkate Caddy

    This thing is so incredibly cool
  5. RonInThornton

    Many thanks to Hotled

    Just got back from the driving range after receiving my Titleist D2 from Ken (Hotled). The club was in pristine condition and I now remember why I started lusting after it in Dallas a couple of weeks ago. Ken's a great guy and a pleasure to do a deal with. Enjoy that new Callaway buddy!
  6. RonInThornton

    Big Bang Cast Performs the TIme Warp

    Cast of Big Bang Theory preforming Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer's research http://theclicker.today.com/_news/2013/03/25/17461258-big-bang-theory-cast-performs-rocky-horror-classic-number?lite
  7. RonInThornton

    Any Foodies willing to try Horsemeat?

    Philadelphia chef plans to introduce HORSE MEAT to menu at popular Sicilian restauranthttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2282422/Philadelphia-chef-plans-introduce-HORSE-MEAT-menu-popular-Sicilian-restaurant.html So, what do you think? Would you be willing to try it? Any Philly members care...
  8. RonInThornton

    Another School Shooting?

    Shots have been reported as being fired and at least 2 people were seen being removed from the scene on stretchers at Houston Community College http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/01/22/16645383-shots-reportedly-fired-at-houston-community-college?lite
  9. RonInThornton

    Proud Pappa

    I am proud to announce that my daughter has been accepted into the CU Science Honors program. She will be studying Molecular Biology with a minor in Botany. Obviously, she got both her good looks and her Brains from her momma.
  10. RonInThornton

    Golf spelled backwards

    Is Flog Flog: Beat (someone) with a whip or stick (Golfclub) to punish or torture them Any resemblance to a round you've had? :bashful:
  11. RonInThornton

    Back To Work

    Hello all, I know I haven't been around a lot, only played a couple of rounds with other Colorado members in the last couple of months but the reason was I got layed off of work after putting in over 10 years with my company. I honestly thought I'd retire from there. It was a big adjustment to...
  12. RonInThornton

    Mile High Golfer

    Just got home from playing a round at Riverdale with MileHigh, he is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. I know some of you met him at outings, for those that haven't if you get a chance to tee it up with him don't hesitate, he's a great guy. Thanks for playing today man!
  13. RonInThornton

    What the hell is wrong with Parents these days?

    I just got done reading this http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20120815/NEWS0107/308150032 and I am so disgusted with our society. They said they did it because they were BORED, not trying to rob him, he didn't yell at them to get off him lawn, they just attacked him without provocation...
  14. RonInThornton

    Is there a Lawyer in the house? Question about Colorado Shooting Charges

    Okay, first off let me say that if this guy is found guilty I think they should have a hotshot waiting there in the courtroom for him. As to my question though, he murdered 12 people but is being charged with 24 counts of First Degree Murder. As a layman and not knowing the ins and outs of the...
  15. RonInThornton

    Anyone Else watching Longmire?

    Was a touch skeptical at first, but I am really enjoying this show Hope the ratings justify it staying on the air
  16. RonInThornton

    Ray Bradbury passed on Age 91

    Ray Bradbury, the author of classics such as “Fahrenheit 451,” “Something Wicked this Way Comes” and “The Martian Chronicles,” died Tuesday night in Los Angeles at the age of 91. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/47705527/ns/today-books/
  17. RonInThornton

    Stuttering Singer on AGT lied about war injury

    A singer who appeared on the NBC show "America's Got Talent" and claimed he was injured during a grenade blast in Afghanistan has no military record of his purported combat injuries, the Minnesota National Guard said Tuesday...
  18. RonInThornton

    Speaking of Rory, Caroline Wozniacki to release own underwear line

    Her "This is Me" line will be released worldwide in September. It includes low hipsters, g-strings and bras. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/tennis-busted-racquet/caroline-wozniacki-release-own-underwear-line-photos-171747752.html
  19. RonInThornton

    Anyone in The Irving Tx./Dallas Tx Area?

    Found out yesterday my company is closing the facility I work at. I am being given the choice of moving to Lebanon Virginia, Irving Tx. or separating from the company. I've already decided Lebanon is not happening, so is anyone in the Irving area that can give me the lowdown so I have some...
  20. RonInThornton

    Dog Eats Ticket to Masters

    Bad Bad Puppy!!! http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/golf-devil-ball-golf/dogs-eats-man-masters-tickets-leaves-augusta-190154931.html

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