1. Tadashi70

    Voraus Golf Glove Review

    What percentage of golfers wear their glove 100% of the time during a round. I also wonder when they have the occasion to text while playing. I usually only use my phone between shots while driving and I am glove free. But JMan killed it as usual!!
  2. Tadashi70

    Morgan Cup Alumni, What Does THE MORGAN CUP Mean to You?

    It is the absolute best meeting of golf, friends and equipment! Best ride I’ve ever been on for sooooo many reasons.
  3. Tadashi70

    Happy Birthday Six4Three5

    Happy birthday my dude
  4. Tadashi70

    Kobe Bryant Killed in a Helicopter Crash

    Such horrible news. He and his daughter both taken way too soon. RIP #blackmamba
  5. Tadashi70

    Official Rant of the Day

    My Dad list his brother on Wednesday of a massive heart attack. Uncle Earl, his brother, lived in Washington State and was a forester. He lived off the land and the biggest heart. He will be missed. His death has started a free fall for my dad. He had triple bypass in April of 2019. He made it...
  6. Tadashi70

    Official Equipment Pondering Thread

    I’m in a quandary right now. I have the TM SIM in the bag and I am enjoying it. I hit the Callaway Mav and it made an impression. Then there’s the Cobra Speedzone. Two of the three will be in play in 2020, I just have to decide which ones.
  7. Tadashi70

    Beef and Hovland

    That actually had me smiling the entire time. The PGA should try to connect like this more. Hell, American sports should try to connect like this. Instead of depending on the superstars to carry the burden during games and matches.
  8. Tadashi70

    Nike AirMax 97 Grass

    I will wear a lot of things but the grass material look just doesn’t do it for me. If they replaced it with green suede, then yes.
  9. Tadashi70

    Theragun at the PGA Show

    My brother gave me one last year. The times I’ve used it, it’s worked well. It’s harder for me to pin point the lower area of my back on my own. I need assist from the kids but it really does work. Never thought of taking to the course
  10. Tadashi70

    What celebrity would you most like to join for a round of golf?

    You’re the best!! But you’re the real rockstar my man! I need a few 2020 rounds with you a few others from this fine place
  11. Tadashi70

    Good public track near Miami / Key Largo?

    Don't chase pins cut close to the edges, take conservative approach on these types of green. Be a bit long on short pins and fall in love with the views. Take your time and enjoy the day. The courses are truly special and a rare treat to play.
  12. Tadashi70

    EXPERIENCE The 2020 Morgan Cup Sponsored By Cobra PUMA Golf: Want To Be A Tour Player

    I’ll be calling my captain, quick fast and hurry!!
  13. Tadashi70

    LIVE UPDATE THREAD 2020 PGA Merchandise Show

    What is the over/under on sushi rolls consumed over the course of the show?
  14. Tadashi70

    Could You Use This?

    I couldn’t use it when Bridgestone released theirs so I doubt I could use it now.
  15. Tadashi70

    Worst Round Thread

    I had my worst round of 2019 toward the beginning of December. I missed every single green in regulation. That has never happen for me. I ended up with 3 pars and 15 bogies.
  16. Tadashi70

    Worst Round Thread

    I had my worst round of 2019 tiered thyroid beginning of December. I missed every single green in regulation. They had never happen for me.
  17. Tadashi70

    Interlock vs Overlap Grip

    Based on your slice, it doesn’t matter if you go with overlap and interlock. It’s you swing path in relation to your body that is causing your slice.
  18. Tadashi70

    Titleist T100S Irons

    You would affect the bounce by less than a degree.
  19. Tadashi70

    Titleist T100S Irons

    I was able to hit these at my club and I liked the smoothness of them at delivery. Good launch but really wasn’t paying attention to the distance. I guess I’ll have to compare distances next time out.

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